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  • Tried [[tab groups]] in vscode to handle my tab sprawl in [[foam]] and it nuked my tabs. Hit a weird bug in which it kept cycling through tabs uselessly too. Another day, another bug.
    • At laeast my [[foam]] is working a bit faster again after getting rid of hundreds of editors. Then again, [[wikilinki]] completion is still slow -- and I "only" have ~10k nodes so far. I fear [[foam]] will become unusable for me in a few more months unless I actively seek a fix.
  • Yesterday I spent a lot of time in developing the [[exec]] pattern in Agora server. With the light of another day, I wonder if I should have gone for a full client-side implementation instead for the simple things I had in mind: automatic [[wp]] subnodes pointing to the most relevant Wikipedia page for each node (when one is found through the Wikipedia API). But I still think the server-side [[exec]] pattern might come in handy, so I'll probably finish piping it through and enable a simple example.
  • Today I'd like to:
  • I also need to pack for the [[offsite]].
  • [[python in the browser]]
  • [[send it to the ceo]], a [[game]]
  • [[neil]]
  • [[vos y yo, juntos, venceremos a moloch]]
  • [[karl marx]]
  • [[scott aaronson]]


Twitter released internal research showing it “amplifies more tweets from rightwing politicians and news outlets than content from leftwing sources.” That’s something anyone paying attention has known for a while, but I guess it’s good to see the platform at least admit it

Twitter knows it’s spreading right-wing lies

So yes, it’s good to have proof of something we’ve known for a while, but don’t give Twitter too much credit when it’s still amplifying right-wing content and its CEO is not only complicit, but pushing right-wing trash of his own

Twitter knows it’s spreading right-wing lies

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Semana 2021-10-25


Seminario Literatura ENS

Seminario Lingüística ES

VL Literatura ES

Seminario Literatura ES

Seminario Literatura y Política


"when public spaces are eliminated, so ultimately is the public; the individual has ceased to be a citizen capable of experiencing and acting in common with fellow citizens"

[[Rebecca Solnit]]

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I wonder if I should use [[ntlk]] a bit in the Agora -- currently it's all regexes, all the way down, but some lever of text understanding would go a long way w.r.t. surfacing actually related content.

I'm also wondering if I should do the Wikipedia integration client-side-first or with some support from [[agora server]]. Nice thing of keeping it wholly in the client is that it would keep the server-side rendering path lean (no network calls, only filesystem).

→ node [[2021-10-21]]
  • [[Buildings]] continuously [[change]], as they change us and we change them.
  • [[Buildings]] tell [[stories]].
  • A feature of [[Apple]] (the company) is that it conceals most [[stories]] in favor of one story.
  • Decay is constant.


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  • The rear naked [[choke]] is the most [[gentle]] way to end an [[unarmed]] [[fight]]. Similarly, slowly cutting off [[energy]] to your enemy's processing [[center]] may be the gentlest way to end a [[war]].


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  • Of [[Bernard Moitessier]]: "he only remains of the [[ocean]] and hates [[school]]."
  • When we we deal with [[buildings]], we deal with dead people and lose. They make our world more [[solid]]. They are attempts at permanence, at an unchanging immortality.
  • "A building is always [[building]] and rebuilding."
  • A good way to look at something more more as a [[whole]] is to ask 'what happens to and in X over [[time]]'?
  • In the port of Long Beach during the supply chain slow down of 2021, it was said (by Flexport) that [[maintenance]] was a bottleneck. There was a shortage of skilled laborers to conduct that maintenance, and many appointments were no-shows. Why were trucks missing their appointments? Possibly a lack of pricing that would encourage trucks to show up?
  • You cannot fully anticipate function.
  • What is necessary? What may become necessary?
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  • SHA256 is one way to fingerprint [[data]].
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  • Follow the [[rhythm]] of the [[environment]].
  • What do you need to make do and mend? If you specialize in something, you will over prepare for that thing and underprepare in everything else. If you have something new, ask: how will it break? how will you maintain it? who knows how to maintain it when it breaks?
  • Prepare for the worst.
  • In Disneyland, horses wear horseshoes with a polyurethane coating that help them clop louder. Is there something that makes footsteps quieter?
  • Disney counted the number of steps that a person would walk before throwing trash on the ground- that was about thirty steps, so they make trash cans thirty steps apart.
  • Nerdwallet optimized everyday finance calculators and generators to match Google searches, so that when you search for a 'mortgage calculator', etc, you find Nerdwallet. Similarly, Shopify comes up when you search for a business name generator.
    1. Figure out how people find what they're looking for. 2. Make what you have easy to find wherever they're looking for it.
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