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Decentralised social network. Something to do with [[Hypercore Protocol]].

I created an account: I am neil@ctzn.one. I like many things about [[Hypercore Protocol]] so interested to see how this works. I am guessing it has more of a P2P model, similar to the Beaker chat, with the servers acting as 'pubs'. That said, the idea of another chat silo doesn't fill me with joy, so I wonder where the data is stored. I still think the [[IndieWeb]] (or [[Solid]]) approach is the best philosophy (for me personally).

Decentralized hosting (anybody can create a server, and data syncs using the Hypercore Protocol).

โ€“ GitHub - pfrazee/ctzn: A distributed social network mad science experiment

[[Servers should be background infrastructure]].


[2021-04-17 Sat]

  • Super easy to get set up and posting
  • Really like cross server community interest groups, always missed this in Fediverse
  • Really intrigued by potential of customisable [[reaction]]s - feels like it could avoid gamification while avoiding the [[+1 problem]]
  • No clue where my data is being stored

This is a ctzn node defined in ctzn, so meta

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