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An RSS-newsreader that has become indispensible for me -- I use it to read all my "daily" websites, and managed to discover more in the process.

NetNewsWire is an easy-to-use RSS news reader for web sites. It presents a familiar three-paned interface?like that of Outlook Express or Mailsmith?to display websites and their news.

And as a Cocoa application it?s a completely native OS X app.


  • Remembers which items you?ve read, and lets you know when there are new items, so you spend less time surfing.

  • Reads RSS news files from thousands of different websites.

  • No up-front configuration required: getting started is just a matter of launching the application.

  • Familiar interface means there isn?t a bunch to learn.

  • Subscriptions can be grouped via drag-and-drop, so you can organize your news your way.

  • Comes with hundreds of sites you can subscribe to with one click.

  • Customizable appearance, including colors and window transparency.

  • Imports and exports subscriptions files compatible with other RSS readers.

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