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Vr visualise plots? [[think]]

Try to visualise quantum harmonic oscillator [[viz]] [[physics]]

World with negative curvature simulation? Maybe even hyperbolic [[viz]] [[math]] [[physics]]

[2019-02-13] HARFANG® 3D [[python]]

from awesome-python

[2019-02-01] Singularity Hacker - Your Virtual Reality Shortlist [[ar]] [[gadget]]


4. Myo
Sooo you’re walking around a virtual world and your mind is being blown. Eventually you’re going to want to reach out and interact with it. The Myo controllers are your in-game fine motor skills. 

hmm could use it for kinda mouse? that'd be pretty cool, basically controlling mouse without moving hands from the keyboard

[2019-02-01] shit, discontinued…

wonder if I could represent timeline somehow [[memex]] [[timeline]]

Render 4d sphere [[viz]]

Maybe make an online game where you have to guess the radius (you can leave markers)
Basically the idea is you can mark the pole and walk around it
Kinda binary search!

[2019-05-06] and then do same for cube, for instance

hmm, looks like no quantum physics simulations in VR? I could totally plot something interesting… [[quantum]] [[viz]]

[2019-06-15] jeromeetienne/AR.js: Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web - 60fps on mobile! [[ar]]


[2019-07-27] Non-euclidean virtual reality - YouTube [[physics]] [[viz]] [[math]]

ok, that's pretty interesting, they demonstrate parallel transport

[2019-06-01] Joshua Corvinus (@JoshuaCorvinus) | Twitter


  • [2019-06-11] some AR/VR guy?
  • [2019-08-13] followed

[2019-06-28] First day Valve Index, Loving it already! And using it to its max potential, obviously : virtualreality


First day Valve Index, Loving it already! And using it to its max potential, obviously

[2019-11-10] The Electric Brain - Mind Field S2 (Ep 8) - YouTube [[eyetracking]]

some pretty cool eye tracking device for locked in syndrome in 23:30

[2019-12-12] Visakan Veerasamy on Twitter: "Can’t wait to have AR glasses that sync with @roamresearch so that every object in my house can be tagged and networked" / Twitter [[ar]]

<https://twitter.com/visakanv/status/1205001027386138624 >

Visakan Veerasamy
Can’t wait to have AR glasses that sync with @roamresearch
 so that every object in my house can be tagged and networked


SteamVR/OpenVR. It's fantastic.

https://webxr.io/webar-playground/ [[ar]]

[2019-06-18] Real-Time Facial Tracking in VR : virtualreality


Can I use vr for drill? Some visual clue? [[vr]] [[spacedrep]]

[2019-08-13] Modeled in VR (oculusmedium, quill), rendered in Unity with a toonshader. /r/virtualreality

[2019-06-06] I made an augmented reality real time sudoku solver in Python (source code in comments) /r/Python [[ar]]

[2019-06-18] Non-euclidean virtual reality - YouTube [[towatch]] [[vr]]


[2019-06-18] What does VR reveal about the 4th dimension? - YouTube [[towatch]] [[vr]]


[2019-06-18] Non-euclidean virtual reality using ray marching - YouTube [[towatch]] [[vr]]

ray marching?

[2019-06-18] Chroma Lab - VR Physics Simulation Sandbox - YouTube [[towatch]] [[vr]]


[2020-10-31] Show HN: What would mechanical programming look like? [[vr]]


[2019-04-08] Arcan is a powerful development framework for creating virtually anything between user interfaces for specialised embedded applications all the way to full-blown standalone desktop environments [[vr]] [[interface]]


[2019-07-23] One of the absolute main goals with the Arcan project as a whole is to explore different models for all the technical aspects that goes into how we interact with computers, and to provide the infrastructure for reducing the barrier to entry for such explorations.

[2019-07-23] ok it's interesting, but not sure what it's got for me now

[2020-05-19] Oculus: Hand Tracking Updates | Hacker News [[vr]]

Don’t forget if you install Virtual Desktop you can play all your PCVR games wirelessly on it too. I play HL Alyx like this and it’s flawless.

[2020-05-19] YORB 2020 [[vr]]

matplotvr for a project name? [[vr]] [[viz]]

[2019-07-27] Non-euclidean virtual reality using ray marching - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivHG4AOkhYA&list=WL&index=51

I recorded my life with camera glasses for an entire year and made a VR app that lets me explore my memories in a beautiful memory palace! Each sphere is a 10 second memory :) [[lifelogging]] [[vr]]


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