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  • Full Title:: Life as an [[IPv6]] Technology Laggard
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  • Highlights first synced by [[readwise]] [[September 2nd, 2020]]

    • your branch traffic is tunneled through the service provider network and your employees often complain about the slowness of their applications and more frequent application connection resets.
    • All of the operating systems on the nodes on your networks were IPv6-enabled and preferred to use IPv6 whenever possible.
    • These IPv6-enabled nodes were sending out ICMPv6 multicast packets on the network. They were sending out ICMPv6 Neighbor Solicitation (NS) messages to perform Duplicate Address Detection (DAD) for their self-assigned link-local FE80::/10 addresses. They were sending Router Solicitation (RS) messages when they booted up to try to contact their local IPv6 router.
    • These IPv6-enabled nodes also attempted to tunnel IPv6 packets over your IPv4-only core network
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