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[image:555,left,5,5,0]Kate and I went to the Famous Players at Rideau Centre and saw Matchstick Men.

A good movie. I had been looking forward to it (I saw a preview for it at some other movie). Funny what happens when you don't get bombarded by TV commercials. Of course, when I went to the theater showtime site looking for what was playing, I ended up clicking through various other trailers. Underworld looks cool, cool in a style-over-substance way: vampires vs. werewolves with lots of Hong Kong wire work and tight leather outfits.

But I digress. Matchstick Men is (mainly) about a couple of con men, played by Nicolas Cage and Sam Rockwell. Both really good actors that I always enjoy watching. Nicolas Cage seems to be going into all sorts of roles, and I've been liking him more and more.

This is very much a "people" movie -- dialog, interplay between characters, subtle glances from Cage to the female grocery cashier from whom he buys canned tuna and packs of cigarettes. Oh ya -- Cage is basically a bit out of his tree, taking pills to stop his various ticks and suppress his fears (dirt and the outdoors).

I give it 8 out of 10. OK, if you're still with me, you can go read my Big Sugar review.

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