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ThinkPad is something they never stop talking about.

=> http://sakamoto.pl/weblog/03-thinkpad-760el-fixing/

=> https://cheapskatesguide.org/articles/thinkpad-t500-review.html | A Review of the 2008 Lenovo ThinkPad T500 Ещё один обзор финкпада.

=> https://sporks.space/2021/03/31/why-thinkpads-are-overrated-and-misunderstood/ | Why ThinkPads are overrated and misunderstood Автор рассказывает, что финкпады не такие уж и финкпады. Рассказывает про какие-то интересные Лецноты из Японии:

If you’re looking for an exciting business laptop, look at the Let’s Note line by Panasonic. These are Japanese-market only (with few exceptions branded as Toughbooks overseas) that are both very lightweight, yet very flexible. They’re built domestically in Japan (an increasing rarity) for exclusively Japanese tastes. My friends with them report the batteries in their years old model still get hours of battery – it makes sense considering Panasonic makes batteries. They’re everywhere in Japan, but getting them elsewhere will require some importing online or knowing someone.

img { https://d33wubrfki0l68.cloudfront.net/c0a6ae0963551cbe9f8a9003e6218a19715b0ec3/d8f5e/assets/x220-full.png } => https://maximevaillancourt.com/blog/why-i-use-a-thinkpad-x220-in-2021 | Why I still use a ThinkPad X220 in 2021 Автор использует старый и слабый ноутбук и радуется этому, хотя у него также есть макбук с топовыми характеристиками. Рассказывает, почему так.

=> https://atthis.link/blog/2021/reassesstech.html | The Mistake of A New Laptop Классическая история. Автор купил сильный современный ноут, потом понял, что не так уж он ему и нужен, продал его и купил Thinkpad X230. Классическая история уже. Также применяет выражение //Computing Bliss//.

=> https://atthis.link/blog/2021/thinkpad.html | The Thinkpad X230 in 2021 Ещё одна статья про финкпады.

=> https://www.lowtechmagazine.com/2020/12/how-and-why-i-stopped-buying-new-laptops.html | | How and why I stopped buying new laptops

In 2017, somewhere between getting my office and my website off-the-grid, I decided not to buy any more new laptops. Instead, I switched to a 2006 second-hand machine that I purchased online for 50 euros and which does everything that I want and need. Including a new battery and a simple hardware upgrade, I invested less than 150 euros.

=> https://www.datagubbe.se/p75/ | Romancing the Thinkpad 365

Opening the laptop up and performing hardware maintenance is super simple - a hallmark of IBM Thinkpads that still make newer models popular among hackers and open source aficionados. In the case of the 365, it's as simple as pulling two little plastic knobs and lifting the keyboard up.

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