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πŸ“… day [[2024-05-21]]
  • Back to [[work]]!
    • Going pretty much alright until now :)
  • [[work]] was actually interesting in high proportion!
  • then [[Flancia]] time :)
πŸ“… day [[2024-05-20]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-05-19]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-05-17]]
  • [[silverbullet]]:
    • should open the daily on startup?
    • [[go/daily]] achieves this for me for now ;) e.g. [[go/daily]] or just use the embed in
  • going over "old" (and new) notebooks, trying to make sense of the hugely distributed task list they imply :)
    • happy to see that a lot actually happened in the last 1-2 quarters!
    • I’m thinking this could be a nice ‘tradition’ to reinforce on the [[17ths]], being [[Maitreya day]] ;)
  • [[do]]:
  • "[[Flancia]] is a [[Pattern Language]], the [[Agora]] is a [[Pattern Repository]]" — from a notebook.


πŸ“… day [[2024-05-16]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-05-15]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-05-14]]
  • Another [[day]], another [[node]].
    • Or more than one :)
    • I definitely need to work on editing though! On doing more of the actual curation and maintenance of an actual [[digital garden]].
    • In the meantime, thanks for making do with all the rough edges ;)
  • Resuming [[Agora development]]:
    • I have a few commits to push to this week.
      • -> done, or at least started :)
    • I did some [[verschlimmbessern]] on the index to the [[Agora]] on the flight to the US that I never quite pushed — and better that way :) it needs ‘cherrypicking’ to put it mildly. It suffered a lot in directness.
    • Also added support for [[silverbullet]] style [[attachments]].
  • [[]]:
    • No [[twg]] meeting this week, will try to continue working on onboarding [[evan]] to the group.
    • I "installed" using [[coop cloud]] but it’s not up yet.
    • [[upkeep]]:
      • You could call it [[life]] ;)
      • [[nostromo]] was getting broken enough that I decided to update Ubuntu to the latest release to unbreak [[wayland]] and some sites in [[chromium]]. It had been long in the making, it’s a bit like house cleaning, it can be relaxing after work :)
      • I tried taking the occasion to also [[garbage collect]] tabs/try some new organizational principles in [[paramita]], [[guanyin]] and [[sariputta]].
  • [[GPT 4o]] was released yesterday and I got access.
    • Impressive.
    • But it failed to analyze a video I attached on desktop meaningfully though.
πŸ“… day [[2024-05-13]]
  • It turns out all my [[silverbullet]] journals were being left out from my [[garden]] — I corrected this and in the process dumped a few tens of journals that had never shown up so far :) Glad I checked and found this!
πŸ“… day [[2024-05-12]]
  • Using both [[wiki vim]] and [[silverbullet]] these days, will make a case of checking out how renders this and consider improvements
  • [[AMITAFO]]

I’ve been living [[Protopianism]] in my personal life; dealing with bed bugs, every iteration across the six months of process for eradication a show of the many small complexities of life, all the while feeling lucky and aware.

After 4x fumigation adding [[diatomaceous earth]] stripes all around (quite ingenious packaging+spilling resistant) the new bed seemed to seemed to give us that additional (feeling of) safety :)

πŸ“… day [[2024-05-11]]
  • [[2024-05-10]]
    • I think I prefer dates as ‘flat hierarchy nodes’ overall — this way I can just link to the date and get to the journal entry.
    • Also most generally this makes it so the convention for gathering journals is just ‘look for [[nodes]] whose [[topic]] is a time period show those that fit the current [[context]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-05-10]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-05-09]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-05-08]]
  • Back here at [[11pm]]!
    • The work day was long (with a gap in the middle) and interesting :)
    • Now doing yoga and thinking.
  • [[mexico city]]
  • [[AG]]
  • [[L]]
  • [[Lady Burup]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-05-07]]

Not necessarily in that order :)

I like [[silver bullet]] but I come back to [[wiki vim]] because it’s on the terminal and that’s where I sometimes want to write.

I like [[senegal town]].

Also: [[mexico city]], [[paris]] :)

  • [[BLDGBLOG]]
  • Now I’m back in [[silverbullet]]. I’m unsure if I want to unify the journal or not. Probably yes? But I’m curious about e.g. Journal/Month/2024-05 if that exists :)
  • [[digital capitalism]]:
    • did a pass over [[Open Letter to Google]], maybe it’s more readable up to… a few paragraphs in? :)
    • I think it is starting to take shape.
πŸ“… day [[2024-05-04]]
  • Back in [[silverbullet]], now using it as a ‘web app’ — meaning after pressing ‘install’ on chromium while visiting :) - For now only works for this [[flancian]], but I hope soon enough I will be able to offer it to the community.
    • Intend I intend to keep using [[wiki vim]] though, as I value having a terminal client for writing in the Agora - Experimented with a bluetooth keyboard on mobile as a way of having more fluid Agora editing on the go.
    • Tried [[silverbullet]] in firefox mobile and vim mode didn’t quite work :)
    • Also my hardware keyboard is set up to have esc go to the android home screen, which does not go well with vim mode ;)
      • Update: realized I can set the keyboard to [[windows mode]] and it will disable most of what I consider intrusive functionality :)
    • Still the prospect of having a fully featured Agora editor on mobile is thrilling!
  • [[agora discuss]]: [[neil]] suggested [[web mentions]] as the ground level on which to build [[agora likes]].
    • I agree it’s an interesting approach; it seems complementary to [[activity pub]] support which I’ve already started working on, inspired by [[bouncepaw]]‘s work on [[betula]].
    • The basic abstraction might be: the Agora publishes, and produces, feeds of social activity in different formats. Their states influence UI elements like emoji reactions and a log of activity.
  • A few hours later…
    • [[Winti Tap Jam]]:
      • I’m in [[Winterthur]] in a [[tap dance]] event, against my expectations enjoying it quite a bit! The [[jazz band]] is great, and I didn’t know people could dance like this while interacting with an improvising band. It’s really quite cool.
      • With [[AG]] and [[Nushya]]!
  • Really enjoying [[noding from mobile]] quite a bit, it encourages [[live noding]].
  • [[open letters]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-05-03]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-05-01]]
  • Trying [[Obsidian]] after a looong time — after remembering, and then trying on a lark, [[Roam Research]] again :)
    • I also tried [[logseq]] but it did a mega-commit automatically on my garden which almost broke it, not super happy about that (it tried to commit and push a 101MB file that is a database for [[silverbullet]] and probably, granted, should have been in .gitignore).
  • Happy [[International Workers Day]]!
    • The last year flew by in some ways :) I remember attending the festivities/events in ZΓΌrich yesterday. Looking forward to doing the same today, at least a few hours.
  • I got into [[biking]] again and I’m enjoying it tremendously :)
    • We may bike tomorrow with [[AG]].
  • I also plan to catch up with [[Berni]]. I have been catching up with friends finally after a hiatus due to [[work]] + [[travel]] and I’m looking forward to the VC!
  • [[doxometrist]] told me about [[netwik-obsidian]] as being in [[agora space]]
  • [[j0lms]] had good news!
  • [[l]] had good news! and we had an interesting conversation
  • [[Brunello]], the father of a friend of mine, died last week at [[90]]. I knew him and he seemed like a good and sensitive person. I lighted a candle for him/his memory.
  • [[Agora]]!
    • [[Agora development]]:
      • Fixed images, they were broken in prod due to a logger misconfiguration — thank you [[neil]] for reporting!
      • Made some progress towards fixing — [[hypatia]] got into some weird state after running out of disk.
      • Reached out to [[protopian]] to try to unbreak his garden :)
πŸ“… day [[2024-04-30]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-04-29]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-04-28]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-04-27]]
  • Back here after a few more days of hectic travelling :) I intend to stick around in the Agora for the next few days, for a change!
  • Thinking again (as per usual?) about [[open letters]] — which hasn’t necessarily meant I have been making much progress on any of them. I wonder at times why I got so enamoured of the genre even before penning my first complete one; but then again my enthusiasm is known to often predate competency ;)
  • I thought about [[telling stories]].
  • [[Google]]:


:ID: 8c141ded-1a33-447e-9999-dfed514a74da :mtime: 20240427191417 20240427113158 :ctime: 20240427113158

  • [[Digital weeding and watering]]

    • Adding a page for keeping track of little bits of content cleanup that need doing on my digital garden.
    • This has been very useful already.
    • I’ve found:
      • pages that were using old file: links (e.g. Praxis)
      • duplicate nodes (e.g. Philsophize This).
      • pages that I’m interested in, but just had never had time to write anything about (e.g. climate action)
      • mistakenly created pages
    • And it has been fun to revisit various older pages in the process.
  • I am really looking forward to the release of [[Jathan Sadowski]]‘s new book.

  • [[Repairing a Dell Latitude E7450]]

πŸ“… day [[2024-04-26]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-04-23]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-04-22]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-04-21]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-04-20]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-04-19]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-04-18]]
  • Flying to the [[US]]!
    • Not staying super long, but I’m attending a wedding and visiting a few museums I’ve never visited before.
    • I slept badly tonight, and the day before, due to different reasons — the first night it was due to trip prep, the second it was due to a (surprise, as usual) allergy attack that kept me up/very uncomfortable until late. Happy to have made it to the flight only looking slightly like a cat (because of how my eyes swell, I get a bit of a feline look for hours-days after an attack).
    • Listening to [[Lex Fridman]] with [[Jimbo Wales]] on topics like the history of wikipedia. Very interesting as most Lex conversations I’ve heard as of late!
  • [[Agora]]:
    • I’m back in the Agora, finally :) I took a more prolonged break from journaling as I moved with [[Lady Burup]] temporarily to [[AG]]‘s place (she is very kind!) and I adapted my routine to that space; also I’ve been busy at work and with other projects.
    • Thank you [[neil]] for keeping the journaling section of the Agora alive and interesting!
    • I reworked a bit the Agora’s [[]], which is what is rendered at the Agora root URL — e.g. . Hopefully it’s more cogent and informative without being overwhelming. But you tell me :)
    • [[Agora Development]]:
      • Fix local dev environment which is now sending https to itself even though it’s http only due to bug in :).
  • [[Flancia]]:
    • I thought back a bit about the history of Flancia while I was rewriting the above. It’s been running for a number of years at this stage!
    • Maybe I should write a belated update in proper.
      • Include a reference to the [[flancia meet]] landing page.
      • Include a TLDR on what the Agora now is/how it developed through the years/where do we want to go next.
      • Maybe take the opportunity to have some extra fun and write something more clearly fictional again :)


  • I [[listened]] to [[Degrowth vs Eco-Modernism]].

    • It’s a good episode.
    • I like [[Kai Heron]], and I’ve found the debate between various strands of [[ecosocialist]] thought very interesting.
    • But I also lament the time spent disagreeing amongst ourselves on the left.
    • Is it ultimately useful? What if all this intellectual effort could be spent on bringing about a transition away from capitalism, and towards ecosocialism?
    • I don’t know - perhaps the debate is contributing to that transition, in part, in a roundabout. And I suppose that if we don’t know what we stand for, we can’t meaningfully work towards it.
    • But still. It has vibes of [[The People’s Front of Judea]] vs the Judean People’s Front.
    • Not got to the end yet, so perhaps this will be covered…
  • Listened to [[Opening the Vicious Circle of Risk Rating (ft. Ariel Bogle)]]

πŸ“… day [[2024-04-17]]
πŸ“… day [[2024-04-16]]


πŸ“… day [[2024-04-15]]
  • [[Lex]]:
    • Listened to [[Sam Harris]] with [[Lex Fridman]] and it reminded me I also like Lex and I think he has lots of potential.
      • Sam came across as a bit more close-minded on some topics than Lex, which tracks with some of the conversations with him I’ve been listening to him recently — he is still one of my favourite public persons though. It’s just that Lex seems to be more of the "open heart hippie" and in that sense closer to me (at least at times).
    • Then listened to his conversation with [[Joscha Bach]] and it reminded me I like Joscha as well.