šŸ“š node [[the mindful way through depression]]
  • Author:: [[Mark Williams;John D. Teasdale;Zindel V. Segal;Jon Kabat-Zinn]]
  • Full Title:: The Mindful Way Through [[depression]]
  • Category:: [[books]]
  • Highlights first synced by [[readwise]] [[September 2nd, 2020]]

    • four key dimensions: feelings, thoughts, body sensations, and behaviors, (LocationĀ 468)
    • . Feeling depressed or sad most of the day (LocationĀ 501)
    • Loss of interest or ability to derive pleasure from a l l or nearly a l l activities that were previously enjoyed (LocationĀ 502)
    • weig ht gain, (LocationĀ 503)
    • agitated (LocationĀ 505)
    • Feelings of worthlessness or extreme or inappropriate g uilt (LocationĀ 506)
    • Difficulties with concentration or the ability to think, which can also be seen by others as indecisiveness (LocationĀ 507)
    • at the end of our rope with many of the people in our lives. (LocationĀ 513)
    • For some, especially young people, irritability is a more prominent experience than sadness in [[depression]]. (LocationĀ 514)
    • Not only do we feel sad, we may also feel like failures, useless, unlovable, losers. (LocationĀ 522)
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