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Foam Settings

  • These are my [[foam]] ([[vscode]]) settings as of [[2021-01-13]]:
    • "": "journal" in the workspace's settings.json to create daily notes in journal/, example:
    • "vscodeMarkdownNotes.newNoteDirectory": "WORKSPACE_ROOT" also, to make it so that notes created by following links from the daily note (alt-d) are created in the root instead of the journal/ directory.
    • A commit.txt in the repo for [[auto commit messages]], plus one-time setup with git config (see note), if you don't want to have to write commit messages when updating the [[agora]].
    • The following in .config/Code/User/keybindings.json (this has to be set on a global basis due to [[vscode]] limitations):
         "key": "ctrl+shift+b",
         "command": "vscodeMarkdownNotesBacklinks.focus"
         "key": "ctrl+alt+[",
         "command": "workbench.action.navigateBack"
         "key": "ctrl+alt+]",
         "command": "workbench.action.navigateForward"
         "key": "ctrl+shift+a",
         "command": "git.commitAll"
         "key": "ctrl+alt+v",
         "command": "toggleVim"
         "key": "ctrl+shift+s",
         "command": "workbench.action.files.saveFiles"
  • This results in being able to press ctrl-shift-s to save all files; and ctrl-shift-a to push changes to the [[agora]] without the need to write a commit message.

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