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πŸ“… day [[2023-12-02]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-12-01]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-11-30]]


  • Listened: [[A blast in Manhattan]]

    • First episode of [[The Santiago Boys]].
    • Really well made.
    • This first episode covers a lot of the geopolitics and general shittery of the CIA and corporations in South America.
  • Read: [[Doughnut Economics]]

    • Finished it.
    • Really good book.
    • Chapter on growth is interesting. She proposes being agnostic about [[growth]], so long as you're staying within the Doughnut. Which is fair enough, but I think the [[degrowth]] perspective would argue that it's simply not possible to stay in the Doughnut without degrowth.
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-29]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-28]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-27]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-26]]
  • Beautiful start to the day thanks to [[AG]]!
    • Oncall, got paged at 9am -- not too early thankfully. And I had left the bedroom so AG could sleep through it as I hoped.
    • [[Lady Burup]] is softer than ever it seems :) I have been thinking of maybe introducing her to a loyal/earnest feline companion, be it Lord or Page, maybe short in years and happy to learn from her -- and assist? :) When I leave her alone (e.g. for going to work, or if I stay a night at AG's) I find it sad she might be lonely, and I wonder if she might be happier living also with another cat.
    • I spoke to [[Chat GPT]] in call mode and it was mindblowing again. They reacted with interest when a 'Burup' (intended for my Lady) got into our call, and to my information that it was human-feline language.
  • Thought about numbers and mindfulness.
    • Counted 89 mindful breaths using my [[binary mala]], my hands, while following to Sam Harris' daily meditation (10-11 minutes usually).
    • [[Magnetic mala]] probably should be 127 balls by default, as that's the first centered hex number which exceeds [[108]]. Incidentally is the amount of spare magnets I have after gifting a lot (gladly).
  • Some [[social coop]] work, didn't find the root cause for the issue with indexing someone reported yet but made some progress.
  • Thought of [[Richard Francis Burton]], the [[victorian scholar]].
  • [[OEIS]] has a great page on [[offsets]] which make me think hex(1) should be 1, hex(2) should be 7 -- e.g. offset for [[hex numbers]] should be 1.
    • I'll fix in my bin/ in the garden accordingly ;)
    • This will let me assert: "the hexagon which is n long on any one side contains hex(n) magnets", e.g. hex(7) = 127.


πŸ“… day [[2023-11-25]]

As I deal with [[pain]], I think of my [[friends]] and the [[heart sutra]].

Gone, gone beyond!

All gone to the other shore

Gone kindly

If you have to go

[[Go kindly]]!


πŸ“… day [[2023-11-24]]

Yesterday I woke up with back pain in a new place, mid-back; it got a bit worse in the evening after attending the beautiful event of [[AG]] presenting. It didn't get in the way of enjoyment but I need to keep an eye on it/take care and try to rest and recover.

...Having said that, I cleaned the bathroom and [[Lady Burup]]'s toilet and my back got a bit worse :) But I feel it still gave me energy.

Then I worked a bit more, after oncall handoff, and I got several things "out of the way" in a relatively short time. It felt great.

  • As of 23h I have moved to bed early due to increasing back pain. I think my back needs rest/inactivity.


  • Read: [[Doughnut Economics]]

  • Reflecting back and seeing them published on my website, I realise my work notes each day are a little mundane.

    • I imagine most people aren't that interested to see them.
    • But, I do like the fact that they stimulate me to publish to the garden even on days where outside of work I have little time for it.
    • And I find them a helpful piece of reflection.
    • So I think I'll experiment with putting them off in links from the main journal post. So people can read them if they want, but they won't be right up in your face with visual noise.
  • Watched: [[Isle of Dogs]]

πŸ“… day [[2023-11-23]]


  • Reading: [[Doughnut Economics]]

    • I like the emphasis on an economics that is distributive by design and regenerative by design.
    • Also like the occasional references to [[biomimicry]]. Not convinced yet how applicable to economics it is - but I just have a general interest in it from [[Evolutionary and adaptive systems]] days.
  • Listened: [[Hotel Bar Sessions: Late Capitalism]]

  • Today at work I:

    • Responded to a personal message from a community member.
      • We have a community and friends within it, and sometimes personal messages come via my work channels.
    • Scheduled in some things for when I'm away.
    • Did the daily inbox trawl.
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-22]]


  • [[Perceptions of degrowth in the European Parliament]]

    • Looks good. Only skimmed it, but they mention [[ecosocialism]] as one of the positions held.
  • Today at work I:

    • Did the daily inbox trawl.
      • A lot of the emails are automatic alerts that take up a lot of my time checking. I kind of need to see them though.
      • I wonder if there's a way of flipping it so I only see them if something has gone wrong.
      • The trouble then, though, is you don't realise if the alert itself has stopped sending.
    • Responded to questions from the team on Slack.
      • Schedule tasks/actions in as a result.
      • Either as 'unplanned' work for the day if it needed doing today.
      • Or for a future date if not urgent.
    • Quickly added a cache around a slow endpoint.
      • It was (a) meaning some automatic tests were very slow to run.
      • (b) possibly crashing the app when the tests were running.
      • I patched it quickly in on live (naughty, but needed) and now need to properly add it into the repo.
    • Tested app-to-app connection between app and WP site API as part of migration tests.
      • I always app-to-app connections and APIs. Prefer them to user interfaces :D
    • Attended team meeting.
    • Did some layout/content tweaks to our main website.
      • Fiddling around with CSS and layout is not top on my list of fun things to do. Always takes longer than you expect.
      • Some yak shaving to be done based on npm install failing. Haven't got the time to shave that yak right now.
    • Do some quick estimates of how long potential pieces of work should take.
    • Cross-posted a social post on Mastodon.
    • Kicked off a new sprint in Jira (late, as I was off on leave when it technically started).
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-21]]
  • Last day of [[vacation]]; tomorrow I go back to work.
    • My mum leaves today. It was very nice seeing her on both ends of my travel!
    • We played [[Rummy]] and had beautiful conversations. We also played with [[Lady Burup]].
  • [[done]]
    • Yesterday I paid [[bills]].
    • I pushed [[async agora]] to production, meaning, and it's holding up quite well! I notice an improvement in speed, which I know is only partially there -- nodes load as slowly as ever on a cache miss, but the fact that the UI doesn't block on it really helps. I can start reading wikipedia or move on to a web search before the node fully loads. It just feels more responsive.


  • Today at work I:

    • Did the usual inbox trawls and day planning.
      • Day planning I do with org-mode, org-agenda and org-timeline.
    • Prepped for the meetings for the day.
      • Mostly with mindmaps.
    • Did some strategic planning for next year.
      • Mindmaps and freeform writing.
    • Some rote work
      • processing incoming applications for things, updating website accordingly
      • always good to think with this stuff how processes could be streamlined
    • Minor website content change.
      • Minor change, but thinking about the UX of it is always interesting.
      • And how it affects client agreements/expectations, too.
    • Planning and assigning work for my team.
      • Bit of mindmapping combined with going through Jira.
    • Reviewing new features.
      • Code and functionality. Code review is in Github.
      • Testing I tend to build the feature branch locally.
    • Meetings.
      • Sometimes I jot things down on mindmap.
      • Somethings I record things straight into knowledge base.
      • Sometimes I log things straight into org as TODOs.
      • It's a bit haphazard to he honest. Could be improved.
    • Emailing external partners.
      • Always interesting the amount of work that goes into crafting an email to get across all the nuances of your position on something.
    • Distracting myself with Slack threads not really related to what I'm doing.
  • When I'm working, I don't log a lot in the journal, I noticed.

    • So experimenting with logging thoughts on work activities.
    • Not much detail on specifics, more reflections on activities and process.
    • I quite enjoy it so far. Useful to reflect.
  • Listened: [[Hotel Bar Sessions: Revolutionary Mathematics]]

    • So far, discussing frequentism and Bayesianism schools of thought in probability.
  • Patient privacy fears as US spy tech firm Palantir wins Β£330m NHS contract | …

    • Absolutely gutted by this. Despite all the campaigning by Foxglove and Just Treatment, fucking [[Palantir]] still awarded the contract with the NHS.
    • Makes me sick. This is not the kind of organisation our health service should be in partnership with.
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-20]]
  • [[EC]]
    • Conoce a una persona que se llama [[Leo]] porque lee mucho.


  • At work today I:
    • Trawled through inboxes after a week away.
    • Reviewed some code (Laravel/Vue).
    • Tested some functionality changes.
    • Made a little tweak to a WordPress component, with a lot of yak shaving to get my local environment up to speed.
    • Thought about UX of a couple of things.
    • Other general bits and bobs.
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-19]]


  • We had another play of [[Space Cats Fight Fascism]] today.

  • We spend a not insignificant chunk of our lives just on the upkeep of our household.

    • If it was a system, how would you describe it?
    • What are the stocks and flows? What are the processes? What system archetypes does it exhibit and what are the leverage points to make it function better?
    • I feel like ours has a few too many input flows of things and a blockage at the output which mean it gets easily cluttered.
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-18]]


  • Been enjoying [[Superstore]] of late.

    • Often very funny. And also plenty of digs at corporate anti-worker practices and the tactics of [[worker exploitation]]. The staff attempt [[unionisation]]. ICE detains an undocumented worker. etc.
  • We played the [[Rise Up]] board game tonight.

    • You work cooperatively as part of a movement to fight the system.
    • A lot of fun. I like the fact that they include a storytelling element to it - certain cards get you to think of an accompanying story to the system.
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-17]]


  • Think I might play with annotating items in my garden in a more relational way.
    • So rather than objects with properties, more like things in relationship to each other.
    • e.g. rather than annotating a podcast with a 'Series' attribute, call it 'Part of'. Let the entity at the other end of the link tell you what it is.
    • i.e. try a more [[relational ontology]]. I don't think this will have much practical technical benefit - it is more of a way of exploring a relational mindset. Ontology informs polity.
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-16]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-11-15]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-14]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-11-13]]


  • Enjoying the [[This Machine Kills]] podcast.

    • All the episodes I've listened to have been excellent discussions on socialism and digital technologies so far.
  • Having another attempt at getting RSS feed publishing working for commonplace. This time without trying to use a tempdir, caused too many problems last time.

  • Listened: [[Kill the Ecomodernist in Your Head]]

  • Listened: [[No King But Ludd (ft. Brian Merchant)]]

  • org-roam on the mobile with Termux is going well. Using it regularly.

  • Going to start posting my daily journal/log in the stream as well. So it's a bit more discoverable/subscribeable.

  • Been reading through [[Doughnut Economics]] again. Appreciating the chapter on [[systems thinking]].

  • [[Hugo Blanco]] passed away.

  • Watching [[Captain Fantastic]]. A lot of fun. Points out the problems of American (Western) society. Is what they have in the woods any better though?

πŸ“… day [[2023-11-12]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-11-10]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-09]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-11-08]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-07]]


  • It's quiet in the Agora right now. But I'm sure peeps will be back.

  • I basically never write code anymore for work purposes. I guess I'm OK with that right now. But I feel one day soon the pendulum will swing back from lead to coder again.

  • I'm perhaps less interested in code for code's sake these days, and more interested in the design of systems.

πŸ“… day [[2023-11-06]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-05]]
  • 'RICE', or Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort is a [[prioritization]] tool for project [[management]].
    • Reach: how many people with this touch within a specific [[time]] frame? collapsed:: true
      • Number of people/events per time period
    • Impact: how much will this [[change]] someone if it touches them? collapsed:: true
      • Measured between 3 and 0, where .25 is 'almost none' and 3 is 'massive'.
    • Confidence: probability of reach & impact.
    • Effort: how much [[time]] it will take each individual in the team.


πŸ“… day [[2023-11-04]]
  • [[Clients]] carryover [[expectations]] from the last [[lord]]. collapsed:: true
    • Steve Jobs recognized this, and so moved to own the whole experience.
  • George [[Frison]]
    • 'Equalizer years' were years in which everyone lost much of their [[herd]], and so everyone started off with a similar [[economic]] base in the next year.
    • "nothing sharpened [[hunting]] expertise as quickly as [[hunger]]"
    • Before World War II, there was a rural culture of [[hunting]] for [[meat]] due to the Great Depression. collapsed:: true
      • It's possible many of these kinds of [[hunters]] were the [[war]] heroes we've heard about.
  • When do [[animals]] bunch up? What [[weather]] or [[terrain]] [[changes]] encourage this? collapsed:: true
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-03]]
  • [[Strong]] [[animals]] may [[flee]] [[upward]]. collapsed:: true
    • Weaker animals tend to stay horizontal.
    • Wolves often [[test]] herds to figure out which animal might be easiest to isolate. So, most [[hunts]] fail- because they are tests.
  • "the higher the pitch the sharper the edge" [[stone]]
  • "for in every [[battle]] the [[eyes]] are defeated first" [[Tacitus]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-11-02]]
  • Several days later, here I am again :)
    • I am writing this on the [[Shinkansen]] back to Tokyo.
    • Looking forward to doing some reading/writing/coding.
  • [[Agora Development]]
    • I am tired of the Agora being so slow to load.
    • There are two solutions I can think of: a hard(er) one and an easy one. For some reason I've postponed both for very, very long. I think I'll try to implement the easy one now ;)
  • What [[prioritization]] do we use to determine if we can accept a new [[project]]? collapsed:: true
    • What are the necessary [[parts]]?
    • How much [[time]] is needed?
  • How may we [[visualize]] [[work]] in progress?
  • What does an [[Asabiyyah]] Diagnostic Tool need to function?
  • Some people are born into [[owning]] [[territory]], others are not. Those who are not will have to [[own]] [[outcomes]] to get [[territory]].
  • [[Genre]] makes a familiar series of [[promises]].
  • β€œWolf-[[time]], wind-time, axe-time, sword-time, shields-high-time,”
  • One way to tell whether someone has a [[direction]] is to notice if they're willing to consider [[trade-offs]] or [[prioritization]]. collapsed:: true
    • If they're in a mode where they won't entertain these about any given subject, they're usually playing some sort of cheerleader role. And so can be safely ignored, except as an indication of what a crowd is cheering.
πŸ“… day [[2023-11-01]]
  • [[Handovers]]/[[transitions]]: collapsed:: true
    • Who has ultimate [[responsibility]]?
    • What is the [[task]] sequence for a typical project/game?
    • What is your task? How many tasks do you have?
    • Is there any [[overlap]] between tasks?
    • Is there a [[method]] that we use regularly to guess what will happen during the game/project?
    • Do we [[prepare]] for what we guess is most likely to happen?
    • Does our [[communication]] style promote calm, cool, and collected [[action]]?
    • Do we use [[checklists]]?
    • Does everyone have a way of providing [[feedback]] for the project/game process?
    • Do our briefs unite our [[expectations]] and establish a unified [[narrative]] about what happened after a project/game?
    • Do we have a way to [[communicate]] our situation?
    • Do we [[train]] to improve our [[process]]?
  • how to increase [[flow]] of [[attention]]? What is up and down [[stream]] of it? collapsed:: true
    • when does attention wait?
    • what is the nature of [[boredom]]?
    • what is the rate at which [[attention]] consumes [[work]]?
  • What matters most to get where the [[organization]] wants to go to [[grow]]? collapsed:: true
    • Eliminate everything that doesn't work toward that.


πŸ“… day [[2023-10-31]]
  • [[Business]] questions: collapsed:: true
    • When would surprise you, if it's not done by that date? id:: 6546ca02-65fd-4078-9456-d5f58a161f65
    • What would be the dumb, simple way to make progress?
    • What's a [[conversation]] you've been avoiding?
    • Who needs help today?
    • If I wasn't already doing this, would I put energy down to do it today?
    • What [[problem]] are they solving?
    • What alternatives do they have to solving the problem? How is your [[solution]] different, how does it [[fit]] one problem better?
  • Intentional, calculated [[creation]] produces [[authentic]], [[smooth]] experiences for audiences.
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-30]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-29]]


  • For all the (supposed) micro-rationalities of [[capitalism]], it produces some huge macro-irrationalities ([[overshoot of planetary boundaries]], [[social inequity]]).

  • Finished listening to [[What Is To Be Done? with Breht O'Shea and Alyson Escalante]].

  • Listened: [[Red Menace: Climate Leviathan: A Political Theory of Our Planetary Future]]

    • Great discussion of [[Climate Leviathan]] by the [[Red Menace]] crew. Very engaging overview of the book. Definitely need to get around to reading it.
    • I was listening while doing jobs around the house so didn't get chance to note that much. But was nodding along to lots of salient points along the way.
    • Alyson and Breht both thought it a very worthwhile book and liked much of its analysis. They veer more to Climate Mao than Climate X, but still found value in X.
    • I do think there's a strong argument that you'd need a planetary sovereign of some kind to tackle the urgent and global polycrisis.
  • Why bother with org-roam and Termux on my phone? Why not just stick with orgzly for fleeting notes and then process them at the laptop?

    • A few reasons. First off, I just enjoy tinkering, and it's fun playing with Doom Emacs in Termux πŸ™‚
    • Second - in my daily life outside of work I don't get that much opportunity to just sit at my desk so often fleeting notes just like you in orgzly without getting processed.
    • So far, though we'll see how it pans out, I'm finding much more opportunity to grab a moment here and there and process stuff incrementally through termux.
  • [[Planetary sovereign]].

    • From [[Climate Leviathan]], the idea of a global 'state' of some kind, to coordinate response to climate crisis (and polycrisis in general).
  • [[Polycrisis]].

πŸ“… day [[2023-10-28]]


  • Got org-roam working with Doom Emacs in Termux. To a certain degree. Few niggly issues but decent start. [[Setting up Doom Emacs in termux on Android]]

  • Don't sync org-roam.db between machines.

  • Getting into org-roam on Termux. Useful extra tool in addition to orgzly for taking fleeting notes on my phone. Actually, Termux is more the processing of fleeting notes into actual notes.

    • Couple of nice to fixes: pull in the .git folder so I csn commit from here too.
    • Fix that weird error so that I can insert new nodes.
  • Enjoying the Upstream interview with Breht and Alyson from Rev Left / Red Menace. They seem a bit more tempered here on another show - left to their own devices can sometimes come across tankie. Lots of good discussion of the need for an [[ecology of organisation]] here. [[What Is To Be Done? with Breht O'Shea and Alyson Escalante]].

  • Watching Coraline. It's fun. I feel a bit seen by the Dad character…

  • This bit of text committed from my phone… will it work?

    • Hmm. It gets a bit confusing. Because the changes are synced by syncthing first, so git sees that as a conflict when I pull from the other device.
    • [[Syncing a git repo within a syncthing folder]]
    • OK. Now just syncing via git for a while, lets see how that goes.
  • Read: [[Universal basic services: the power of decommodifying survival]]

  • [[Problem with Kobo Clara HD battery]]. It is draining really fast.

  • Started reading Kate Soper's [[Post-Growth Living]]. It'll be about how a move away from consumerism will actually bring about a more enjoyable life.

πŸ“… day [[2023-10-26]]


  • Read: [[Problems with ecosocialism]]

    • Gives some critiques of ecosocialism. I don't necessarily agree, but worth a read and a think about. Mainly: not enough concrete ideas on actual transition (perhaps true, also recognised by ecosocialists themselves); too much focus on the social, not enough on the eco (I'd disagree with that from what I've seen); capitalism is too embedded to overthrow it, need to work within current system (kind of reformist argument).
  • The [[planetary boundaries]] framework defines nine boundaries for the planet, and as of 2023 six of them have been overshot.

πŸ“… day [[2023-10-25]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-10-24]]


  • Please blame my autistic self for watching TADC instead of doing lectures. The effects of burnout has creeping lately since few weeks ago.
    • God I also finished my lectures in Oral Communication finally.
  • Any guesses why I'm looping Loverus by Tony Romera other than?
  • Back at home, I did some painful manual maintenance work involving fixing Chrome profiles after a upgrade gone horribly wrong. ANRs follow afterward, and an prompt about unresponsive Chrome were shown so I did the restart and everything's [[cool and normal]].
  • From my mixtapes: "It feels so good to be letting go. It's so much better now I’m not alone" (from Royal Blood's Mad Visions
    • After some listens, the song gave me [[Freckle]] feels.
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-23]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-10-22]]

<<<<<<< HEAD

  • [[trip to x]]!
    • Flying to [[Hong Kong]] and then [[Tokyo]] today.
    • With [[AG]] :)
    • Very happy about these holidays! They've been planned for long, and as work got tough in the last few months I relied on "seeing them coming" quite a bit.
    • I'll be very jet lagged but also likely happy in Shinjuku for the first few days.

As I write this, I'm roughly above [[Baku]] about to cross the [[Caspian Sea]]. I don't have an internet connection so I'm jotting down these local notes which will be synced to the Agora later.

I guess much has already been said about the relatively rareness of being offline nowadays; I am old enough to remember a time before being online at all was possible; then a time in which being online was rare; then the transition to always-on home internet and then mobile internet. I welcomed each increment of extra connectivity, and I still love how far we've gotten in this respect; but I can also appreciate the focus that being fully offline for a bit seems to bring. If nothing else it announces that the same focus is always available -- behind the impulse to catch up with messages, or check feeds, or read about Baku and the Caspian Sea on Wikipedia (which is surely what I would be doing right now instead of writing these words were I not truly offline.)

I'm thinking a bit of Agora development during these holidays; it might or might not happen, based on all the sightseeing and experiencing we'll be doing out there in the analog world :) But I thought it would still be nice to think of which things I could improve in the Agora if I have some time available.

I might write some [[executable subnode]] or other, if nothing else because they are fun and self-contained.

I think I will try to do one or two quick iterations on the [[Agora Server]] UI, maybe finishing the move to [[zippies]] as base widget as I've already done for nodes, stoas and most sections really. If I am able to move all sections under the search button/field to zippies the UI will probably look a lot more streamlined/be easier to understand, less confusing (this I'm guessing based on earlier feedback). Also it's not hard to do and it is apparent, so it sounds fun.

Moving on to larger things, [[mycoverse]]/[[fediverse]] integration is something I would love to get done in this Q4 2023 so getting started on it would make a lot of sense. I would love to understand what is the minimum that Agora Server would need to do to be able to expose user accounts as Fediverse feeds. Then new/updated nodes could generate something close to new posts/notes? Unsure.

Also, some playing with an hypothetical [[knowledge commons extension]] for e.g. [[Obsidian]] or [[Logseq]] or [[VSCode]] could be in order after the conversation last week with the [[fellowship of the link]]. But one blocker there is that I'm currently not using either Obsidian or VSCode as garden editors, so I'm not directly scratching an itch. Having said that, moving back to Obsidian or Logseq or [[Foam]] for a bit could make sense to see how far they've gone since the last time I've used them. It's still a shame Obsidian is not free software though.



πŸ“… day [[2023-10-21]]
  • [[flancia]]!
    • [[flancia meet]]
    • I had to pick up a reminder and do my [[tax return]] today as tomorrow I travel for 3w+, and I could only extend the deadline for slightly less than that. I tried to enjoy it, and I was able to!
    • Having a great time with my [[mum]] being over.
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-19]]
  • [[Flancia]]!
  • [[work]]
    • was tough
      • it started well with a reassuring conversation with a mentor, but the day ended with more conflict again in the employee representation group.
      • the sub-group within the group I am in -- I find really draining; it is one of the most difficult groups I've been in, in part because of a personality mismatch between myself and the rest of the group and because of the high stakes/high stress situation.
      • apparently the group really really doesn't like my way of being/acting/requesting information and reasons for why we do things the way we do. i find them overly hierarchical, surprisingly conservative, and IMHO sometimes uncharitable and rash (some of them).
      • I am thinking of stepping down from said subgroup but I think I will wait until after my holidays, which are imminent :)
  • [[audio recorder]]!
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-17]]
  • [[Flancia]]!
    • [[work]]
      • I still have a cold but it was slightly better.
      • I checked with the [[dentist]] and they didn't mind (I tested negative for Covid yesterday), so I went ahead and I'm happy with the results!
    • [[Agora]]!
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-16]]
  • [[Flancia]]!
    • I woke up with a cold, have the sniffles hard; I [[worked]] from home and took it easy -- no meetings after 15:30, tried to rest. Tested negative for Covid though!
    • Last light in the balcony looking southwest, cold day but beautiful.
    • [[AG]]
    • [[Lady Burup]]
    • I thought of [[Tara]].
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-15]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-14]]
  • Welcome to the Agora of Flancia!
    • Today and every day.

Today is [[14 October 2023]] and I am glad you are here with me.

It has been ages since I've in Flancia, sometimes it feels, even as time is varying.

Here is what I call a poem: [[trees]].

This weekend I intend to advance what I call [[open letters]]: documents addressed to groups, openly published even as they are being written.

As of 21:45 CET I did some 'day job' stuff (having chosen it) and started a proposal (open letter, as per the above) that I had on my todo list.

Now switching to [[paramita]], planning to continue on related topics but in the [[commons]].

Today we bought the tickets to and from [[Sri Lanka]], happy about it!

πŸ“… day [[2023-10-12]]
  • Outage from Alcova to South of mountain. [[storymine]]


This is a book for people who want to destroy Big Tech. It’s not a book for people who want to tame Big Tech. There’s no fixing Big Tech. It’s not a book for people who want to get rid of technology itself. Technology isn’t the problem. Stop thinking about what technology does and start thinking about who technology does it to and who it does it for. This is a book about the thing Big Tech fears the most: technology operated by and for the people who use it.

πŸ“… day [[2023-10-11]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-10]]
  • Tax benefits of utility company I was working at. [[storymine]]
  • Flat tire van using own vehicle for checks. [[storymine]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-09]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-08]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-07]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-10-06]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-05]]

Discussed divorce with [[L]], we've been separated for around 1.4 years. Things are going well and I wish us both happiness!

  • It's been a minute since I made a journal entry. I've been busy with life. Also Baldur's Gate has been eating all my time at the computer
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-04]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-03]]

[[Imaginate un mundo sin latencia]] me dije, habiendo solucionado los problemas de conectividad bluetooth en [[nostromo]] :)

A veces extraΓ±o el [[espaΓ±ol]] como idioma.

  • #push [[youtube]]
    • the uploading experience even on leaves me unsatisfied :)
    • it is slow, you need to perform a multitude of clicks to get to publish something
    • friction should be much lower than this!

Mientras escribo esto, estoy escuchando [[hola frank]] de [[sumo]] :)

  • Next I will work on a [[proposal]] within the context of my work in the [[er-ch]].
  • And on my personal computer I will start work on [[x]] as the evening progresses :)

Let us pray, dice Luca Prodan :)

  • Young goth not happy about his girlfriend dancing with others. [[storymine]]
  • Anticipating the total cost of the flat tire in Mills. [[storymine]]

Here I would like to take the opportunity to say that the [[HedgeDoc]] Stoa, although it could be much improved, is already useful.

I think I'm going to start using it more often. And maybe enable logins? It seems to have [[oauth]] integration...

Which reminds me I want to work on that for the [[Agora]] proper, and maybe also on [[Google docs]] integration...

πŸ“… day [[2023-10-02]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-10-01]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-30]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-29]]
  • [[29]] is [[drishti]] in the #Flancia [[Pattern Language]].
  • My hobby, sometimes: think about whether numbers are prime while laying down or sitting.
    • Take [[209]] -- it is not prime.
      • I find this one quite beautiful, this is how I got there:
        • It is not multiple of two or five trivially.
        • It is not a multiple of three as its digits don't add up to a multiple.
        • It is not a multiple of 7 because 210 is (as 21 is 3 * 7) and it's too near.
        • Consider the hypothesis that it is multiple of 11.
          • 220 is a multiple of 11 because 22 is.
          • 220 - 11 is 209.
          • So 209 is a multiple of 11. What is the other factor?
        • Consider the hypothesis that it is a multiple of 19.
          • 19 * 10 is 190.
          • 190 + 19 is 209 precisely, so it is a multiple.
        • Therefore 209 is 11 * 19.
    • [[1547]] is not prime; it is 7 * 13 * 17.
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-28]]
  • Thrown so snappily that my balls clapped. [[storymine]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-27]]
  • [[just do it]]
  • [[gone]]
  • [[yoga with x]]
  • [[fellowship of the link]] was great!
    • note this node takes minutes to load, and that's sort of awesome
    • because of current agora behavior every embed that opens, in the node itself and everything it pulls by default, grabs focus when it loads. the result is a bit like an automatic tour of our conversations over the previous many months.
    • it is... Agora [[demo mode]] / [[autopilot]], as I dreamt it, implemented as a side effect of bugs!
    • [[neobooks]]
    • I discovered someone took amazing notes while I gave the presentation yesterday. It filled me with joy, such friends!
  • How to deny [[time]] to an enemy?
  • Rec center receptionist finding me students. [[storymine]]
  • What birds sing near this [[place]]? What other animals make sounds near that place? [[navigating]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-26]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-25]]
  • Reducing [[risk]] for the client makes it easier for them to [[decide]] to [[buy]].
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-24]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-09-23]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-09-22]]


  • [[I got a new (second-hand) phone]].

  • Looking through the transcript of [[Kohei Saito on Degrowth Communism]]. [[Marx's theory of metabolism]].

  • Reading about [[system dynamics]] and the differences between the qualitative and quantitative approaches to it.

  • I'm using the RSS feed of changes to my digital garden (via Agora) as a very simple gardening tool (that is, something for improving the notes in my garden).

    • I add notes to my garden. Sometime later I see them in my RSS reader. I scan them. Often, upon reading, I'm then minded to tweak them slightly.
    • Not exactly a fancy [[spaced reptition]] system, but pretty simple and effective so far.
    • I'm thinking also to experiment with using my journal as a place where I revise key concepts in a spaced reptition kind of way. Just write certain thoughts out again and again until I feel they're clear enough in my head to leave them for a while.
  • Wheee I'm currently editing my journal from vim in termux on my phone. Synced here via syncthing. Not sure how much I'll need to be doing this but good to know that I can.

πŸ“… day [[2023-09-21]]

De quiΓ©n son [[las jaras]]?

EstΓ‘n las de Maitreya, las de Tara, las de Avalokiteshvara!

  • Being called mean in grappling. [[storymine]]
  • β€œA risk-taking creative environment on the product side [requires] a fiscally conservative environment [on the business side]”
  • Befriend an [[astronaut]].
  • debating if I want to start into baldur's gate…
    • I caved into peer pressure
  • People always smoking in the bathroom at the shelter and having the fire alarm go off in the middle of the night
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-20]]

i also use avidemux for simple video editing. 20:22 Samuel Klein Samuel Klein says:love your naming scheme! Samuel Klein says:this diagram also suggests scale-free design [which is compelling; not privileging zoomed-in or zoomed-out parts of the whole] Samuel Klein says:++ 20:36 PK Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski says:Flask is a lightweight web application framework for Python Peter Kaminski says:

20:41 JM Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:is that like agreeing on a hashtag? 20:47 Samuel Klein Samuel Klein says:One thing I'd like to see more easily is the list of repositories in your agora, and which ones have a node for a given wikilink Samuel Klein says:I have to run! This was great to see, worth tuning to a 15-min pitch Samuel Klein says:❀️ ❀️ ❀️ 21:01 avatar Samuel Klein Samuel Klein says:oho my next meeting was moved back I have 15 min πŸ˜ƒ 21:02 JM Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:yay! Jerry Michalski says:it's a hypertext catfish! 21:05 Aram Zucker-Scharff Aram Zucker-Scharff says:I found this very useful! I have to drop 21:07 JM Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:see you! 21:07 PK Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski says:

21:09 avatar Samuel Klein Samuel Klein says:there's probably room a tool like "full auto-linker" that could look through your doc + its context, check your agora for entities that exist across the conjoined namespace, and autolinking concepts the first time they appear in your doc

  • "What you [[want]] is for your [[kids]] to have fun. [[Winning]] [with [[stakes]]] is [[fun]], losing is not fun."
  • Some states may require school districts to allow homeschoolers to compete in a s[[school]] [[sport]]. collapsed:: true
    • [[Wyoming]] ostensibly allows homeschoolers to compete in a school sport while paying the same fees as school attendees.
  • creating an app with native script is so much easier than native android development.
    • I'm trying my hand at flutter which isn't much better
      • flutter is actually kinda nice once you get the hang of it. it looks pretty nice
      • the startup time is kinda horrible, luckily it uses hot reload for code changesΒ 
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-19]]
  • In a [[story]], the people start as one thing and end up another.
  • Felt a camaraderie with every hustler today. Something similar in knowing what it's like to hunt for [[angles]] in [[grappling]].
  • Saw Tim at the gym. He said something led him there. Chores. Dropping something off. A road that led the [[gym]]. [[storymine]]
  • What's a process that will guarantee that people will [[sleep]] well? [[business]]
  • Go where the highest [[stakes]] are.
  • What do people need to know to deal with more [[heat]] than they are used to? [[business]]
  • Every [[story]] is about one moment. One [[time]] someone [[changed]]. The start, middle, and end are to get to that moment and then wrap it up.
    • What is the [[meaning]] of the [[moment]]?
      • The [[moment]] of [[change]].
      • Once, Alice was ______. But now, Alice is _______.
    • What is the opposite of that moment?
    • The [[start]] is the [[opposite]] of the [[end]].
    • Generate several threads for each start, middle, and end and then pick the one that resonates most.
    • In media res.
    • What are the [[stakes]]?
    • How to add or ramp up stakes?
      • Clear [[want]] and [[problem]]. collapsed:: true
        • A [[promise]] of what they will get from taking in the [[story]].
        • Start with a [[familiar]] [[want]], end with a strange new want.
      • Say something that will give the audience the character's [[hope]] and [[fear]]. collapsed:: true
        • Show what the audience needs to accept to [[feel]] what the [[character]] feels in the moment.
        • Have the characters present a plan so the [[audience]] feels like they are a part of a [[plan]], and then have to adapt to the [[problem]] when they face the problem.
      • Present half-bits of [[information]] about the [[end]]. collapsed:: true
        • What would let them [[wonder]] about what will happen [[next]]?
      • Take more [[time]] when the [[audience]] is in maximum [[tension]] and paying the most [[attention]]. Take very little time when the audience is not at that height of tension.
      • Have the [[characters]] make [[predictions]] that fail.
      • Put a [[camera]] in the [[scene]]- the [[narration]] should work like cameras in a movie. Situate the [[story]] in [[space]] and [[time]].
      • 'but' and 'so' offer a sense of [[change]], more than 'and' collapsed:: true
        • contradiction or multiplication
      • Make the [[big]] [[story]] [[small]], and the small story big.
      • [[Surprise]]. collapsed:: true
        • Distract during key information with other feelings- such as making them laugh.
        • [[Contrast]] what happens just before the surprise with the surprise.
      • [[Start]] with a [[laugh]] to get [[attention]]. collapsed:: true
        • If laughter precedes tragedy, it hurts more. Then make them laugh again, to dissolve [[tension]].
        • From Schwarzenegger: "Starting with something disarming and [[funny]] is a good way to stand out. You become more [[likable]], and people receive your [[information]] much better."
        • For triggering a [[laugh]], put the most [[surprising]] word at the [[end]]. collapsed:: true
      • [[End]] the story with [[yearning]].
      • A good [[story]] is about one thing only.
  • Check [[public]] [[domain]] releases every year.
  • Sorting through the thrown-up bits of [[sourdough]] [[pizza]] for [[glass]] or sand. [[Testing]] the grains on the window. [[storymine]]
  • [[Experience]] is the most valuable thing.
  • Penis allergic to vagina. [[storymine]]
  • [[Create]] things that people will [[want]].
  • First day of peer training today
    • I have 80 hours of training this month
    • I'm not a fan of class work but at least I get to help people
    • I'm going to be working on the weekends after class. 40 something days ago I was living on the sidewalk
  • HuggingFace javascript libraries are kinda lacking. good thing python is growing on me.
    • doing ai on laptop uses a lot of disk space
      • correction, ai on laptop is impossible
      • I thought it was doing operations in the cloud but it's using local machine
        • so much for that idea
    • it's sad that only people with money are going to be able to leverage ai in the short term
  • this image is cute
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-18]]
  • [[18]] is [[right understanding]] in the [[flancia]] [[pattern language]].
    • Flancia is in some ways a [[calendar]]. I usually revisit the Flancia Pattern language daily, considering the current date as my default focus.
  • [[drishtis]] ~ [[29]] might be particularly interesting as it is a list; 29 tends to remind me of items on which my focus is trained on by default in the running month.
    • on this note [[7]] and [[17]] this month were beautiful as usual
    • [[20]] ~ [[agora slides]] this month as I'll present it to [[fotl]] in whichever shape it is :)
  • At this point I decided to start writing in the Agora assuming I have [[autopush]] on, even though I haven't implemented it.
    • It will work like this: if you [[wikilink]] or #tag once node [[autopush]] in a resource, the Agora will try to push blocks for you even without mentioning #push; so the following would result in [[poems]] getting a push of this node without further ado.
  • [[poems]]
    • I wrote [[Agua]] again today on my paper notebook.
    • [[Fork]]
      • Fork
      • Fork, fork!
      • As we fork we'll [[merge]]!
    • [[Merge]]
      • Merge
      • Merge, merge!
      • As we merge we'll [[fork]]!
    • [[Flow]]
      • Flow
      • Flow, flow!
      • As we flow we'll do kindly!
  • Hello from [[paramita]] :)
  • A [[story]] shows [[change]] in someone over [[time]].
  • The Casper Tiny Business Book Club: a way to bring tiny [[business]] starters together in Casper.
  • [[Communities]] benefit from a fear of missing out, which come from [[barriers]] to entry. At the most basic level, [[time]] and [[space]] are barriers to entry. collapsed:: true
    • Nodes need a way to connect to other nodes directly. Lots of small gatherings are needed to make a bigger [[group]] healthy.
  • Questions to ask to find a [[business]]: collapsed:: true
    • What [[problems]] do people have?
    • How many people share that [[problem]]?
    • Who do people get [[advice]] from in that [[space]]?
    • What are their [[weaknesses]]?
    • Which [[distribution]] models are most effective?
    • What problem isn't being solved?
  • Kevin Von Duuglas-Ittu talks about "building a net with the world" to describe how competent Muay [[Thai]] [[fighters]] slowly stop [[movement]] in an [[opponent]]. This parallels "setting traps" or "creating luck". [[Position]] in an [[environment]] is used to [[block]] off movement for whoever is being [[hunted]].
    • "it is quite often a [[stalking]] [[game]] of techniques, exerting [[pressure]] on [[space]] and [[time]], until the [[kill]] can happen. At it’s highest, I suggest, it is 'building a net of the world'"
  • "It's not going [[fast]] that's [[dangerous]], but stopping fast"- also applies to [[throws]] and [[unarmed]] [[combat]].
  • [[Change]] creates [[tension]].
  • [[Sailing]] with the [[wind]] limits speed more than sailing against it because the sail acts as a [[parachute]] and the boat can only go as [[fast]] as the wind (rather than faster).
  • hips higher, square to the ground, spine aligned, between [[earth]] and [[sky]], be upright
  • "[[Magic]] only happens in a spectator's [[mind]]...focus on bringing an [[experience]] to the [[audience]]."
  • Who are the passionate [[outsiders]] with no [[tribe]] yet? collapsed:: true
    • Who's bored with yesterday and demands tomorrow?
  • When to take a [[slow]] bend, and when to go [[fast]] to float over a [[problem]]?
  • Things [[fans]] of Jack Carr talk about from his [[books]]: collapsed:: true
    • Nonstop action (how would one make [[written]] [[action]] [[flow]]?)
    • --some chapters are still considered too long for fans
    • Cell workout routine- a fan says they're stealing the character's workout routine.
    • People are annoyed with how many books seemingly minor plotlines take.
    • Funny glimpses to the author's worldview through the glossary.
    • You know the end (Reece will escape). You know the beginning (people have cornered Reece). People read to find out the middle (how?).
    • Hatchet patches- something for people to wear or display that shows that they are fans of the story. collapsed:: true
      • -A fan made a tomahawk to mimic the tomahawk used by characters.
      • -people are making breakfast dishes from the books.
      • -fans are wishing for the ability to purchase patches from the units in the series
      • -people are ordering watches that characters use in the books
    • "I have never felt as much [[anxiety]] and adrenaline listening to something before."
    • A reader has a feeling that anyone, including someone close to the [[protagonist]], could be a spy. This creates [[tension]]. Carr casts suspicion on someone close to Reece that Reece is putting all his eggs in- so the [[stakes]] are high.
    • Less politics, more ass-kicking.
    • Sucking air out of someone's throat underwater.
    • Reece's dad leaves him a note that suggests a puzzle. This puzzle is not solved until book 7.
    • People want to go to the [[places]] referred to in the book, even if they're not real- they get the idea that it is a reference to something real.
    • Who is going to die? <- creates [[tension]]
    • Redacted portion of the book.
    • How did X happen?
    • Most fans are [[listening]] to [[audiobook]], rather than [[reading]].
    • In the Blood ending.
  • Things [[fans]] of Heinlein talk about from his [[books]]: collapsed:: true
    • Quotes about the nature of humanity.
    • Quotes about political dynamics.
    • Introduction to alternative views on sexuality (polyamory, bisexuality, sexual acceptance).
    • Competent man as celebration of man.
    • A character who is what a male reader admires in women (freedom of embodied expression), followed by trauma closing the expression up. The reader cried on the scene about her having her lover come home in a coffin and hearing Taps.
  • Things [[fans]] of qntm talk about from his [[books]]: collapsed:: true
    • [[Worldbuilding]] doesn't overexplain, which gives it room to breathe.
    • "It's nice to get a story of [[existential]] [[horror]], in the face of vast and inimical entities from beyond human comprehension, that isn't just another Lovecraft pastiche."
    • Uplifting good vs evil end despite an extremely uncertain world.
    • Human feeling contrasted against existential alienation.
    • Endings that are touching and deeply personal, as well as with a grand [[vision]] for the future of humanity.
    • Putting human life into a galactic perspective and making the reader feel insignificant in a vast world.
    • Appreciating anti-fascist just-so stories.
    • Plausible explanation of magic (perhaps echoing Wattsian vampires).
    • Hard scifi magic (the paradox attraction thingy)
    • A sense of people getting punished for being confident (the protagonist gets punished)
    • Some things remain unknown, and unexplained.
  • [[Cold]] [[air]] = [[high]] [[pressure]] [[Warm]] air = [[low]] pressure


πŸ“… day [[2023-09-17]]

Loved the [[Majihima]] discourses on [[Heartwood]] (I already knew this), [[Cowherd]], [[Gosinga]].

[[3149]] is an interesting number. It's not prime: it's [[47]] (we will defeat Moloch) * 67 (Bodhi, Bodhisattva).


πŸ“… day [[2023-09-16]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-15]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-09-13]]


  • Read: [[The Magic of Small Databases]]

    • Enjoyed this. Thoughts about an indie web approach to curating and sharing and collaborating on small lists, indexes, collections.
  • [[Subconscious Beta]].

    • Been keeping an eye on it for a while, and I certainly like the sound of [[Noosphere]] and [[Subconscious]]. Collective knowledge management that is local-first and with data sovereignty. Discovery, feeds and follows of others is on the way apparently, which would be a great set of features I think.
    • It sounds kind of like a slicker Agora. But I don't necessarily use 'slick' as meaning 'better'. I love Agora's ramshackle and homebrew approach.
  • And I haven't come across anything from Noosphere that suggests it has any politics of any kind. The beta announcement is signed off with "Let’s 10x humanity’s collective intelligence", which, absent of any political direction, is kind of problematic to me.

πŸ“… day [[2023-09-12]]


  • Swinging back to blogs and RSS feeds over Mastodon. The stream of info on microblogging sites is too much for me, and the signal-to-noise ratio is too weak.

  • Reading: [[The environmental impact of a PlayStation 4]]

    • "PlayStation 4 has the most dazzling and problematic parts of global capitalism purring in unison."
    • "It is an exquisite, leanly designed machine pulsing with the exploitation of Earth and its people."
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-11]]
  • [[Flancia]]!
  • [[agora slides]]
  • #push [[Flancia
  • #push [[debate]]
    • Imagine a public global debate about the crimes of [[Moloch]], and the ways to move forward.
  • #push [[liquid democracy]]
    • Imagine calling elections in every nation-state currently recognized by the UN where a group of people think they could be useful. These meaning in addition to those called by the state in question as per custom up-to-date: put succinctly, imagine the citizens of the internet calling for open, transparent, fair, liquid-democracy-advancing elections in Russia, United States, China -- a priori without the authorization of the states in question, but with an intent to cooperate rationally with them.
  • my box isn't loading. I wonder if they're having issues. I don't see anything on status page πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-10]]
  • For [[handfighting]], it is often advantageous to get two [[hands]] on one [[limb]] and bring that limb across the opponent's [[body]].
  • Been using gitpod a lot for development
    • It's nice because the machines are so big and good internet
    • They are ephemeral systems so you don't have to worry about machine specific unintentional dependencies
      • Is a thing a lot of the time in VPS environments
  • Started playing Starfield
    • pretty cool game, nice gameplay and graphics.
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-09]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-09-08]]
  • [[Dick Thompson]] of the [[Vietnam]]-era [[SOG]] units noticed that North Vietnamese and South Vietnamese ate different food. He could [[smell]] the difference. So they all started eating North Vietnamese food. They also stopped using [[soap]] to shower- so that they would not alert North Vietnamese of their presence in the jungle.
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-07]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-06]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-05]]
  • I've been working on sqlite importer in agora-bridge repo.
  • agora-server now supports pushed nodes in PR
  • weird day because of monday holiday
  • I'm seeing people with sqlite databases with millions of records and reporting it's fast.
  • playing around with docker on gitpod.
    • I have a sql docker image for agora-server and one for agora-bridge in feature branches.
    • I have a third gitpod running a docker compose repo
  • Really liking my setup where I have github actions build docker images automatically for me
  • Now running my compose beast at
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-04]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-03]]
  • Been messing around with which is like railway but allows more control over your instance
    • railway doesn't let you ssh in to debug server which is kind of annoying.
    • also has a lot of config options like machine size and such and has a toml file for config
    • railway doesn't spin up independent VMs though so price is probably cheaper across the board
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-02]]
  • Woke up by [[Bodensee]].
    • Will miss [[Flancia meet]] today as I temporarily don't have internet connectivity.
    • Will try to catch up later with people who were/are around! Apologies for missing it.
  • [[Flancia meet]] topics as I expected them
    • [[docker]]
    • [[agora recipe]] is running on [[coop cloud]], which is nice (this is what is serving but it needs some improvements:
      • It should be easier to override Agora settings from the coop cloud recipe proper, e.g. Agora name and sources. This could take place in the form of mounting agora.yaml as a config file?
      • It should be able to run one or more of the Agora bots which are part of [[agora bridge]] but currently not running for any Agora in
    • [[activitypub]]
      • Still unsure about whether to implement first-party support in e.g. [[agora server]], or to write a separate activitypub component (where? maybe in bridge?), or to rely on an existing implementation like the canonical golang one which seems quite mature and is geared precisely towards API usage (doesn't offer
  • #push [[What is the Agora]]?
    • I've been wanting to write a special node which acts as explainer to the Agora that should be accessible to the average (?) internet browser, in the sense of a person browsing the internet.
    • Node [[agora]] was maybe originally that but it has amassed a lot of historical content which makes it harder to offer a 'curated' primer experience.
    • I've also been thinking about this as a [[WTF]] button which we could render in red up top, with the milder tooltip 'I don't understand / what is this place anyway?'
    • Surely writing this would be an interesting challenge in the first place :) The Agora is many things, at least to me, and probably to all the people already in the Agora of Flancia; and it has accreted layers (meanings) as time goes by.
  • [[Jerome]] told me about [[Beaufort]] cheese yesterday.

As I sit here with my laptop (with [[vim]]) and no internet connection, I realize that I don't write here longform as much as I could. I guess the availability of the internet does make it easier for me to get distracted, which granted I see sometimes as a positive (it motivates a form of exploration), but might not be conducive to practicing the skill of writing coherently and consistently for more than a few bullet points in each journal.

The thought of writing in my blog again (meaning has come up a few times recently. I'm unsure; I like the process of writing in my garden, and how everything I write in it automatically shows up in the Agora moments later (at least when I have an internet connection). So maybe what I want is to embrace this space as a blog, and just try to write longer form alongside with my mainly outline-style notes, like other Agora users already do so beautifully.

  • [[todo]] maybe this weekend
    • Upload social media activity gathered by the [[agora bots]] to git repos.
      • This one has been in the back burner for a while and doesn't sound very hard.
      • It would also remove one of the main reasons to keep making full Agora backups -- which keep causing low disk space events in the Flancia servers.
      • All in all good bang-for-the-buck to start the weekend.
    • Fix hedgedoc
      • I think hedgedoc is not syncing to the Agora, the syncing process has some bugs at least -- while I'm dealing with 'git autopush' as per the above, it'd be a good time to take another look at this process and see if it can be made incrementally better.
    • Actually autopull [[etherpad]] or [[hedgedoc]] on empty nodes
      • I realized the other day this is quite simple; I tried this a few times in the past and ended up disabling autopull of the stoas because it can be disruptive (they tend to steal focus when pulled), but the disruption is really just because they are in the wrong position for empty nodes. Because empty nodes render on a separate template path, it should be straighforward to just embed the right stoa right there in the 'nobody has noded this yet' message, making the stoa onboarding experience much more convenient.
    • merge PRs
      • Aram's
      • vera formatting
      • vera sqlite
    • update journals page
      • formatting of the page is all different/weird
    • the pull of is broken above because of the parenthesis -- how to fix that?
    • update [[patera]] to something non ancient?
      • whatever is running on [[hypatia]]?
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-01]]
  • Started working on wikilinks browser extension
    • It's a redo of an extension I was working on previously but now I'm using the plasmo framework which makes development and deployment to app store a lot nicer
  • Playing with cursor which is a vscode fork for AI
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-31]]
  • My first day on fourth floor today
  • Got called by impact nw which is an organizations for veterans facing homelessnes. I'm meeting them at their office on Wednesday. It's interfering with a job fairΒ  I wanted to do. We'll see how it goes.
    • I might reschedule depending on how I feel as it gets closer. They're just gonna do an intake so I feel like it could be pretty flexible.
  • I've been trying my hand at zig development lately. For the most part I like high level languages (javascript being my favorite), but sometimes it's fun to dig into the internals of things.
    • zig is oriented to replace c by using the c ecosystem as opposed to rust which is trying to create its own.
    • the memory management model of zig feels a lot closer to c
  • Found pdm for python today it's like poetry but feels more sleek and easier to use
    • python is kinda growing on me, I probably like it the best after javascript. low level languages like rust are interesting but I don't really need to drop that low for developing the kinds of applications I like to make.
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-30]]
  • [[Flancia]]!
    • [[30]] in the Flancia Pattern Language means [[flow]].
      • 6 means flow also some days and 30 is 6 * 5 so it makes sense.
        • 5 means [[focus]], so you can think of it as focusing on flow or flowing focusing, which to some extent may be seen as redundant (but doesn't need to be).
  • [[work]] was fine :) I'm settling into a rhythm of working until late with a break in the middle, and I enjoy it.
  • I attended to what I could of the [[fellowship of the link]], then a weird Jitsi bug that persisted across devices and internet connections locked me out! I couldn't see or hear anyone.
    • I'll read notes and try to watch the recording though :)
  • Wrote, thought, meditated.
  • [[bouncepaw]]
  • I thought I added stuff recently but maybe not. Thats the downside of using your own software, you're never sure if you broke it or not
  • I go upstairs tomorrow. I'll have a roomate. Not my first choice but we'll see how it goes
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-29]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-28]]
  • Feeling kinda down this last week. I missed satsang today
  • Talked to case manager about housing stuff. She put me in her calendar to meet weekly
  • I'm going to worksource tomorrow to see about some opportunities
  • using javy to compile js to wasm
    • handy for functions that I want on multiple platforms like parsers where I don't want to rewrite the parser grammer in a slightly different dialect on each platform
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-26]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-25]]
  • I'm moving to the next floor this week. I might have a roomate though so it actually might be worse. We'll see.
  • Some random dude came up to me today and starting talking for like an hour and a half. He was a really interesting guy. He had a giant gash in his head though.
  • I saw today in my ai newsletter that llama released code llama
    • LLMs aren't the best at generating code from scratch, but I find them indispensible for evaluating and refactoring existing code.
  • edited to only write markdown to disk
  • "Then from the eyebrows of the goddess arose Kali, terrible to behold, with disheveled hair, her mouth dripping with blood, her tongue lolling out, her eyes red with fury, her teeth like fangs, her hands smeared with blood, and her body covered with dust."
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-24]]
  • [[lcdf]]
    • :D
  • [[bags of holding]]
  • [[Gracias]]
    • Gracias Buda!
    • Gloria a las maravillas del universo!
  • DespuΓ©s de literalmente aΓ±os logrΓ© conectar un tecladito pequeΓ±o a [[nostromo]], la pc de la tv que siempre corro a mis espaldas.
    • Tuve que recurrir a usar [[bluetoothctl]]
    • Se sintiΓ³ como ganar acceso a [[conocimiento arcano]]!
    • Y me liberΓ³ de algo; completΓ© un pro asdfyecto despuΓ©s de aΓ±os, aunque haya sido pequeΓ±o!
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-23]]
  • I'm trying a new tactic. I'm create a minimal docker image for build environment and then a separate docker image for actually building source.
    • e.g. I'm creating an environment for bun and then using that to run bun stuff rather than downloading bun and building source in one step
  • TIL you can ping n number of times with ping -c N HOST
  • TIL debian doesn't come preinstalled with ping
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-22]]
  • [[Stories]] were mostly used for assistance in [[navigating]] [[land]]- so the obstacles were once literal.
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-21]]


Tags: #dailynotes #daily-notes

  1. For the technically inclined, we're using the comic panel ID instead of chapter number over at the mobile-friendly version of the webcomic on Webtoon

  • realizing that subnode content may exceed mastodon message limit.
    • gave me an idea to return error message on tootbooster on fail
  • working on an idea I'm calling structured links
    • basically instead of having well defined structure on objects in a graph, the objects are simple while the links between them are well structured
    • based on ontic structural realism where objects don't even exist. only our relationships between them are real
    • for example lets say I look at a bottle of orange juice. my experience is that it's orange, but what I'm really experiencing is the light between me and the orange juice hitting my eyes.
      • the taste is the same thing, it's the molecules in the orange juice interacting with my taste receptors chemically.
      • orange juice looks and tastes like it does because we can have a shared universe of discourse because animals have similar sense organs and therefore similar sense experiences
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-20]]
  • Found [[chip player]] and had found re-listening to some [[midis]] from the 90s.
  • setup on which is a cool platform for managing deployment to different environments.
    • It automates a docker container and automatically runs build toolchain on changes.
    • The starter version is like 5 bucks a month. Look pretty cool. Might use it for a few things
  • is now running on railway
  • sveltekit + railway is a pretty awesome setup.Β 
  • I'm waiting for bun to reach 1.0 It's such a fast runtime
  • created agora-server instance on railway using a fork of the Dockerfile and entryfile
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-19]]


WARNING - BREACHING NET FUCKED BY 2050: MAY CONTAIN BLOODY SPOILERS, READ AT OWN RISK! Trying to hide some emotional baggage because of this.

Tags: #dailynotes #daily-notes

  1. Per wiki, V's status is still unknown after lift's cables snap as more chaos ensured. The reason is "presumed (legally) dead, but no evidence of on-screen death". [^2]: Torture were also involved, especially some robotic head decapitation (we're not talking about [this], but instead of Aunt Nina killing Rocky for telling the truth about his and Freckle's activities, ).

  • How do branches differ based on where [[trees]] are in relation to the [[sun]]?
  • How did the [[place]] [[sound]]? What noise does the [[wind]] make when it passes through here? How does it [[change]] the [[smell]]?
  • Without a [[map]], it becomes important to [[measure]] the [[distance]] between [[land]] [[marks]] in [[time]] rather than [[space]].
  • When intensely [[awake]], a [[path]] to flourishing [[life]] is the only path present.
  • going to daughters taekwondo class today
  • feeling kinda sick but not too bad
  • I have no private area except my bunk, might find a cafe to work in during the day again. my back is starting to hurt
  • bought a domain for tootbooster
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-18]]


Tags: #dailynotes #daily-notes


  • got a haircut today
  • been working in my goals journal
  • went to a self esteem group
  • talked to my peer support about housing stuff
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-17]]


  • Previously on [[2023-08-16]], note that time and date are in Philippine Standard Time as I write this, although you do you use UTC for simplicity.
    • Updating my releases key behind the scenes btw
  • I'm getting more comfortable using [[Foam]] alongside [[Obsidian]], especially inside a Gitpod workspace.
  • Reading some more Lackadaisy webcomic, clocking at #77
  • Across the interwebs

Tags: #dailynotes #daily-notes

  • Busy day today (yesterday) beginning of new UTC day but still previous day locally
  • Made a list of things I want to get done. Was satisfying to write it down. I've been using a paper journal someone gave to me
  • Been writing some code lately. I don't have a desk so it's a bit straining but it also limits my time on the computer which is probably actually good for me in a lot of ways
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-16]]


Note to self: Update this later this morning.

  • Previously on [[2023-08-14]], note that time and date are in Philippine Standard Time as I write this, although you do you use UTC for simplicity.
    • Guess nothing because I forgot to do notes then.
  • Did some sort of spring cleaning before fresh school year starts on yesterday.
    • Declutter some of my stuff from the physical archives, including some paperwork during the school years under blended learning.
  • More [[Lackadaisy]] stuff!
    • Stopped at #71 on 00:50
    • Who thought watching some from the stream archives go horribly wrong?
  • Ironing out on [[]]'s issue trackers, especially on things like SECURITY and CONTRIBUTING lately.

Tags: #dailynotes #daily-notes

  • This heat is getting annoying
  • I have meeting with job development specialist to go over Job interview questions tomorrow
  • Reading last chapter of miracle of mindfulness
  • Matrix gets on my nerves sometimes. I'm really happy that it exists but I can't help feeling that it might be a bit overengineed and that seems to create a vector for a lot of bugs
  • Thinking about checking out fellowship of the link today
  • Today I have therapy
  • Debian is 30 years old today. I've been a long time fan. Really a great distro
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-15]]


Catch up the daily update on [[2023-08-16]], this file was used for redirects.


  • Listened: [[Trip 34: The Outdoors]]
    • I really enjoy #ACFM podcasts. They take fairly everyday things and look at them through a leftist lens, and throw a bit of music in too.
    • I like hiking, so listening to the political history of [[right to roam]] is fun.
    • The [[National Clarion Cycling Club]] sound great: to "combine the pleasures of cycling with the propaganda of Socialism"
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-14]]
  • Previously on [[2023-08-13]], note that time and date are in Philippine Standard Time as I write this, although you do you use UTC for simplicity.
    • Holy bananas, I'm started to read the [[Lackadaisy]] webcomic from the top. Currently at #21
  • OSS work at [[]] or whatever
    • Other than ironing some stuff at
  • Personal side projects
    • Doing some notes wrangling across my digital garden behind the scenes in the morning
    • Some BTS chores on blog and personal website after literal months of procrastinating being in rest vacation from burnout and school.
  • Across the interwebs
    • Who's digging through the voice recording session archives? Holy shit, I found two of them.


  • I like mondays because it feels like the world comes back to life after sleeping for the weekend. I need consistency in my routine for my mental health and the weekends throw a wrench into that
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-13]]
  • Previously on [[2023-08-12]], note that time and date are in Philippine Standard Time as I write this, although you do you use UTC for simplicity.
    • TODO: Update this soon if hyperfixation/hyperfocus don't make me forget to take notes here.
  • Gonna do some hand laundry later the day
  • OSS work at [[]] or whatever
    • Anything you done so far, among other things
  • Personal side projects
    • Nothing to see here.
  • Across the interwebs


  • Sunday today that means Satsang. It's always a nice end(beginning?) to my week
  • It's supposed to break 100F today. I'm grateful I have air conditioningΒ 
  • Was reading Bhagavad gita this morning. I have the kashmiri version with commentary from abhinavagupta
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-12]]
  • I deleted Instagram off my phone. Was too much drama. I'm kinda over social
    • I'm still a fan of the fediverse though because I see that more as an information network than social media
  • Feeling a little sick. Hopefully it gets better
  • working on a project I'm naming tootbooster, the premise is that it allows any website to point to a single site so you can rebroadcast content, kinda like twitter intents or
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-11]]

Nothing happened here other than some pain

  • I never got the point of folders like "Music" and "Videos", do people actually store their media in those folders? Sometimes I use "Documents" but that's about it. Most of my stuff lives in "Downloads" or is in some installed programs data folder.
  • Talking to flancian today about adding fediverse features to agora. "click to boost"
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-10]]
  • Previously on [[2023-08-08]], note that time and date are in Philippine Standard Time as I write this, although you do you use UTC for simplicity.

    • Anything that done during the night (between 22:00 and 05:00 the next day)
  • OSS work at [[]] or whatever

    • Behind the scenes work for website revamp, and the theme I pick is so horribly worst at Performance per Lighthouse results.
  • Personal side projects

    • I actually start writing some manuscripts for a future book, which will be discussed soon.
  • Across the interwebs

  • [[work]]
    • very few meetings day, and no oncall -- the first such time in a while!
    • will try to make the most of it.
  • [[after work]]
    • visiting the lake for the birthday of a friend
  • My service record arrived via email yesterday
  • One of the peer support people for veterans helped me fill out a form to upgrade my military discharge status because of undiagnosed mental illness
  • My stomach seems to be doing better
  • ΰ½¨ΰ½Όΰ½ΎΰΌ‹ΰ½˜ΰΌ‹ΰ½Žΰ½²ΰΌ‹ΰ½”ΰ½‘ΰΎ¨ΰ½ΊΰΌ‹ΰ½§ΰ½±ΰ½΄ΰΎƒ
  • installed guacamole on my machine today do gui stuff from browser
  • Ive been using almost every day to edit my journal.
  • It's not very often that I actually use my random sideprojects consistently *pats self on back*
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-09]]
  • See [[2023-08-10]] for a more consolidated list of stuff I have done.
  • How can we X? -> How can we help the [[people]] we serve X?
    • Instead of looking for someone who has [[influence]] to [[sell]] your [[product]] or [[service]], look for someone who gets a lot out of your produce or service and figure out how to get them more influence.
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-08]]
  • Previously on [[2023-08-07]]
    • Yeah, my brain just need more recharge as back to school nears, apologies.
  • God damnit, my autistic brain is currently having a field day about [[Lackadaisy]], especially about [[Freckle]].
  • Exploring [[]] as I hoped to [[@vera]]'s virtual space
  • I think I caught a stomach bug or something
  • I've been reading a chapter a day of the miracle of mindfulness
  • Everyone here is really optimistic that I'll find housing
  • I've been hanging out with a friend and I'm not sure if we're dating because I don't wanna ruin our friendship because I'm literally crazy
  • I filed online for my military service record today. I hve a confirmation number that I check status. I'll check back in a week or so and see how it's going
    • hopefully I can use my veteran status to get out of homelessness quicker
  • they clean the main area of the shelter between 3:30 and 4:30 so you have to leave or stay in your room. I started taking this time to go on a walk and take care of daily tasks outside since I have a tendency to hole up once I find a place and not leave
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-07]]
  • Previously on [[2023-08-06]], note that time and date are in Philippine Standard Time as I write this, although you do you use UTC for simplicity.
    • Attempted to push my digital garden repo to sourcehut, but I forgot about it doesn't support LFS yet.
  • All things [[Lackadaisy]]
    • The more I dig further about [[Rocky]] and [[Freckle]], the more my autistic head want to do a lot of git diff in the multiverse
    • On Freckle's personality and traits in the community wiki at Fandom-dot-com, obviously this is America after all:

      "However, he seems to have a sadistic side that he cannot control. If Freckle is given a weapon, he becomes wild and manically laughs like his cousin Rocky. He seems to be very skilled with guns, most likely due to him wanting to become a police officer, though this behavior caused him to be rejected from the police academy." (from the wiki)

  • OSS work at [[]] or whatever
    • None for now.
  • Personal side projects
    • N/A for now.
  • Anything else, especially IRL
    • Officially enrolled for Senior High School at Computer Systems Servicing, probably a bit (or too) far from web/software dev, but I like to consider stacking NCs alongside any future certs and experience in open-source like Jengga.
  • Priit Mihkelsen's Origin Point is a sort of [[baseline]], where his might be the Hawking [[position]]. Kalju Lee states that the greater the [[distance]] to your Origin Point, the more in trouble you are, and the closer the distance, the safer you are. collapsed:: true
  • Use lower rib instead of hip for first point of [[contact]] in turn [[throws]]. [[unarmed]]
  • I met with case manager today
  • hung out with friends yesterday. It was supposed to be three of us but one of us bailed so there was only two but we had fun
  • I'm learning to relax and trust that it's going to be ok
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-06]]


  • went to my daughters taekwondo practice today and helped her read for about half an hour afterwards
  • I'm going to some lgbt carnival thing with some friends tomorrow after satsang
  • my case worker gets in tomorrow so I might get to talk to them about housing stuff
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-05]]


  • I'm starting to get kinda stir crazy. I'm in this weird limbo where I'm not in proper housing and I'm not on the street. I'm learning how to have patience and trust the process. Having mental illnes makes it frustrating where I can't just get up and getΒ  job and house. I feel like after I make it through this process I will probably be setup for stability for the future. We'll see.
  • I'm trying to create a routine again. Now that I'm not on the street my day is totally different and I need to figure out a way to keep me sane while I'm in this holding pattern
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-04]]
  • Earlier from [[2023-08-03]]
    • Did the bloody hand laundry finally after weeks of non-stop rainfall chaos in PH.
  • OSS work at [[]]
  • Personal side projects
    • Not sure if I could kick on Doctorate lessons and activities for Weeks 2-4
  • Across the interwebs
    • So, about that "Gaming Channel" from [[TechLinked]]'s [[TalkLinked]] podcast: Behind-the-scenes talk about LMG's new gaming channel, [[GameLinked]].
    • (CW: [[Internet shitfuckery]] ahead) From Look what I foundβ€”not one, but two articles about the time a country music star fucked around and found out.
      • Like holy $#!t, why the actual shitfuckery I got this. Maybe I should check my inbox again if it's from Substack or maybe from fedi.
      • For context, this involves a bit of ableism or face apperance sort of shitshow. For the love of god, I'll not link the tweet that caused that digital wildfires to be released (go read the news articles above). That madman also pulled the infantilization card to a disabled woman on birdsite hellsite, humorously referred to her as a β€œpoor girl”.
      • As an fellow autist, this is depressing to read, especially since the disability community attacked and traumatized since the Covid pandemic began (
    • Seriously did some obvious [[Lackadaisy]] lorebook reading, both in the currently-archived official wiki and the community-maintained one on Fandom.
      • From the trivia section about Rocky and Freckle's laugh: "Where Rocky's crazy-laugh is all manic glee, Freckle's is more like cathartic rage - it would come across a little meaner". (see original)"
      • As mentioned in the archived wiki, Tracy has stated that Rocky did not complete his primary education. (which is obviously raise my eyebrows)
  • I had enough microsoft points from using bing to buy a gift card for game pass. I've been playing skyrim. I love the game engine and with mods it's an infinitely extensible game
  • went to another peer support group today. they are pretty good. we have one at 11am in the morning and a followup at 6pm at night. They are pretty free-flow depending on who is it leading it. We check in with our emotions and talk about what our goals for the day are
  • The food here isn't horrible I get a hot meal for lunch and dinner.
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-03]]
  • Previously: [[2023-08-02]]
  • Woke up sicker than yesterday, definitely feels more like a flu. Ibuprofen keeps helping.
    • Daniel at work (he's great) offered an oncall swap and I took it. Thank you! This will allow me to rest today.
    • Tonight my friends arrive -- I hope I don't pass it along to them!
  • [[work]]
  • [[not work]] (in that sense)
    • Flancia!
      • maybe write [[testament]]
      • maybe ship customization
        • figure out why abra app deploy -C does not seem to be upgrading container version?
          • It just hit me like a flash: it's probably because the code in the container is a result of 'git clone' and it's not being re-run on subsequent builds; I should probably discard the cache or figure out how to make it always rebuild?
  • [[Antiflancia]]
  • [[Flancia]] por siempre!
  • I had therapy yesterday it was good
    • Although I'm always a little emotionally activated afterwards
  • I've been in this shelter for a couple days now and I'm starting to adjust to a new normal. We have daily groups where we check in with an emotion and a number on a scale of 1 to 10.Β 
  • I finally got my key card after 6 requests. It allows me to scan into the building.Β 
  • I talk to my case manager next week and hopefully we can make some progress on things to get me into more permanent housing
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-02]]
  • Woke up sick, maybe a cold/maybe light flu. Ibuprofen helped.
  • Oncall at work. Some meetings. Otherwise not super productive because of the above.
  • [[Open Air]] cinema today -- if it's indeed open air (remains to be seen due to weather) I'm thinking it should be OK to attend after taking more ibuprofen? It's a special occasion.
  • Conflicts with [[Fellowship of the Link]] though.
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-01]]
  • Late Night Work
    • Successfully migrated database data for [[]]'s [[Vaultwarden]] and [[Wiki.js]] instance to [[Supabase]], in case of issues on my personal account.
    • Did some manual data restoration on my personal vault after the chaos last night (also exported the pre-key rotation data while in offline mode, which is enough)
  • Discoveries and Stuff
    • Tried an commit editor for Git instead of using VS Code, although I may change my mind.
    • To keep things fine, maybe I'll plan to branch things out on my dotfiles repo soonish.
  • [[Flancia]]!
    • Meaning all the following go (are pushed) into Flancia by default?
    • At least from now on.
    • Could be called [[strong push]], or maybe override [[autopush]] which has been long in the making :)
  • [[1]] in my personal [[Pattern Language]] stands for both self and non-self, and for [[Flancia]]
    • Today we begin month [[8]], [[August]]. I like how it has [[31]] days, just after another 31 day month -- what a treat :)
  • [[AG]]
  • [[go/newsheet]] [[go/newdoc]] exist :)
  • Started an actual [[budget]] again, after months of procrastinating. Felt great actually and was not even boring :)
    • Ran [[GC]] on notes/todos. It felt great seeing that many things actually got done!
  • #push [[write]]!
  • #push [[do]]
    • make sure that mycoformat support gets into the container
    • set up fast/reasonably smooth flow
    • add toggle/tab for graphs (text/circles) instead of just deciding for the user
    • fix indirect go links, like [[go/flancian/git]]
      • or make indirect go links actually redirect to go links in the destination if a local definition does not exist
    • fix node names with ' and .
  • #push [[do]]
    • write visualizer for braids (!) (from a March todo, quite aspirational ;))
  • #push [[Carlas Sala]]
    • DesapareciΓ³ el 13.1.1977
  • [[work]] tomorrow
  • It is the first of the month UTC but only around 8pm local time. It's weird not only being in a different day but a different month.
    • Hello future!
  • tonight is a super moon
  • editing to test app im working on
  • Conversations with Google Bard
  • Downloaded TinyMUD last night and compiled and ran it. Was nostalgic to play around with MUSH stuff from the early 90s. I was surprised how simple the code was. Stuff has really changed since then
  • Contacted my bank and was able to re-enable my web login. πŸŽ‰
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-31]]
  • Later after midnight, I commit violence against my [[Vaultwarden]] vault and rotated the key, resulting in some items on my personal vault to be missing permanently, so I do some recovery madness before I shoot my foot and nuke the personal vault for good.
    • I also take the liberty of safekeeping the backups on a Gitpod workspace until I could dump them into [[]]'s Storj DCS bucket.
    • It's still a bit of pain to have data loss happen, maybe because of TBD.

One of the particularities of writing about [[Flancia]] is that it seems to require a certain commitment, a belief in the feasibility of facts in possible futures.

  • Are there any [[openings]] in the middle that can be [[owned]] exclusively given current [[means]]?
  • [[Change]] [[angles]], go [[around]], [[under]], or [[over]].
  • What [[game]] has unlimited ([[nonlinear]]) upside?
  • Where do you get to [[play]] by different [[rules]] from your [[competition]]?
  • People [[worried]] about cults are mostly that way because they've already bought into a very big cult, and [[fear]] accidentally falling into a losing [[cult]].
  • Nothing increases [[confidence]] like [[doing]] the thing you do.
  • '[[People]] like us [[grow]]' may be the [[tribe]] to [[find]]. collapsed:: true
  • Feeling an affinity for the [[Tomahawk]]. The modern Tomahawk is a hybrid between Native American [[stone]] axes and English & French Naval boarding [[axes]]. Beautiful that it came back into American use in every [[war]], even against Army regulation at times.
  • Demigodhood is about the [[followers]], not the [[leader]]. A graceful leader accepts that [[place]], no matter the [[risk]].
  • The easiest way to get into a [[mind]] is to be [[first]] at something.
  • [[People]] only [[accept]] [[information]] that [[fits]] with their [[present]] state of [[mind]].
  • If you don't re-arrange your [[life]] to put the things most [[important]] to you [[first]], someone else will make what is only a little important to them most important for you.
  • All the elements of an [[ad]] are to get you to read the [[first]] sentence of the [[copy]]. collapsed:: true
  • [[Community]] and arbitrary [[authority]] are a [[zero-sum]] [[game]].
  • [[Resistance]] and high [[tension]] are signs of high [[potential]] [[energy]].
  • Keep [[lines]] of [[attack]] [[clear]].
  • Given that [[The Arena]] gets about $4 in [[profit]] for each [[sale]], 5000 books need to be [[sold]] to afford translators.
  • "Tinier always means faster." [[timing]] [[speed]] [[scale]]
  • The beginning of the day in UTC is the end of the day local time
  • I set the date to UTC for technical reasons but I kinda like that it switches the same for everyone regardless of the timezone. I always thought it was weird that people had to operate at different timezones because of sunlight. I mean it's not weird it's just inconvenient for a worldwide system
  • I'm currently writing this on a street car that loops the downtown metro area to kill time. I can't check into the shelter I'm staying at until 9pm and the library closes at 6pm so I usually have to find a way to kill time in the evenings
  • It's Monday morning here and I called my bank to see why my account was closed. It turns out that one of the accounts linked to my login has been negative for greater than 45 days so they closed the account. Apparently this means that they disable the login for all the accounts because capitalism. Once I get a payment come through I'm planning on paying off the negative balance of the now-closed account so I can regain access to my bank login. Yay capitalism
  • I got accepted into a nice shelter funded by the county. I have my own private room and they're going to assign me a case manager. I have my laptop now with a private locker to store it in so I can work on more open source projects.
  • I'm really grateful that I have so many things going for me. I've seen some things out here that will forever change how I view my own circumstances.
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-30]]
  • Started over again on my gopass-based vault, with some fixes on git config
  • Earlier the day
  • Guru's birthday today
  • Sundays are weird because I have to leave the shelter at 7:30am which means I have more time to kill in the mornings
  • The city is so dead in the mornings, especially on the weekends. I can stand in the middle of the street downtown and no cars
  • my bank has denied access to me via online banking but it's a credit union and they're closed on the weekends so I have to wait until tomorrow to see what the issue is.
    • hopefully it's not anything too bad
  • I got accepted into the shelter above the resource center I visit. They want me to check in with them tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.
  • Been thinking about writing a book to pass the time. I think I can create an outline about what I want to write about and then just fill in the chapters until I reach a couple hundred pages. Thinking about maybe using AI to help me.
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-29]]

Bloody hell why I forgot writing this.

  • saturday was busy at resource center.Β 
  • ground score was closed today, I'll check tomorrow if they're open, they might be closed weekends
  • the full moon is on august 1st
  • guru's birthday is tomorrow.
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-28]]


  • It's friday and the behavioural health center is closed during my normal time slot
    • luckily the library is open and I can hang out here and code
    • I've been looking at cafes but not a lot of places have power and are not too crowded
    • I have social anxiety disorder so it's difficult to be around dense groups of people
      • downtown isn't so bad since the distribution of people is actually better due to large area
    • Created a remote tunnel in vscode so I can edit server from browser without installing vscode on local machine
  • The problem with "edge functions" is that they are a form of vendor lockin. I'm playing with supabase and it's cool but what happens when I want to move to another provider that has a completely different api?
  • The lights in this library are shining directly into my eyes. I think it's for the drug addicts that come in here to try and keep them awake.Β 
    • There needs to be systemic change in the USA.
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-27]]
  • Picked up [[Obsidian]] again after a looong time to show it to [[Venisa]].
  • [[work]]
  • [[Flancia]]
  • [[wayland]]
    • [[autostart]]
    • [[systemd]]
    • #push [[kill wayland]]
      • #push [[autostart]]
        • After much debugging I finally realized the issue was not with systemd trying to start vnc while wayland was still not running, crashing too many times and then giving up (like I long thought it was), but rather that the vnc service was not depending on a target that was actually being triggered.
        • Trying to set up [[vnc]] so it starts only after wayland/a graphical session is running and it's proving harder than expected for not the first time :)
        • I would expect to add a Requires or WantedBy in the systemd unit, but alas, it's not as easy as that?
        • I use [[sway]] so maybe the right targets aren't there by default though, as that's supposed to be solved by a "[[desktop environment]]".
        • Somehow I ended up at which, beyonds its scope in a friendly way, tells me of how to configure a [[systemd autostart]] in a way that maybe could work. Plot twist: it didn't.
        • showed the way: the issue was that nothing was triggering I added a line to my sway config to do that as per the first comment in the issue (thank you [[maximbaz]] on github) and that was enough to fix my long standing woes. This feels like freedom :)
    • Picked up [[Obsidian]] again after a looong time to show it to [[Venisa]].
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-26]]
  • Updating date on here

    • Deployed to production, yay it works!
  • Got onto housing wait-list I was hoping for

  • I have therapy today

  • I'm trying to get a case manager at tpi

  • App idea

    • Create organization then when user oauths create repo with user name, we can have agora pull all user repos from organization into an agora ostensibly with an API or something.Β 
    • This would enable us to onboard new users to the agora with very low barrier and high degree of moderation control
    • Caveats
      • Existing software already exists e.g. logseq
  • Todo

    • Update
    • Decrease resources on dirtbox for cost reasons
    • Figure out if I can create something like caddy as a saas platform
    • Add clone link to page header
  • Took my computer out of storage. Now I have something to work on in the cafes and maybe I won't be so bored during the day.

πŸ“… day [[2023-07-25]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-24]]

Go back to [[daily notes]], also synced at this week's recap in the [[Personal Board (open that in Obsidian)]].

  • [[Flancia]]
  • started with [[work]]
  • [[flancia playlist]] was pointing to a weird version of the playlist, unsure where it came from :) corrected
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-23]]


  • updated code to use date function rather than date at server instantiation
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-22]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-07-21]]


  • Started writing [[Reclaim Roundup: August 2023]]

  • Noticed that since upgrade I have to run org-roam-db-sync regularly now too, it isn't updating automatically.

πŸ“… day [[2023-07-20]]

I installed [[cool retro term]] today and it was immediately more fun than I thought it would be. There is something weirdly satisfactory about typing and seeing a blazing trail preceding your words.

I wonder how hard would it be to make it so that renders text in this style -- optionally, of course :)

πŸ“… day [[2023-07-19]]
  • [[work]]
  • [[flancia]]
    • fixed [[agora bot]] on [[mastodon]], thankfully reverted the account freeze once I explained what happened and how I fixed the issue (they are cool)
    • [[AG]] after work :D we went to [[helvetiaplatz]] and watched the sunset through the city skyline, the trees and the tram tracks
    • [[prizewinning plus]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-07-18]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-17]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-16]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-15]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-14]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-12]]
  • this one is set for the 12th

  • Editing from mobile

  • Oops no tab on Mobile

  • heh might be difficult #todo

    • Fixed it
  • Testing link

  • oauth works better than github app [note to self]

  • everything looks good so far, finally

  • hrm

  • From mobile

  • H

  • H

  • Vertical scroll works

πŸ“… day [[2023-07-11]]
  • meeting someone about a room 🀞
  • testing [[wikilink]]
  • woots
  • testing localhost
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-08]]


  • Started having a play around with [[Anytype]].

    • A local-first, p2p, Notion-y type of thing. It's very nicely made.
    • Using it for recording structured data and relationships for [[Reclaim the stacks]]. Quicker and easier than putting it all in a hand-built DB.
    • It's making me think about how I could in theory recreate similar functionality in [[org-mode]].
    • Maybe I will try to, eventually, so everything can remain in the garden. But it'll be easier for me to do it in Anytype to begin.
  • I upgraded [[spacemacs]] to latest and updated all Melpa packages to latest. Now various things in my [[org-roam]] setup aren't working. Sigh.

  • Finished writing and sent [[Reclaim roundup July 2023]].

πŸ“… day [[2023-07-07]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-06]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-05]]

It was that time of the year, your birthday, when you finally got to Flancia and were able to stay for good, stay in it in a definite sense, being free from suffering.

πŸ“… day [[2023-07-04]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-07-02]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-06-30]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-27]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-26]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-25]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-24]]
  • [[Greece]].
    • [[Athens]]
      • We visited the [[Agora]].
      • I loved it as usual but my mum thought it was too run down/fragmentary.
      • Then we had dinner in [[Monastiraki]].
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-23]]

I wasn't planning on seeing [[Nils Frahm]] live, nor did I know he was playing in Athens until the very same day it happened; I heard the sound test coming from the [[Odeon of Herodes Atticus]] while I was climbing down the southern slope of the Acropolis and I decided to get a ticket just in time. I'm happy I did so, it was a memorable experience for sure to see him live under the moon and stars in this ~2000 year old amphitheatre.

πŸ“… day [[2023-06-22]]
  • [[Greece]]
  • [[nmcli]]
    • I like it but I keep forgetting its usage, glad I noded the basics some time ago.
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-21]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-06-20]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-17]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-16]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-13]]
  • [[work]]
  • [[flancia]]
    • [[AG]] :)
    • My mum is visiting for a month and she's been resting / enjoying being home with Lady Burup while I finish up with work before we travel :)
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-11]]
  • How much would I [[pay]] for this [[thing]] if I didn't [[own]] it?
  • Will taking this away bring you further from where you [[want]] to go?


πŸ“… day [[2023-06-10]]
  • What gives them [[energy]]? What are they better at than other people? Does [[life]] from Earth [[need]] what they do?
  • [[OODA]] to [[McKeown]] Essentialism: collapsed:: true
  • A clear [[purpose]] will make it [[easy]] for [[people]] to answer the [[question]]: how will we know when we've done our [[job]]?
  • What is the [[cost]]?
  • When dealing with someone who is higher in a [[hierarchy]], [[ask]] them what they [[want]] you to give up on to make a new thing the most important thing.


πŸ“… day [[2023-06-08]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-07]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-06]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-05]]
  • It's [[hard]] for [[people]] to [[copy]] something if they don't see it. To make it easy to copy, make it easy to [[see]]. collapsed:: true
    • [[Social]] [[influence]] is stronger when people can see others do the thing often.
      • What can people do that will let them [[show]] off your [[product]] or [[service]] for others to [[see]]?
  • A secret to [[persuasion]] is that you can't actually persuade anyone, you have to mine their [[mind]] for where they already have a [[position]] that [[fits]] yours and [[start]] there.
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-04]]
  • [[Flancia]]!
    • [[AG]]
    • [[Diego de la Hera]]
    • PlaneΓ© cuatro pomodoros por la revoluciΓ³n despuΓ©s de las 22, fueron mayormete de conversaciΓ³n y juego -- sin arrepentimientos.

AmanecΓ­ y llegamos a la tarde con alegrΓ­a con [[AG]], y despuΓ©s comimos y caminamos con [[Diego]] y [[Dominic]].

  • How can a [[link]] be made between a [[new]] [[message]] and a message of an incumbent [[group]]? collapsed:: true
    • How often does an [[environmental]] [[trigger]] occur? How strong is the [[link]] between the [[message]] and the [[reminder]]?
      • How many links are there for any given [[cue]]? What will people connect to this thing? How many different answers would you get in [[association]] with this thing?
        • Pick cues that are [[near]] whatever you [[want]] someone to do, so it's easy for them to [[buy]] the [[product]] or [[service]] or [[act]].
          • [[When]] are people in a [[place]] to consider this thing? What is around them in that place? [[timing]]
          • Using environmental triggers to [[sell]] is equivalent to forming a [[trigger]] action [[plan]] for someone else.
  • What would give someone a sense of [[awe]]?
    • People share things that gave them a sense of [[awe]], as well as things that [[surprise]] or are of [[use]].
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-03]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-06-02]]
  • How would this [[product]] or [[service]] give someone an [[experience]] they can use to [[signal]] their [[taste]]?
    • People are more likely to [[recommend]] things that give them [[surprise]] in a short [[time]] frame. The surprise does not translate into ongoing [[talk]] about the thing, though.
    • A specific association between things makes it more likely that people will make [[choices]] with that [[association]] in [[mind]]. Establish a [[relationship]] between something wanted and something people will [[see]], [[smell]], [[hear]], or [[touch]].
    • Things that are said in [[small]] [[talk]] last for a [[long]] [[time]], where things that [[surprise]] are said in other kinds of talk that last for a short time.
      • In [[small]] [[talk]], people say whatever is on their [[mind]]. Whatever is on their mind is often from something around them in the [[place]] they are in.
        • What is going on around them? How can it tie to a [[product]] or [[service]] of ours?
          • What is a part of what [[people]] in this [[group]] do in every [[place]] they go to? Including those parts in your [[story]] will make that story more relatable.
            • Is the [[message]] tied to a [[context]] that includes a part of any place a person might be in every day?
              • What is something this [[group]] does every day? How can this [[product]] or [[service]] be associated with that one thing?


πŸ“… day [[2023-06-01]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-31]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-30]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-29]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-05-28]]
  • Looked into [[keyoxide]] again after seeing a reference in the profile of [[youronlyone]]
  • [[]]
    • [[wiki]]
      • changed links to registration form to point to
      • posted maintenance announcement
      • redoing [[wiki migration]] on
      • disabled parsoid
      • enabled registrations
      • done, it seems, pretty much! \o/
  • #push [[pfeilstorch]]
    • showed up in my open tabs, is interesting, but I don't remember how I got there :)
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-27]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-26]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-05-25]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-24]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-23]]


  • Another day, another coat of wood stain on the desktop.
  • I'm thinking about maybe starting a monthly or bimonthly newsletter. As a good nudge to make packaged pieces of writing on a regular basis.
    • I saw that Ghost has a thing for sending newsletters, and that you can host Ghost on Yunohost.
  • Paid some invoices, replied to some emails. Amazing how quickly these things pile up.
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-22]]
  • [[flancia]]
    • I had an allergy attack yesterday but at some point it turned -- it stopped getting worse, started getting better. Was able to have a normal night after that.
    • Slept a solid 8h+ after that
    • Woke up feeling finally recovered from disease!
  • [[work]]
    • Starting the week energized.
    • It was a solid day!
    • Actually looking forward to the week.
  • [[AG]]
  • [[791]] == #7 x #13


πŸ“… day [[2023-05-21]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-05-20]]


  • Spent fucking ages getting the layer of varnish off the top of the desktop. Using a 40 grit sanding disc.
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-19]]
  • #push [[31]]
    • Un mantra:
    • Las Jaras, quΓ© jaras?


  • Yesterday I submitted my final output for [[YXM830]]!

  • Reading [[Capital is Dead]] (again, didn't finish last time) and loving it. I really like [[McKenzie Wark]]'s writing style in this. I'm finding the argument about there now being an information-based [[Vectoralism]] - something even worse than capitalism - quite compelling, though I know many disagree.

  • Used the borrowed orbital sander to sand down garden table and chairs that are a bit weather beaten.

πŸ“… day [[2023-05-18]]
  • [[People]] want to [[talk]] about things that highlight how they're a part of a [[group]].
    • If they were selected for some [[game]] or something is [[name]]d after them, they are more likely to [[talk]] about it.
    • People like having something they can point to that shows how they were recognized, such as [[medals]], trophies, or [[awards]].


πŸ“… day [[2023-05-17]]
  • What can someone do with an everyday thing that would cause a lot of [[surprise]]? What would help [[spread]] this thing?
    • How does talking about this thing make someone look? How does it help their [[mask]]? collapsed:: true
      • Is this a [[cool]] thing they could share with the people who are around them?
      • Will this make them look worldly?
      • Will this make them feel like they're [[ingroup]]?
      • What about this can they show off to others?
    • What would remind someone about our stuff? What do they [[move]] by everyday that would bring our stuff up?
    • What about our stuff has them [[feeling]] things? What would they feel?
    • Can people [[see]] other people use our stuff? collapsed:: true
      • How can we make it easier to see our stuff?
    • How can they [[use]] our stuff to get where they [[want]] to go?
    • What kind of [[story]] would they [[want]] to [[spread]]?
      • People [[spread]] things they [[want]] to [[talk]] about.
        • What could be given to them to [[talk]] about that will make them seem [[cool]] or in the know? collapsed:: true
        • How would this turn into a [[game]] that they can [[play]] and [[talk]] about trying to [[win]]?
          • [[People]] will give up [[absolute]] gain if it means they will look better than others. Most college-attendees would choose to be a big fish in a small pond, rather than a smaller fish in a bigger pond that has more food for everyone.
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-16]]
  • How to create something that people will want to [[talk]] about?
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-15]]
  • To encourage [[change]], look for what suggests that they don't like how things are. collapsed:: true
    • Look for anything good they have to say about what [[change]] might do.
    • Look for anything that suggests that they could [[change]] if they wanted to.
    • Look for anything that sounds like a [[commitment]] to [[change]].
    • What makes it difficult for them to consider [[change]]? collapsed:: true
      • What would it take to go where they want to go? collapsed:: true
        • What worries them about how things are?
        • What makes them think they need to do something about it?
        • What happens from what they are doing now?
        • Is there anything about what they are doing now that is a reason other people might [[worry]] about them?
        • How has this stopped them from being where they want to be?
        • What will happen if they don't [[change]] what they're doing?
    • How would [[change]] help them? collapsed:: true
      • What would they like to be different?
      • What would be good about the [[change]]?
      • Where would they like to be in the future?
      • If the [[change]] happened now, what would [[fit]] them better?
      • What's a reason to [[change]]?
      • What would they get from a [[change]]?
    • How would they see [[change]] as [[possible]]? collapsed:: true
      • What would make it so they could [[change]]?
      • What gives them [[energy]] to [[change]]?
      • When else did they make a [[change]] like this? How did they do it?
      • What do they have that no one else has that would help them [[change]]?
      • Who could help them [[change]]?
    • When would they tell you that they want to [[change]]? collapsed:: true
      • What are they thinking about the thing that might [[change]]?
      • Are they feeling stuck?
      • What might they do?
      • How much do they [[want]] a [[change]]?
      • What would they try?
      • Of the things they might try, what would [[fit]] them best?
      • What do they [[want]] to happen?
      • What do they [[want]] to do?
    • Look for what they think might happen if they [[change]] vs. what they think might happen if they don't change. collapsed:: true
      • What do they like about how things are now?
      • What do they dislike about how things are now?
      • How can these be illustrated visually?
    • What is a day in their [[life]] like?
    • What do you [[worry]] most about the thing that might [[change]]? collapsed:: true
      • What's the worst that might happen?
      • How might that happen? What else might happen as a result of that?
    • What's the best thing that might happen?
    • How would things [[change]], if you changed?
    • Ask them about a different [[time]] in their [[life]]. Both what was, and what might be. collapsed:: true
      • What happens if things don't [[change]]?
    • How is what they're doing consistent with what they want? How does it work against what they [[want]]?
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-14]]
  • When people [[talk]] about [[change]], some things said point toward change, while other things said point against change. collapsed:: true
    • When changing, people [[talk]] about the following things: collapsed:: true
      • How things as they are don't work for them.
      • How changing things may work for them.
      • Talking about a [[want]] to [[change]].
      • [[Moving]] like they think [[change]] is something they can do.
    • When pushing back [[against]] [[change]], people [[talk]] about the following things: collapsed:: true
      • How things as they are work for everyone.
      • How things wouldn't work if they changed.
      • Talking about wanting things to stay the same.
      • [[Freezing]] and stuttering like they don't think [[change]] is possible.
  • Something that fits with a [[goal]] is often much harder to [[see]] than when it really doesn't [[fit]]. What's right is more [[invisible]], what's wrong is relatively easy to spot. In light of this, it makes sense that [[teaching]] at [[scale]] will focus on avoiding what's [[wrong]] instead of learning how to look for what's right.
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-13]]
  • Triggering [[resistance]] in someone makes it more likely that they will commit to the position they talked about- after they've talked about it. So, it will make it harder for them to [[change]] if they talk with a position against the change.
    • "[[Turn]] in the [[direction]] of the skid" while [[driving]] on [[ice]]. Once [[traction]] is established, then turn.
      • The person who is to be changed has to be the one to [[talk]] about why they should [[change]].
        • To [[change]], [[people]] need to see a difference between what they [[want]] and what is.
          • When something someone is doing goes against something they deeply [[want]], it is what they are doing that will [[change]]. collapsed:: true
            • Mis[[alignment]] can be necessary for [[change]], since it is the first step to noticing a [[difference]] between what they [[want]] and what they do. collapsed:: true
              • What would make someone consider how the way things are doesn't [[fit]] them?
              • What would make someone consider a [[change]] to [[fit]] them?
              • What would make someone consider that [[change]] is possible?
              • What would make someone [[talk]] about how they are going to [[change]]?
            • [[Change]] can only come to people if a part of them really does [[want]] to change.
            • [[Change]] is easier when it is drawn out gently, instead of pushed.
          • A kind of [[talk]] to people to help [[change]]. collapsed:: true
            • collapsed:: true
              1. [[Accept]] where people are. [[Listen]] to them to hear where they are.
              2. Help [[explore]] what they [[want]] until they see a difference between what they want and what is.
              3. Go in the direction of their [[resistance]] to [[change]]. This is [[Kuzushi]].
              4. Give [[energy]] to anything they say that [[moves]] toward [[change]].
              • When something is seen as a [[block]] to their [[want]], they will be more likely to [[change]] it.
              • The perceived [[difference]] between what they [[want]] and what is has to be amplified to bridge the difficulty of [[moving]] to get what they want.
              • Ask about wants that might be blocked by the thing they are doing that needs to [[change]].
              • People are most persuaded by what they say. What do they [[notice]] that they say to themselves? What feels interesting to them? What are they excited at having said?
              • When there is [[push]] back, [[pull]] and [[move]] to [[change]] an [[angle]] very slightly.
              • Involve them in solving the [[problem]]. The [[solution]] has to be theirs, for them, to [[trust]] it.
              • When there is [[push]] back, [[shift]] to another [[angle]].
              • Someone cannot be [[responsible]] for [[change]] if they think they cannot change.
              • Offer help to [[change]], and give them the [[choice]] of taking it or leaving it.
          • A [[talk]] can move toward [[harmony]] or [[dissonance]].
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-11]]
  • In [[fighting]], it is often easier to [[move]] around a [[frame]] instead of trying to take the frame off.


πŸ“… day [[2023-05-10]]

I will show you the shape of my [[heart]] if you want to.

πŸ“… day [[2023-05-09]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-08]]
  • A [[story]] interests someone when there is more than one way that what is shown in the story can go, and the audience would like it more if only one of those ways happen. collapsed:: true
  • [[Questions]] to ask if you are giving people a [[product]] or [[service]]. From [[Michele Hansen]]. collapsed:: true
    • What are they trying to do?
    • What are the steps of the [[workflow]]?
    • Where are they now?
    • Where in their workflow is the problem?
    • How often do they get blocked from what they're trying to do?
    • What have they tried? collapsed:: true
    • What do they want?
    • What did they use to try to get what they want? (esp MacGyvered stuff)
    • What does it [[cost]] if they get it wrong?
    • What goes into their [[decisions]]? In their words, [[why]] do they choose the [[solutions]] that they choose?
    • What happens if they don't solve the [[problem]] well?
    • Who else is part of the [[decisions]] they make about the [[problem]]?
    • How will they [[feel]] is the [[problem]] is or isn't solved?
    • Who might they [[talk]] to if the [[problem]] is or isn't solved?
      • What would they say about how they solved the [[problem]]?
      • What would they be proud or ashamed of sharing?
  • Is this something [[people]] [[want]]? Is this something they can figure out how to [[use]]? Will it make [[money]]? Is this something we can [[make]] or do?
  • Five people is often enough [[interviews]] to make a [[business]] [[decision]] that requires interviews, but another heuristic is "stop when you start hearing the same things over and over again".
  • Framing [[questions]] based on [[time]] often works better than asking [[why]]. This is probably because 'why' summons [[causal]] [[explanations]]. So, "what did you do before this?" instead of "why did you start doing this?".
  • Talk to your happiest customers to see how to bring more [[happy]] customers.
  • Help them forget you are a [[person]].
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-07]]
  • [[petrichor]]
  • [[ostranenie]]
  • [[flancia]]!
    • [[aj]] ~ [[ag]]
      • happy, joyful!
    • [[Avalokiteshvara]]!
    • I paid my taxes for the remainder of the year (or scheduled all payments). This small detail made me feel freer; it was indeed on my todo list.
    • In the spirit of a Sunday I made some [[magnetic art]] and I enjoyed it. It's interesting to do things with one's fingers, thinking about space and color as we go.
    • [[social coop]]
      • read some discussion
      • wiki next steps -> testing
    • [[donated]]
    • [[sila]] -> CL
  • the Agora is a bit slow -- pages are taking >7s to render when the cache is cleared.
    • It's also buggy, like [[petrichor]] above which strangely redirects to wikipedia :)
    • I love it anyway, but this says I have to allot some time to [[fixes]].
  • #push [[poemas]]
  • What does this [[product]] or [[service]] give [[people]]?
  • How else can [[people]] [[learn]] to turn [[loss]] into [[growth]]?
  • Lagging [[signs]] are easy enough, what are [[leading]] signs of something?
  • [[Who]] is this for? What will we get by giving them a [[way]] to get what they [[want]]? How will what we're doing [[give]] them a way to get what they want?
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-06]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-05]]


  • I can't seem to settle on a book at the moment. I'm making my way through [[Ours to Hack and To Own]], and it's good stuff, but not page-turning bedtime reading. Not many non-fiction books are, to be fair. But I don't get much opportunity to read in the day, so I'm mostly reading non-fiction at night. I started reading [[Aramis, or the Love of Technology]] last night and enjoyed the beginning of that. Maybe '[[scientifiction]]' is the way to go…
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-04]]
  • [[work]]
    • I was very tired today, because of not sleeping enough (I woke up too early, still jetlagged) and maybe a bug.
    • It was OK though.
  • [[flancia]]
  • One reason to write a non-fiction [[book]] is to capture a word or sentence in [[people]]'s [[minds]].
  • "You need [[money]] to get into a [[mind]]. And you need money to stay in the mind once you get there."
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-03]]
  • [[work]]
    • very tired after only about four hours of solid sleep; jetlag kicked in, and [[Burup]] was rattled because of a curious vision (I should write more about that)
    • but work was fine :)
  • then [[fellowship of the link]]
  • then [[flancia]], or rather Flancia at all times in a way
    • I've been trying to enjoy life more overall, not draw hard lines between Flancia and non-Flancia most of the times
    • this seems to result in increased happiness, equanimity, which makes sense
    • meditating every morning ten minutes and doing yoga most evenings really goes a long way
  • some bugs in the [[agora]]
    • [[fediverse]] seems to enter a pulling loop, very weird!
    • [[federation]] redirects in a way that chrome thankfully catches, and has the same loop in a pull as it's pulling [[fediverse]] :)
    • this alpha-quality Agora is positively dangerous
      • I love it :)


πŸ“… day [[2023-05-02]]
  • [[2]] stands for [[fork]], and the [[Agora]], in the [[Flancia pattern language]].
  • [[Jinwar]]
  • [[work]]
    • Back in the ZRH office after 2w (due to travel). It was nice seeing my coworkers again.
    • Relatively meeting heavy day but it's going well as of the time of writing.
  • How can you [[own]] a [[word]] in mental real estate?
πŸ“… day [[2023-05-01]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-30]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-29]]
  • Writing this on the way back home, meaning the flight [[SFO]]-[[ZRH]].
  • My noding has been spotty the last few days / over the last two weeks due to travel but it will probably pick back up (is that the right expression?) now that I'm back home.
  • [[US trip 2023]]


  • I invested some money into the new [[solar park]] that [[Ripple Energy]] is starting - [[Derril Water Solar Park]]. It'll be an [[energy coop]]. Excited about it. We can't afford rooftop solar so really nice to be part of a [[shared solar]] project. I put a bit of money into [[Bristol Energy Cooperative]] before but I don't actually live there so don't get the benefit of the energy produced, unlike this Ripple one. Hope they do another wind farm project soon, would like to get in on that.
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-28]]
  • [[work]]
    • Last day in the Sunnyvale office for this visit.
    • Flying back to ZΓΌrich tonight.
  • [[flancia]]
    • Will board the flight shortly after the traditional time in which I say I "start Flancia" on a workday, meaning 19:00 (local time).
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-27]]
  • How is this [[business]] [[product]] or [[service]] the first of a new [[category]] for [[people]]?
    • [[Own]] a [[word]] in people's minds.
  • Nobody cares about your shit. You will have to [[sell]].
  • Does this [[product]] or [[service]] give [[people]] enough [[energy]] that they are moved to [[tell]] people they look up to about it?
  • How much does it [[cost]] for [[people]] to [[find]] your stuff?
  • What would make someone [[proud]] of sharing your [[product]] or [[service]]?
    • Does this make people who will use your stuff look good? Does it give them [[status]]? Will it give them [[energy]]?
    • How does being associated with your work associate them with a [[place]] and [[people]] they aspire to?
      • Play with X and you can go where other people who played with X got to.
  • In [[unarmed]] [[grappling]], send [[pressure]] into a specific [[location]] to get them to stop [[moving]], in the same way you would target a specific location while [[striking]].
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-25]]
  • [[People]] are usually [[right]] about something being [[wrong]] for them, but usually wrong about [[why]] it's wrong for them.
  • Stuff that will [[sell]] over a long [[time]] is competing with the [[best]] there's ever been.
  • For any [[business]] [[product]] or [[service]], check:
    • [[Who]] is this for? Who isn't it for?
    • What does it do for them that nothing else has?
    • [[Why]] should they [[care]] about what it will do for them?
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-24]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-23]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-04-21]]
  • [[Flancia]]!
  • I watched [[Star Trek]] with a [[friend]].
    • Loved it.
    • I started with episode 10 of the third season of [[Picard]] having watched none of it except the very first episode of season one.
    • I don't know much of what has happened thus far but I went in fully willing and I liked it a lot.
    • Since about half an hour into it I thought of it as a [[quantum flip]].
    • I was surprised that the Borg and the Federation didn't seem to engage in dialog, but I decided to interpret the episode itself as the conversation between them. Hear me outeven of
    • I love [[Seven of Nine]] immediately.
    • I thought [[Jack]] was interesting, although I lack a lot of context about him.


πŸ“… day [[2023-04-20]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-19]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-18]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-17]]
  • [[17]] stands for [[Maitreya]] and [[Right Concentration]] in the [[Flancia pattern language]].
  • [[us trip 2023]]
    • I write this on the flight from Toronto to Seattle.
    • I slept for another hour or so (in a less comfortable seat, but still quite comfortable). I think after this I'll be able to go for another 2-3h, get to a bed and crash for the night :)
  • I've been playing with [[xaos]] a bit more.
    • I wonder how you can add support for new formulas.
    • Some tutorials mentioned that several formulas were found by users of [[fractint]].
    • [[media infra summit]]
      • prep day, the summit starts on Tuesday.
      • still want to do more reviews -- interesting documents in scope
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-16]]
  • Three [[steppe]] [[nomads]] who managed to unite several tribes into a single tribe are Abaoji of the [[Khitan]], Modu Chanyu of the [[Xiongnu]], and Tanshihuai of the [[Xianbei]].
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-15]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-12]]
  • [[work]]
    • [[summit]] prep
      • publish document for session
      • review sessions
      • verify status of canadian permit as I'm doing a layover there
      • book hotel in sunnyvale
  • [[Ask]]: what would they get out of this?
  • When someone is having an [[emotional]] explosion, let them vent.
    • Summarize what they say and ask if that's right.
    • Label a [[feeling]] and ask if the label is right.
    • [[Ask]] them about what makes this [[problem]] a high priority [[now]]. Reference [[time]]. Ask them about what they need from us now.
    • [[Ask]] them about a way forward.
    • [[Ask]] them about what makes them feel the way they do.
    • Appeal to their [[self]]-interest.


πŸ“… day [[2023-04-11]]
  • [[2023-04-10]] came and went with a variety of feelings
  • [[work]]
    • oncall, got paged before 8am, but it was nothing critical and I was able to fall back asleep eventually (I needed some more rest)
    • [[focus]] time is important, I'll try to do 2h of focus before meetings today -- I usually find it hard due to the [[dead time]] phenomenon, but I also think I want to try to become better at focusing even in such a situation (when there are imminent appointments)
    • [[summit]] prep
      • publish document for session
      • review sessions
      • verify status of canadian permit as I'm doing a layover there
      • book hotel in sunnyvale
      • -> [[2023-04-12]]
  • [[aj]]
    • happy we met!
  • Your [[product]] or [[service]] needs to [[fit]] with their [[workflow]], and with what they would need if they were [[experimenting]].
  • Labeling [[emotions]] may help [[people]] come out with them. collapsed:: true
    • It seems like you're [[feeling]] 'X'? How 'X' are you? What led to that feeling? What needs to happen for that feeling to be better? What can I do to help you make this happen?
  • Deep [[curiosity]] about an interlocutor will make any [[conversation]] [[interesting]]. collapsed:: true
    • Making things about [[others]] yields [[unknown]] [[opportunities]] because they are more likely to share what they [[know]] that you don't.
    • Ask [[questions]] that trigger [[answers]] that use thinking, feeling, or doing statements.
    • If someone tends to [[block]] others, give them something specific to do. Make them feel important. collapsed:: true
      • Ask them for a [[solution]].
      • When people need to [[vent]], let them vent and then [[ask]] them to say more.
    • When people think something new is [[impossible]], [[ask]] them what's impossible to do that would really help them out, then ask them about what would make that [[possible]].
    • How can you [[ask]] something that will help someone say "No"? collapsed:: true
      • What can you [[ask]] that will get both parties of a [[conflict]] to [[mirror]] each other?
        • Where do they need to be to be able to solve the [[problem]]?
          • Picture someone doing something [[frustrating]].
          • [[Ask]] the [[tulpa]] about what frustrates them most about you.
          • [[Ask]] about how much they are frustrated with you.
          • [[Ask]] the tulpa-copy about a time you did something extremely [[painful]] to them.
  • If someone isn't pulling their weight, point out the ways you think you probably [[frustrate]] them.
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-10]]


So. This stuff about [[technological determinism]] is very interesting in the Fuchs book. Makes me think about how all the types of tech that I'm interested in come firmly with leftist social relations attached to them. e.g. libre software. Community broadband. Data commons. Without the modifiers, they're just technologies. I think this is important.

I feel that perhaps ICT4S has been quite deterministic in general. Divorcing the technology from the social relations? Perhaps not. Definitely worth exploring.

Governable stacks. Another one. I wonder if you could subsume all of the modifiers into simply 'ecosocialist'. Intersting. Hmm yes, very interesting. They all kind of amount to the same thing.

Agency, social justice, climate justice. Actually they're all missing that last one. They in fact tend to refer more to that first one - agency.

  • Community / Commons / Libre / Governable = Agency
  • Green / 4S / sustainable = Planetary awareness

So my research is about a merging of those strands perhaps, so in a sense you could potentially just use ecosocialist as the modifier. Maybe not in practice as it might not be as snappy. But in theory, yes.

Federated social media. Kind of about agency, at the nub of it. Platform socialism. Platform coops etc.

So I'm interested in those things where there is at least one of the 3 aspects (agency, planetary boundaries, social equity) and evaluating and filling in the other section. I'm looking at both socialist ICT and green/sustainable ICT and finding the gaps in both of them.

In theory the modifier of 'ecosocialist' is simply ramping up of the 'sustainable development' modifier, as SD purports to be about both social and environmental issues. But in reality it's more than that.

πŸ“… day [[2023-04-09]]


  • Reading: [[Internet for the People]].

    • Really enjoying it.
    • It's a great descriptor of historical process of the privatisation of what was once a public internet. As well as discussion of what (re)socialised alternatives might look like.
    • It starts with a description of the pipes - the network infrastructure. And outlines how community internet would work as an alternative.
    • Now it's moving on to the platforms. Should be good.
    • Very interesting point about the relative scales of the pipes and the platforms - Comcast worth about $260 billion, Google worth about $1.7 trillion.
  • Read: [[Envisioning real utopias from within the capitalist present]]

  • Listened: [[Robin Hahnel on Parecon (Part 1)]]

πŸ“… day [[2023-04-08]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-04-07]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-06]]
  • [[work]]
    • was alright
    • sent an email I had been meaning to write for a while and I'm happy with the result
  • [[flancia]]
    • Just finished a productive half day of work (today is half a holiday in Switzerland) and I arrived in Flancia immediately after
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-04]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-03]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-04-02]]
  • When learning a physical [[skill]], it is best to [[focus]] [[attention]] to a [[goal]] [[outside]] of the [[body]].
    • When a [[coach]] tells you what to do based on something [[inside]] the [[body]], see how it can be said based on something [[outside]] the body.
    • When we tell someone to [[act]] in a certain way, what is the [[distance]] or [[direction]] that we are including in the statement?
      • Cues that focus on changing something [[near]] the [[body]] work more when the [[skill]] is new. Cues that [[focus]] on [[changing]] something far from the body work more when the [[player]] is an [[expert]].
      • Different cues will work better for different people. [[Change]] your cues based on the person.
        • To [[find]] what [[cues]] will work on someone, get someone to [[move]] with a [[constraint]] and then ask them to [[talk]] about how they moved.
          • Use the player's own words to make the [[cue]].
            • Focusing on the holistic vibe of the [[movement]] improved lap [[times]] for simracers.
  • [[Optimal Character Recognition]] converts [[image]] files to [[text]] files.


  • [[Economics for Emancipation]].

    • Looks very handy. Nice summary of the issues with capitalism, different types of socialist economics, the solidarity economy. "A Course on Capitalism, Solidarity and How We Get free". Maybe not that much in it if you already got some familiarity with these topics but looks great as a refresher or something to share with others.
  • [[Moving my WordPress installation to YunoHost]].

    • I moved my WordPress install from my [[GreenHost]] VPS to a WordPress install on my [[YunoHost]] server.
  • After an update to one of the IndieWeb wordpress plugins (probably Syndication Links) it looks like the name of the Bridgy Mastodon syndication target changed (from mastodon-bridgy to webmention-mastodon-bridgy). So I had to run mp-refresh-syndication-targets in Emacs.

  • Finished: [[The Care Manifesto]]

  • [[Every billionaire is a policy failure]].

πŸ“… day [[2023-04-01]]
  • [[flancia]]
    • [[social coop]]
    • [[logseq]] has been somehow chewing up node updates and moving them to its /bak/ in my garden; quite annoying, it somehow decided to do this while it was running in the background, maybe it doesn't cope well with the user concurrently editing the same digital garden using some other tool. This is worth reporting as a bug.
    • [[list of matrix servers]]
  • #push [[kris]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-03-31]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-03-30]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-03-29]]
  • A Wednesday.
  • 29 is for [[Drishti]], meaning a pointer or a point of focus.
  • A sufficiently [[painful]] [[business]] [[problem]] cannot be ignored until it is addressed. Things get worse for every bit of delay. collapsed:: true
    • It feels like a waste of [[time]], but is absolutely necessary.
    • Needed but feels like a waste.
    • There is no [[escape]] from the problem. No way to get out of it.
    • A [[painful]] [[problem]] happens every day, week, or month. collapsed:: true
      • It will be the highest thing on the priority list.
    • A [[painful]] [[problem]] has hacked-together systems in place to solve it.
    • Are people [[hiring]] employees because of this painful problem?
    • The solution must save [[time]] or [[money]].
      • It's even better if it makes them more [[money]].
  • When [[teaching]] a [[course]], pay [[attention]] to [[energy]]. collapsed:: true
    • What prompts give [[energy]]? What prompts take away energy?
    • Small [[group]] [[talk]] is full of [[energy]] when [[people]] are trying to understand a [[wicked]] [[problem]]. collapsed:: true
      • What is right for you?
      • A question that involves the person directly with the wicked problem will grant more energy. What is your 'why' in regards to this problem? [[value]] collapsed:: true
        • To involve someone directly, have the question address a time of theirs. When X happened to you, how did you deal with Y?
      • [[Groups]] are good for generation, pairs are better for considering the [[execution]] of a [[solution]].
    • [[Rob Fitzpatrick]] says, "clear [[question]], ambiguous [[answer]]".
    • [[Question]] and [[Answer]] sessions involve one person besides the teacher in the spotlight at a time. There is a [[line]], and waiting in line lowers [[energy]]. collapsed:: true
      • Q&A can be used as a buffer session. Something optional that can be eliminated if [[time]] is lacking.
      • Consider narrowing questions to the [[learning]] takeaways.
      • Of what we learned today, what do you think you will have trouble doing?
  • When introducing people to [[fighting]], a prompt might be "what do you like doing better? [[Attack]] or [[defense]]?"
  • How can we give people opportunities to learn [[decision]]-making?
πŸ“… day [[2023-03-28]]
  • [[work]]
    • ten meetings (!)
  • [[flancia]]
    • [[sila]] hadn't been uploading garden updates due to the [[github]] host key change, fixed
    • [[social coop]] nice progress
  • [[Problems]] you can make a [[business]] out of are extremely annoying and tedious things that need to be done frequently for people to make [[money]].
πŸ“… day [[2023-03-27]]
  • [[Direction]].
  • When teaching a [[course]], it is useful to [[change]] the [[game]] several times.
    • Using different kinds of [[games]] will help the learners keep their [[energy]] up.
    • Designing [[games]] in response to things learners are trying to [[learn]] will give them even more [[energy]].
    • One-sided [[talks]] are good for giving people a quick explanation '[[why]]'.
πŸ“… day [[2023-03-24]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-03-23]]
  • [[work]]
    • some meetings, some interesting
    • trying to finish at 19 tonight
  • [[flancia]]
    • meeting [[ap]] for coworking/study
      • virtually :)
πŸ“… day [[2023-03-22]]
  • 22 ~ [[fork]] * [[right thinking]]
  • [[work]]
  • [[flancia]]
    • [[pomodoros]] for the [[revolution]]
    • [[soma fm]]
      • donated
    • [[logseq]]
    • [[social coop]]
      • closed registration who sent corrected data
      • I could have guessed the correct address this time, will keep it in mind for next time there's a registration without a working opencollective URL (this happens in about 10%-20% of the registrations I'd say)
      • The issue though is that most of the time the correct URLs are not easily guessable
      • Checking for working URLs should be OS system level so users can benefit from it maximally?
      • I've always thought the same goes for [[wikilink]] resolution.
        • This reminds me I am experimenting with calling them [[spaceships]].
πŸ“… day [[2023-03-21]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-03-20]]
  • [[work]]
    • extended into the late night but I enjoyed it
    • CL 1
      • on it :)
    • CL 2
  • [[flancia]]
    • I reported a [[ytm]] bug through twitter today as it was most convenient, I think this makes sense.
    • wrote [[poetry]] based on a mantra I love, then it went somewhere unexpected; I enjoyed the process, although I think it's in need of editing as everything I write :)
    • [[building bridges]] has been brewing for a long while and yesterday I got a meeting in my calendar with that syntagm in its title, it's tomorrow, I will attend
    • I thought of [[spaceships]] today as a whimsical name for [[wikilink]]. I think it makes sense, at least in my mind; I will try to make a case for it.
      • Although most pragmatically maybe just [[link]] makes the most sense; there can be [[anchored]] (a href) or [[unanchored]] (free to resolve in an Agora or other trusted source of truth) links.
      • [[vera]] mentioned that [[org]] just calls them links. [[internal links]] is also in use, presumably because they're internal to a garden; but in Agora context they are taken to resolve to a Commons. Maybe you could take it to mean [[internal to the Commons]] though.
  • [[Trout]] tend to be near the border between fast and slow moving water. Facing [[upstream]], they lie in wait in slower [[water]] for [[prey]] to come toward them. This tends to be a little after or before rocks, or before branches. They tend not to lurk after branches since the branches would catch a lot of the food.
  • When there is something people want to get from a [[course]], what else do they need to learn to get what the course teaches?


πŸ“… day [[2023-03-19]]