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β†’ node [[2022-09-24]]


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β†’ node [[2022-09-22]]
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β†’ node [[2022-09-20]]

I [[worked]] today. It was fine. I'm looking forward to the next two weeks.

β†’ node [[2022-09-19]]
  • #push [[light cones]]
    • I sometimes feel as if I've seen what will happen, and I truly believe in it -- at least as a volume with non null metric in the [[multiverse]], likely reachable from our present time-space.
    • I feel the [[kind revolution]] is within our reach.
  • #push [[flancia]]
    • Sometimes I wonder if all Flancians have visions, maybe by definition.

Today it was a good day; I worked, went to therapy and found it meaningful, and back home I did yoga and played with Lady Burup. I also talked with friends.


β†’ node [[2022-09-18]]
  • [[2022-09-17]] happened, it went by almost too fast with laundry and cleaning the house and such things to do on a Saturday :)
  • Late journal; I slept very little (3h) and was low energy (go figure), I felt depressed but that got fixed by a 1h nap (my naps are usually only 30' tops).
    • I'm glad to be here finally!
    • I was active on the [[fediverse]] though.
  • #push [[pomodoros]]
    • #1 fix agora twitter bot, try to finally [[opt in writes]] with this
      • Twitter limits keep making this harder than it should be.
      • While I wait for quota to try this, I consider... what I write below.
      • #2 then do the fediverse (that bot is working currently)
    • See [[twitter agora bot]] for next actions.

I should create a second account for the Agora on Twitter, @an_agora is having many problems. If nothing else I'll use it to test; the fact that I don't have a test account makes it so that the bot is broken half the time because I don't have a release process for meaningfully testing changes. It's pretty terrible. For [[agora server]] I have and a local environment, but not for bots in [[agora bridge]].

Another thought: sqlite in [[agora bridge]] will really help with this, as bots could just query the graph stored in [[agora]] (root repo) instead of having to rely on Twitter for all state in the social graph.

This leads, again, to the question: should we just use [[moa]] as [[agora bridge]]?

  • #push [[moa]]
    • check license
    • read code
    • see if it can run on sqlite


β†’ node [[2022-09-17]]
  • [[agora]]
    • [[agora bridge]]
      • api is up in dev!
        • what's the first method that we really need?
        • and the second?
    • [[opt in writes]]
      • test
    • [[agora server]]
      • need to choose a feature to drive further :)
      • better search?
      • querying other agoras?
      • a small one: fix the feeds that don't include canonical node :) it's been bothering me for a while
        • took some time to get to it but I enjoyed the process :)
          • project [[mountain]] was what a lot of time went into, it was fun though
    • #push [[agorai]]
      • this is what I'm calling setting up other Agoras now
      • purchased during the week
      • want to point (wildcard?) it to [[hypatia]] today
      • update the docker-based Agora of Flancia in hypatia (did vera commit changes?)
        • asked [[vera]] if she made changes anywhere public
  • #push [[ubuntu]]
    • I upgraded [[nostromo]] to [[ubuntu 22.04]] and, again, I ended up with no sound.
      • I needed to run the following to recover it:
      • sudo touch /usr/share/pipewire/media-session.d/with-pulseaudio && systemctl --user restart pipewire-session-manager
      • Also I had to fix sources.list by hand again before being able to do-release-upgrade because I missed the "upgrade window" for 21.10 so it was completely gone from repositories (?).
      • Both of these are very surprising to me, in this day and age. I don't quite get in particular how a less technical user should be expected to update sources.list by hand because they didn't upgrade for half a year or so?
  • I finally gave [[chezmoi]] templates a try. They are fine.

During the week I read [[Wolfram]]'s article on the [[Wolfram Physics Project]], as recommended by [[xiq]], and I enjoyed it. I also re-read [[Scott Aaronson]]'s review of [[A New Kind of Science]]; I think it still holds and seems to apply to the project at large.


β†’ node [[2022-09-16]]
  • I like to think there's [[173]] [[drishtis]] in this Agora.


β†’ node [[2022-09-15]]

If I die slowly, please take my body out to a beautiful forest and bury it among the [[hyphae]], in the [[mycorrhiza]].

β†’ node [[2022-09-14]]
  • Working today for around 6h (on top of 2h yesterday).
  • Then [[coworking with ap]].
  • Then going back into holidays/open source mode :)


β†’ node [[2022-09-13]]

I sometimes [[procrastinate]] on important things, does that make me a [[jerk]]? I think maybe it does, and I should [[curb my bullshit]].

People don't seem to be, on the average or even at high percentile, nearly as interested on the [[revolution]]] as I am. Does that make me a [[jerk]] if I practice it, which includes talking about it? I'm not sure, but I don't think it does.

  • I wonder if I should let [[agora protocol]] go, let the chips fall as they may, move beyond it which could mean leave it behind (sometimes), write light as a feather if I have to.
    • (I'll take the [[path]], I'll cross that [[bridge]] if I have to.)

So I asked a few friends what they thought of the Revolution as it relates to the [[Flancia]] project; I'm interested on their take.

  • [[l]]
    • visited to pick up clothes; we took a cool 2h walk to a nearby mountain/hill with a view of the city, had a nice chat and drank mate.

Now I am in the park near home with my laptop for a short outdoors [[hacking]] session (?).

β†’ node [[2022-09-12]]
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β†’ node [[2022-09-09]]
  • #push [[9]]
  • My mom is leaving today. It was a great visit; I initially thought it would be too long (and told her so) but now she's going I know I'm going to miss her.
    • Having said that, I'm also looking forward to some time without family around -- I love my family but it's been seven months with family presence in the country and, although it was great, I'm not very used to it lasting this long as I've lived abroad for ten years. I expect I will feel reenergized as I go back to a more individual routine thanks to the change of pace that came with all the extra social/emotional interactions, though.
  • [[agora]]
  • [[work]]
    • doing one GRAD review
    • and one short document review today
  • [[beethoven]]
  • [[graphs]]
β†’ node [[2022-09-08]]
β†’ node [[2022-09-07]]
  • Writing this just after boarding the plane back to ZRH (delayed) in Lisbon (but before taking off, clearly.)
    • We had a great time in Portugal!
    • I met [[xiq]] yesterday, [[2022-09-06]]. It was great!
      • We spoke about our projects, our philosophies and our visions of the future.
  • [[writing while writing]]
  • [[agora]]
    • [[agora doc]]
      • My updated [[deadline]] for turning in [[agora doc]] plus the associated contributors agreement is [[2022-09-09]].
      • Interesting discussion with [[filomena]], [[neil]], [[mathew lowry]] on whether [[revolution]] should remain so prominent in the document or that aspect should be toned down for the benefit of 1. the reader, who may be turned off by this and close down and 2. the project, which in the words of one commenter may lose credibility this way.
  • [[ladee]]
  • [[ap]]
β†’ node [[2022-09-06]]
  • (Backnoded on [[2022-09-06.)
  • I met [[xiq]] in Lisbon! Happy about it, it was great. We had amazing Chinese noodles in [[Panda Cantina]] in the [[Principe Real]] neighborhood.
β†’ node [[2022-09-05]]


β†’ node [[2022-09-04]]
  • First journal in a while! Backnoding:
  • Today we're travelling to Lisbon in the [[Alfa Pendular]] (long distance train).
    • As I write this I'm on the train; it's modern and roomy, I have a charging spot and I'm in a comfortable position to write in.
    • I'll try to use the [[3h]] trip to work on [[agora doc]] and continue reviewing [[mathew lowry]]'s document :)
  • [[agora]]
    • I think I will move back to calling text subnodes 'text', I moved to 'note' recently but I'm not convinced by the change; note is overly restrictive, and it also is too similar to 'node' (which is the top level heading).
    • [[agora doc]]
      • edit
      • edit
      • edit
  • [[writing while writing]]


β†’ node [[2022-09-03]]


β†’ node [[2022-09-02]]
  • (Backnoded.)
    • Yesterday ([[2022-09-01]]) we flew to [[Porto]].
    • Today we visited the Cathedral, walked along the Ribeira, had a very nice lunch there, then crossed the bridge to [[Gaia]]. In general walked around a lot, ended up the day tired but happy.
    • It was an "offline" day as evidenced by the fact I didn't node it in time :) Lots of corrections pending for [[agora doc]], but I decided to take a few days off before diving back in.
β†’ node [[2022-09-01]]
  • a [[day]].
    • with [[deadlines]]:
      • [[agora chapter]] becomes due, although the editors have kindly offered an extension
        • I'll try not to need the extension
      • [[grad]]
        • I'm trying for promo, I've been promoted twice before but this is the lowest probability try maybe
        • I'd be going for [[l6]]
      • [[mp]]
        • my main project at work should hit an important milestone
  • [[agora pkg chapter]]
    • moved it to the editing folder, but I'll keep working on it for a bit more.
    • the editors said we could freeze it on [[2022-09-08]] -- which is generous. I think I'll take a few hours each day from now until next Monday, addressing feedback from friends, and then freeze it?
β†’ node [[2022-08-31]]


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β†’ node [[2022-08-29]]
  • [[2022-08-28]] was productive but it ended with some deflation as I realized just how much there is still to do on [[agora pkg chapter]] and [[go/agora doc]] :)
    • sync is not solved, did the sync to [[agora doc]] by hand just now -- it keeps links but footnotes aren't really in the doc, there's some formatting issues.
    • there is just a lot to be edited/written yet.
    • there's duplication.
    • I need to be able to read end-to-end and not think "this section is completely crap/redundant" more than, say, once -- this evening ideally :)
  • [[29]]
  • [[work]]
    • might take half a day?


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