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[[speculative outline]] for [[quantum mechanics]]

was trying to explain to my friend the other day how [[quantum decoherence]] is responsible for our observation of whether [[schrodinger's cat]] is dead(sleeping) or alive(awake)

  • I like the sleep/awake version better because it doesn't involve killing cats
  • the universe (specifically the observer) finds themselves in a world that the cat is awake/asleep. There are two observers (we are talking about [[many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics]] here).
    • In the [[copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics]], there is only one observer and the universe "collapses" to show us what's "really happening"
      • this is how quantum mechanics is usually explained and I don't like it because it adds extra stuff that doesn't need to be there for the sake of making people "feel better", which I believe to be one of the greatest sins of science
  • [[side note]] the TV show [[devs]] is an interesting show that talks about quantum mechanics from a very mathematically sound perspective

[[self-locating uncertainty]]


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