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1 Working with Contractually: I've been telling people that I left iQmetrix back at the beginning of July in person, but haven't made a big announcement about it. Although if you watch my LinkedIn or Twitter profiles, I did flip the switch and change my profile descriptions back then. Note that this is a contract position - I'm consulting for a number of teams.

2 Bootup Labs: Martin & Contractually were part of the first cohort of startups at Bootup Labs.

3 Unbounce: I love both Unbounce the tool, and Unbounce the local Vancouver startup team. Designed for landing pages, I'm increasingly seeing it as a great tool to match with one-off domains, events, and even creating the 4 - 6 pages that make up the front end marketing pages of many web apps.

4 KM:  I'll do everything I can to avoid uttering the phrase "knowledge management", since I fundamentally don't believe that knowledge can be managed. More recently, we've seen the emergence of streams/flows, which more clearly shows that knowledge is not something that is locked away somewhere. At the same time, it feels like lots of organizations need to learn that email is where information goes to die the hard way.

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