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Node [[ward-cunningham]]

Ward Cunningham


  • [[Wiki]]
    • Had experience with Smalltalk, amassed over several months of undirected exploration
    • People asked for the gist of Smalltalk to learn it over two days. How to condense months of learning in a format that makes that possible?
    • The initial pattern repository came from that (influenced by [[christopher alexander]]).
  • "Made this thing over a weekend because people were sending me things by email that didn't render right" -- called it wiki because it meant "fast".
    • "If I make this stupid simple" -- people won't think I tried hard, but they will have the tools to "fix it".
  • [[Tended]] to the wiki a few hours a day -- in the time between "proper work". But that tending paid off.
  • For long, people could have thrashed but didn't. Then someone did, and people just tended to it.
  • The environment that resulted was very [[creative]]. Lots of vocabulary was coined right there.
  • When Wikipedia came along, it did the right things:
    • They made it in every language
    • They were bold (paraphrase)
  • Spinning off wikis out of wikis
    • Wiki on wiki (meta)
    • Religion wiki
  • Taking pages and refactoring, cross-linking -- that's the core of federated wiki.
  • In a federated wiki, queries propagate -- pages include a history on which wikis have hosted the wiki previously. If a page vanishes, it can be found in a previous version.
  • "When you're talking about yourself, talk of yourself as we"
  • Google-like analytics were interesting
    • Tried not to pay attention.
    • Bone (sp?) dialog: you talk to the center of the room, not to any particular person. It's good for sharing, giving.
  • Some people wanted to put graphs in wiki
  • Federated wiki has a few thousand sites on it, 25-30 get daily updates and host vibrant communities and might be interested in your project.
    • Links are the title of the page
    • But if you retrieve a page from some other wiki, it fans out/ripples
    • The sites you pull from become part of your neighborhood
    • When you search, you can choose to "pull" pages into your sites
    • People might turn out to maintain several sites, specialized on topics
  • If you go to your unicycle page, it will mention there are N pages about unicycle in your neighborhood