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In the Agora, as in the wider wonderful internet:

Avalokiteshvara while practicing deeply

in the Agora thought:

May you be happy!

May you be free from suffering!

May you live a life of peace!

πŸ› Stoas for [[1c what is left behind when you remove photos from a scrapbook]]
A Stoa is a public/semi-public space where a group can meet and collaborate.
πŸ“– HedgeDoc at https://doc.anagora.org/1c-what-is-left-behind-when-you-remove-photos-from-a-scrapbook
πŸ“– Etherpad at https://stoa.anagora.org/p/1c-what-is-left-behind-when-you-remove-photos-from-a-scrapbook
πŸ“Ή Meet at https://framatalk.org/1c-what-is-left-behind-when-you-remove-photos-from-a-scrapbook