An Agora


  • This plan has two facets: one internal to my employer, that I can only cover here fuzzily, and one public.
  • The internal plan is to build a [Stoa]. I intend to dedicate 20% of my working time to this. This is the full extent to which I will cover the internal plan publicly.
  • The external plan is to get to [Flancia]. Flancia is a place built through the cooperative application of rational, positive thinking. I intend to dedicate most of my free time to building it.
  • My current best-effort rational positive thinking leads me to want to focus on engaging in philanthropy within my means while promoting or building [tools] for the advancement of knowledge:
    • An [Agora], a goal-oriented social network specialized in social problem solving.
    • [Palimpsest], perhaps a generally interesting feature that might in time bootstrap the [Agora].
  • My current attitude towards the world is to do the best that I can possibly muster in my public life; being open about my plan is a core part of my identity, as I believe openness as a social attitude results in interactions conducive to optimal understanding and cooperation.
    • The plan includes by default every social action which makes aspects of my identity which I consider moral and constructive available to others for judgment or cooperation.