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πŸ“… day [[2023-09-23]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-09-22]]


  • [[I got a new (second-hand) phone]].

  • Looking through the transcript of [[Kohei Saito on Degrowth Communism]]. [[Marx's theory of metabolism]].

  • Reading about [[system dynamics]] and the differences between the qualitative and quantitative approaches to it.

  • I'm using the RSS feed of changes to my digital garden (via Agora) as a very simple gardening tool (that is, something for improving the notes in my garden).

    • I add notes to my garden. Sometime later I see them in my RSS reader. I scan them. Often, upon reading, I'm then minded to tweak them slightly.
    • Not exactly a fancy [[spaced reptition]] system, but pretty simple and effective so far.
    • I'm thinking also to experiment with using my journal as a place where I revise key concepts in a spaced reptition kind of way. Just write certain thoughts out again and again until I feel they're clear enough in my head to leave them for a while.
  • Wheee I'm currently editing my journal from vim in termux on my phone. Synced here via syncthing. Not sure how much I'll need to be doing this but good to know that I can.

πŸ“… day [[2023-09-21]]

De quiΓ©n son [[las jaras]]?

EstΓ‘n las de Maitreya, las de Tara, las de Avalokiteshvara!

  • debating if I want to start into baldur's gate…
    • I caved into peer pressure
  • People always smoking in the bathroom at the shelter and having the fire alarm go off in the middle of the night
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-20]]

i also use avidemux for simple video editing. 20:22 Samuel Klein Samuel Klein says:love your naming scheme! Samuel Klein says:this diagram also suggests scale-free design [which is compelling; not privileging zoomed-in or zoomed-out parts of the whole] Samuel Klein says:++ 20:36 PK Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski says:Flask is a lightweight web application framework for Python Peter Kaminski says:

20:41 JM Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:is that like agreeing on a hashtag? 20:47 Samuel Klein Samuel Klein says:One thing I'd like to see more easily is the list of repositories in your agora, and which ones have a node for a given wikilink Samuel Klein says:I have to run! This was great to see, worth tuning to a 15-min pitch Samuel Klein says:❀️ ❀️ ❀️ 21:01 avatar Samuel Klein Samuel Klein says:oho my next meeting was moved back I have 15 min πŸ˜ƒ 21:02 JM Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:yay! Jerry Michalski says:it's a hypertext catfish! 21:05 Aram Zucker-Scharff Aram Zucker-Scharff says:I found this very useful! I have to drop 21:07 JM Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:see you! 21:07 PK Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski says:

21:09 avatar Samuel Klein Samuel Klein says:there's probably room a tool like "full auto-linker" that could look through your doc + its context, check your agora for entities that exist across the conjoined namespace, and autolinking concepts the first time they appear in your doc

  • "What you [[want]] is for your [[kids]] to have fun. [[Winning]] [with stakes] is [[fun]], losing is not fun."
  • Some states may require school districts to allow homeschoolers to compete in a [[school]] sport.
  • creating an app with native script is so much easier than native android development.
    • I'm trying my hand at flutter which isn't much better
      • flutter is actually kinda nice once you get the hang of it. it looks pretty nice
      • the startup time is kinda horrible, luckily it uses hot reload for code changesΒ 
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-19]]
  • In a [[story]], the people start as one thing and end up another.
  • Felt a camaraderie with every hustler today. Something similar in knowing what it's like to hunt for [[angles]] in [[grappling]].
  • Saw Tim at the gym. He said something led him there. Chores. Dropping something off. A road that led the [[gym]]. [[storymine]]
  • What's a process that will guarantee that people will [[sleep]] well? [[business]]
  • Go where the highest [[stakes]] are.
  • What do people need to know to deal with more [[heat]] than they are used to? [[business]]
  • Every [[story]] is about one moment. One [[time]] someone [[changed]]. The start, middle, and end are to get to that moment and then wrap it up.
    • What is the [[meaning]] of the [[moment]]?
      • The [[moment]] of [[change]].
      • Once, Alice was ______. But now, Alice is _______.
    • What is the opposite of that moment?
    • The [[start]] is the [[opposite]] of the [[end]].
    • Generate several threads for each start, middle, and end and then pick the one that resonates most.
    • In media res.
    • What are the [[stakes]]?
    • How to add or ramp up stakes?
      • Clear [[want]] and [[problem]]. collapsed:: true
        • A [[promise]] of what they will get from taking in the [[story]].
        • Start with a [[familiar]] [[want]], end with a strange new want.
      • Say something that will give the audience the character's [[hope]] and [[fear]]. collapsed:: true
        • Show what the audience needs to accept to [[feel]] what the [[character]] feels in the moment.
        • Have the characters present a plan so the [[audience]] feels like they are a part of a [[plan]], and then have to adapt to the [[problem]] when they face the problem.
      • Present half-bits of [[information]] about the [[end]]. collapsed:: true
        • What would let them [[wonder]] about what will happen [[next]]?
      • Take more [[time]] when the [[audience]] is in maximum [[tension]] and paying the most [[attention]]. Take very little time when the audience is not at that height of tension.
      • Have the [[characters]] make [[predictions]] that fail.
      • Put a [[camera]] in the [[scene]]- the [[narration]] should work like cameras in a movie. Situate the [[story]] in [[space]] and [[time]].
      • 'but' and 'so' offer a sense of [[change]], more than 'and' collapsed:: true
        • contradiction or multiplication
      • Make the [[big]] [[story]] [[small]], and the small story big.
      • [[Surprise]]. collapsed:: true
        • Distract during key information with other feelings- such as making them laugh.
        • [[Contrast]] what happens just before the surprise with the surprise.
      • [[Start]] with a [[laugh]] to get [[attention]]. collapsed:: true
        • If laughter precedes tragedy, it hurts more. Then make them laugh again, to dissolve [[tension]].
        • From Schwarzenegger: "Starting with something disarming and [[funny]] is a good way to stand out. You become more [[likable]], and people receive your [[information]] much better."
        • For triggering a [[laugh]], put the most [[surprising]] word at the [[end]]. collapsed:: true
      • [[End]] the story with [[yearning]].
      • A good [[story]] is about one thing only.
  • Check [[public]] [[domain]] releases every year.
  • Sorting through the thrown-up bits of [[sourdough]] [[pizza]] for [[glass]] or sand. [[Testing]] the grains on the window. [[storymine]]
  • [[Experience]] is the most valuable thing.
  • Penis allergic to vagina. [[storymine]]
  • [[Create]] things that people will [[want]].
  • First day of peer training today
    • I have 80 hours of training this month
    • I'm not a fan of class work but at least I get to help people
    • I'm going to be working on the weekends after class. 40 something days ago I was living on the sidewalk
  • HuggingFace javascript libraries are kinda lacking. good thing python is growing on me.
    • doing ai on laptop uses a lot of disk space
      • correction, ai on laptop is impossible
      • I thought it was doing operations in the cloud but it's using local machine
        • so much for that idea
    • it's sad that only people with money are going to be able to leverage ai in the short term
  • this image is cute
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-18]]
  • [[18]] is [[right understanding]] in the [[flancia]] [[pattern language]].
    • Flancia is in some ways a [[calendar]]. I usually revisit the Flancia Pattern language daily, considering the current date as my default focus.
  • [[drishtis]] ~ [[29]] might be particularly interesting as it is a list; 29 tends to remind me of items on which my focus is trained on by default in the running month.
    • on this note [[7]] and [[17]] this month were beautiful as usual
    • [[20]] ~ [[agora slides]] this month as I'll present it to [[fotl]] in whichever shape it is :)
  • At this point I decided to start writing in the Agora assuming I have [[autopush]] on, even though I haven't implemented it.
    • It will work like this: if you [[wikilink]] or #tag once node [[autopush]] in a resource, the Agora will try to push blocks for you even without mentioning #push; so the following would result in [[poems]] getting a push of this node without further ado.
  • [[poems]]
    • I wrote [[Agua]] again today on my paper notebook.
    • [[Fork]]
      • Fork
      • Fork, fork!
      • As we fork we'll [[merge]]!
    • [[Merge]]
      • Merge
      • Merge, merge!
      • As we merge we'll [[fork]]!
    • [[Flow]]
      • Flow
      • Flow, flow!
      • As we flow we'll do kindly!
  • Hello from [[paramita]] :)
  • A [[story]] shows [[change]] in someone over [[time]].
  • The Casper Tiny Business Book Club: a way to bring tiny [[business]] starters together in Casper.
  • [[Communities]] benefit from a fear of missing out, which come from [[barriers]] to entry. At the most basic level, [[time]] and [[space]] are barriers to entry. collapsed:: true
    • Nodes need a way to connect to other nodes directly. Lots of small gatherings are needed to make a bigger [[group]] healthy.
  • Questions to ask to find a [[business]]: collapsed:: true
    • What [[problems]] do people have?
    • How many people share that [[problem]]?
    • Who do people get [[advice]] from in that [[space]]?
    • What are their [[weaknesses]]?
    • Which [[distribution]] models are most effective?
    • What problem isn't being solved?
  • Kevin Von Duuglas-Ittu talks about "building a net with the world" to describe how competent Muay [[Thai]] [[fighters]] slowly stop [[movement]] in an [[opponent]]. This parallels "setting traps" or "creating luck". [[Position]] in an [[environment]] is used to [[block]] off movement for whoever is being [[hunted]].
    • "it is quite often a [[stalking]] [[game]] of techniques, exerting [[pressure]] on [[space]] and [[time]], until the [[kill]] can happen. At it’s highest, I suggest, it is 'building a net of the world'"
  • "It's not going [[fast]] that's [[dangerous]], but stopping fast"- also applies to [[throws]] and [[unarmed]] [[combat]].
  • [[Change]] creates [[tension]].
  • [[Sailing]] with the [[wind]] limits speed more than sailing against it because the sail acts as a [[parachute]] and the boat can only go as [[fast]] as the wind (rather than faster).
  • hips higher, square to the ground, spine aligned, between [[earth]] and [[sky]], be upright
  • "[[Magic]] only happens in a spectator's [[mind]]...focus on bringing an [[experience]] to the [[audience]]."
  • Who are the passionate [[outsiders]] with no [[tribe]] yet? collapsed:: true
    • Who's bored with yesterday and demands tomorrow?
  • When to take a [[slow]] bend, and when to go [[fast]] to float over a [[problem]]?
  • Things [[fans]] of Jack Carr talk about from his [[books]]: collapsed:: true
    • Nonstop action (how would one make [[written]] [[action]] [[flow]]?)
    • --some chapters are still considered too long for fans
    • Cell workout routine- a fan says they're stealing the character's workout routine.
    • People are annoyed with how many books seemingly minor plotlines take.
    • Funny glimpses to the author's worldview through the glossary.
    • You know the end (Reece will escape). You know the beginning (people have cornered Reece). People read to find out the middle (how?).
    • Hatchet patches- something for people to wear or display that shows that they are fans of the story. collapsed:: true
      • -A fan made a tomahawk to mimic the tomahawk used by characters.
      • -people are making breakfast dishes from the books.
      • -fans are wishing for the ability to purchase patches from the units in the series
      • -people are ordering watches that characters use in the books
    • "I have never felt as much [[anxiety]] and adrenaline listening to something before."
    • A reader has a feeling that anyone, including someone close to the [[protagonist]], could be a spy. This creates [[tension]]. Carr casts suspicion on someone close to Reece that Reece is putting all his eggs in- so the [[stakes]] are high.
    • Less politics, more ass-kicking.
    • Sucking air out of someone's throat underwater.
    • Reece's dad leaves him a note that suggests a puzzle. This puzzle is not solved until book 7.
    • People want to go to the [[places]] referred to in the book, even if they're not real- they get the idea that it is a reference to something real.
    • Who is going to die? <- creates [[tension]]
    • Redacted portion of the book.
    • How did X happen?
    • Most fans are [[listening]] to [[audiobook]], rather than [[reading]].
    • In the Blood ending.
  • Things [[fans]] of Heinlein talk about from his [[books]]: collapsed:: true
    • Quotes about the nature of humanity.
    • Quotes about political dynamics.
    • Introduction to alternative views on sexuality (polyamory, bisexuality, sexual acceptance).
    • Competent man as celebration of man.
    • A character who is what a male reader admires in women (freedom of embodied expression), followed by trauma closing the expression up. The reader cried on the scene about her having her lover come home in a coffin and hearing Taps.
  • Things [[fans]] of qntm talk about from his [[books]]: collapsed:: true
    • [[Worldbuilding]] doesn't overexplain, which gives it room to breathe.
    • "It's nice to get a story of [[existential]] [[horror]], in the face of vast and inimical entities from beyond human comprehension, that isn't just another Lovecraft pastiche."
    • Uplifting good vs evil end despite an extremely uncertain world.
    • Human feeling contrasted against existential alienation.
    • Endings that are touching and deeply personal, as well as with a grand [[vision]] for the future of humanity.
    • Putting human life into a galactic perspective and making the reader feel insignificant in a vast world.
    • Appreciating anti-fascist just-so stories.
    • Plausible explanation of magic (perhaps echoing Wattsian vampires).
    • Hard scifi magic (the paradox attraction thingy)
    • A sense of people getting punished for being confident (the protagonist gets punished)
    • Some things remain unknown, and unexplained.
  • [[Cold]] [[air]] = [[high]] [[pressure]] [[Warm]] air = [[low]] pressure


πŸ“… day [[2023-09-17]]

Loved the [[Majihima]] discourses on [[Heartwood]] (I already knew this), [[Cowherd]], [[Gosinga]].

[[3149]] is an interesting number. It's not prime: it's [[47]] (we will defeat Moloch) * 67 (Bodhi, Bodhisattva).


πŸ“… day [[2023-09-16]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-15]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-09-13]]


  • Read: [[The Magic of Small Databases]]

    • Enjoyed this. Thoughts about an indie web approach to curating and sharing and collaborating on small lists, indexes, collections.
  • [[Subconscious Beta]].

    • Been keeping an eye on it for a while, and I certainly like the sound of [[Noosphere]] and [[Subconscious]]. Collective knowledge management that is local-first and with data sovereignty. Discovery, feeds and follows of others is on the way apparently, which would be a great set of features I think.
    • It sounds kind of like a slicker Agora. But I don't necessarily use 'slick' as meaning 'better'. I love Agora's ramshackle and homebrew approach.
  • And I haven't come across anything from Noosphere that suggests it has any politics of any kind. The beta announcement is signed off with "Let’s 10x humanity’s collective intelligence", which, absent of any political direction, is kind of problematic to me.

πŸ“… day [[2023-09-12]]


  • Swinging back to blogs and RSS feeds over Mastodon. The stream of info on microblogging sites is too much for me, and the signal-to-noise ratio is too weak.

  • Reading: [[The environmental impact of a PlayStation 4]]

    • "PlayStation 4 has the most dazzling and problematic parts of global capitalism purring in unison."
    • "It is an exquisite, leanly designed machine pulsing with the exploitation of Earth and its people."
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-11]]
  • [[Flancia]]!
  • [[agora slides]]
  • #push [[debate]]
    • Imagine a public global debate about the crimes of [[Moloch]], and the ways to move forward.
  • #push [[liquid democracy]]
    • Imagine calling elections in every nation-state currently recognized by the UN where a group of people think they could be useful. These meaning in addition to those called by the state in question as per custom up-to-date: put succinctly, imagine the citizens of the internet calling for open, transparent, fair, liquid-democracy-advancing elections in Russia, United States, China -- a priori without the authorization of the states in question, but with an intent to cooperate rationally with them.
  • my box isn't loading. I wonder if they're having issues. I don't see anything on status page πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-10]]
  • For [[handfighting]], it is often advantageous to get two [[hands]] on one [[limb]] and bring that limb across the opponent's [[body]].
  • Been using gitpod a lot for development
    • It's nice because the machines are so big and good internet
    • They are ephemeral systems so you don't have to worry about machine specific unintentional dependencies
      • Is a thing a lot of the time in VPS environments
  • Started playing Starfield
    • pretty cool game, nice gameplay and graphics.
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-09]]


πŸ“… day [[2023-09-08]]
  • [[Dick Thompson]] of the [[Vietnam]]-era [[SOG]] units noticed that North Vietnamese and South Vietnamese ate different food. He could [[smell]] the difference. So they all started eating North Vietnamese food. They also stopped using [[soap]] to shower- so that they would not alert North Vietnamese of their presence in the jungle.
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-07]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-06]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-05]]
  • I've been working on sqlite importer in agora-bridge repo.
  • agora-server now supports pushed nodes in PR
  • weird day because of monday holiday
  • I'm seeing people with sqlite databases with millions of records and reporting it's fast.
  • playing around with docker on gitpod.
    • I have a sql docker image for agora-server and one for agora-bridge in feature branches.
    • I have a third gitpod running a docker compose repo
  • Really liking my setup where I have github actions build docker images automatically for me
  • Now running my compose beast at
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-04]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-03]]
  • Been messing around with which is like railway but allows more control over your instance
    • railway doesn't let you ssh in to debug server which is kind of annoying.
    • also has a lot of config options like machine size and such and has a toml file for config
    • railway doesn't spin up independent VMs though so price is probably cheaper across the board
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-02]]
  • Woke up by [[Bodensee]].
    • Will miss [[Flancia meet]] today as I temporarily don't have internet connectivity.
    • Will try to catch up later with people who were/are around! Apologies for missing it.
  • [[Flancia meet]] topics as I expected them
    • [[docker]]
    • [[agora recipe]] is running on [[coop cloud]], which is nice (this is what is serving but it needs some improvements:
      • It should be easier to override Agora settings from the coop cloud recipe proper, e.g. Agora name and sources. This could take place in the form of mounting agora.yaml as a config file?
      • It should be able to run one or more of the Agora bots which are part of [[agora bridge]] but currently not running for any Agora in
    • [[activitypub]]
      • Still unsure about whether to implement first-party support in e.g. [[agora server]], or to write a separate activitypub component (where? maybe in bridge?), or to rely on an existing implementation like the canonical golang one which seems quite mature and is geared precisely towards API usage (doesn't offer
  • #push [[What is the Agora]]?
    • I've been wanting to write a special node which acts as explainer to the Agora that should be accessible to the average (?) internet browser, in the sense of a person browsing the internet.
    • Node [[agora]] was maybe originally that but it has amassed a lot of historical content which makes it harder to offer a 'curated' primer experience.
    • I've also been thinking about this as a [[WTF]] button which we could render in red up top, with the milder tooltip 'I don't understand / what is this place anyway?'
    • Surely writing this would be an interesting challenge in the first place :) The Agora is many things, at least to me, and probably to all the people already in the Agora of Flancia; and it has accreted layers (meanings) as time goes by.
  • [[Jerome]] told me about [[Beaufort]] cheese yesterday.

As I sit here with my laptop (with [[vim]]) and no internet connection, I realize that I don't write here longform as much as I could. I guess the availability of the internet does make it easier for me to get distracted, which granted I see sometimes as a positive (it motivates a form of exploration), but might not be conducive to practicing the skill of writing coherently and consistently for more than a few bullet points in each journal.

The thought of writing in my blog again (meaning has come up a few times recently. I'm unsure; I like the process of writing in my garden, and how everything I write in it automatically shows up in the Agora moments later (at least when I have an internet connection). So maybe what I want is to embrace this space as a blog, and just try to write longer form alongside with my mainly outline-style notes, like other Agora users already do so beautifully.

  • [[todo]] maybe this weekend
    • Upload social media activity gathered by the [[agora bots]] to git repos.
      • This one has been in the back burner for a while and doesn't sound very hard.
      • It would also remove one of the main reasons to keep making full Agora backups -- which keep causing low disk space events in the Flancia servers.
      • All in all good bang-for-the-buck to start the weekend.
    • Fix hedgedoc
      • I think hedgedoc is not syncing to the Agora, the syncing process has some bugs at least -- while I'm dealing with 'git autopush' as per the above, it'd be a good time to take another look at this process and see if it can be made incrementally better.
    • Actually autopull [[etherpad]] or [[hedgedoc]] on empty nodes
      • I realized the other day this is quite simple; I tried this a few times in the past and ended up disabling autopull of the stoas because it can be disruptive (they tend to steal focus when pulled), but the disruption is really just because they are in the wrong position for empty nodes. Because empty nodes render on a separate template path, it should be straighforward to just embed the right stoa right there in the 'nobody has noded this yet' message, making the stoa onboarding experience much more convenient.
    • merge PRs
      • Aram's
      • vera formatting
      • vera sqlite
    • update journals page
      • formatting of the page is all different/weird
    • the pull of is broken above because of the parenthesis -- how to fix that?
    • update [[patera]] to something non ancient?
      • whatever is running on [[hypatia]]?
πŸ“… day [[2023-09-01]]
  • Started working on wikilinks browser extension
    • It's a redo of an extension I was working on previously but now I'm using the plasmo framework which makes development and deployment to app store a lot nicer
  • Playing with cursor which is a vscode fork for AI
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-31]]
  • My first day on fourth floor today
  • Got called by impact nw which is an organizations for veterans facing homelessnes. I'm meeting them at their office on Wednesday. It's interfering with a job fairΒ  I wanted to do. We'll see how it goes.
    • I might reschedule depending on how I feel as it gets closer. They're just gonna do an intake so I feel like it could be pretty flexible.
  • I've been trying my hand at zig development lately. For the most part I like high level languages (javascript being my favorite), but sometimes it's fun to dig into the internals of things.
    • zig is oriented to replace c by using the c ecosystem as opposed to rust which is trying to create its own.
    • the memory management model of zig feels a lot closer to c
  • Found pdm for python today it's like poetry but feels more sleek and easier to use
    • python is kinda growing on me, I probably like it the best after javascript. low level languages like rust are interesting but I don't really need to drop that low for developing the kinds of applications I like to make.
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-30]]
  • [[Flancia]]!
    • [[30]] in the Flancia Pattern Language means [[flow]].
      • 6 means flow also some days and 30 is 6 * 5 so it makes sense.
        • 5 means [[focus]], so you can think of it as focusing on flow or flowing focusing, which to some extent may be seen as redundant (but doesn't need to be).
  • [[work]] was fine :) I'm settling into a rhythm of working until late with a break in the middle, and I enjoy it.
  • I attended to what I could of the [[fellowship of the link]], then a weird Jitsi bug that persisted across devices and internet connections locked me out! I couldn't see or hear anyone.
    • I'll read notes and try to watch the recording though :)
  • Wrote, thought, meditated.
  • [[bouncepaw]]
  • I thought I added stuff recently but maybe not. Thats the downside of using your own software, you're never sure if you broke it or not
  • I go upstairs tomorrow. I'll have a roomate. Not my first choice but we'll see how it goes
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-29]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-28]]
  • Feeling kinda down this last week. I missed satsang today
  • Talked to case manager about housing stuff. She put me in her calendar to meet weekly
  • I'm going to worksource tomorrow to see about some opportunities
  • using javy to compile js to wasm
    • handy for functions that I want on multiple platforms like parsers where I don't want to rewrite the parser grammer in a slightly different dialect on each platform
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-26]]
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-25]]
  • I'm moving to the next floor this week. I might have a roomate though so it actually might be worse. We'll see.
  • Some random dude came up to me today and starting talking for like an hour and a half. He was a really interesting guy. He had a giant gash in his head though.
  • I saw today in my ai newsletter that llama released code llama
    • LLMs aren't the best at generating code from scratch, but I find them indispensible for evaluating and refactoring existing code.
  • edited to only write markdown to disk
  • "Then from the eyebrows of the goddess arose Kali, terrible to behold, with disheveled hair, her mouth dripping with blood, her tongue lolling out, her eyes red with fury, her teeth like fangs, her hands smeared with blood, and her body covered with dust."
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-24]]
  • [[lcdf]]
    • :D
  • [[bags of holding]]
  • [[Gracias]]
    • Gracias Buda!
    • Gloria a las maravillas del universo!
  • DespuΓ©s de literalmente aΓ±os logrΓ© conectar un tecladito pequeΓ±o a [[nostromo]], la pc de la tv que siempre corro a mis espaldas.
    • Tuve que recurrir a usar [[bluetoothctl]]
    • Se sintiΓ³ como ganar acceso a [[conocimiento arcano]]!
    • Y me liberΓ³ de algo; completΓ© un pro asdfyecto despuΓ©s de aΓ±os, aunque haya sido pequeΓ±o!
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-23]]
  • I'm trying a new tactic. I'm create a minimal docker image for build environment and then a separate docker image for actually building source.
    • e.g. I'm creating an environment for bun and then using that to run bun stuff rather than downloading bun and building source in one step
  • TIL you can ping n number of times with ping -c N HOST
  • TIL debian doesn't come preinstalled with ping
πŸ“… day [[2023-08-22]]
  • [[Stories]] were mostly used for assistance in [[navigating]] [[land]]- so the obstacles were once literal.