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โ†’ node [[2022-07-03]]
  • [[jz]]
  • [[ladee]]
  • [[flancia]]
    • [[agora]]
      • [[agora pkg chapter]]
        • write [[chapter outline]] by EOD
          • decide where should I write it?
            • hedgedoc is the default?
              • a shame I haven't set up oauth, but maybe it doesn't matter. I can use the stoa by default and see what happens (tm).
            • [[overleaf]] could have made sense but it actually doesn't as the format to deliver the chapter is actually [[markdown]].
            • well, what about just [[vim]]? :)
          • locate chapter outline guidelines in the [[pkg book]] website if there are any
      • [[todd]]
        • call hotel by 5pm and see if he's around / has new contact information?
      • [[opt in writes]]
        • rescue that branch from the flight, it's in my travel laptop
      • fix [[min width]] in some embeds
      • [[hashtag support]]
        • [[sandra]] requested it and she's right, also it shouldn't be hard to implement :)
  • [[maya]]
    • answered
โ†’ node [[2022-07-02]]


  • Read: [[For a Red Zoopolis]]

    • Very good. On [[eco-socialism]]. I like the description of a what [[abundance]] could actually mean.
    • Also introduced me to the idea of a [[Zoopolis]]โ€ฆ
  • I have oscillatory waves of activity on my garden.

    • Sometimes I have blocks of focus on the mechanics of how the garden works.
      • All the PKM, zettelkasten, smart notes, kind of stuff.
    • Then periods of time spent on the actual content.
      • Reading, taking notes, writing about politics, technology, the environment, etc.
    • Occasionally there is a moment of harmony between the waves where the two almost intersect.
      • e.g. critical theory of social media, how digital gardens, the Agora, fit in to that, etc.
  • Chat with Flancian

  • Listened: [[Matt Huber, "Climate Change as Class War: Building Socialism on a Warming Planet"]]

    • More [[eco-socialism]].
    • I listened while doing household chores so have less notes. But it's a good podcast.
    • Marxist approach - emphasis on class struggle, movement building, trade unionism.
โ†’ node [[2022-07-01]]



One says to oneself that there must be happy people somewhere. Well then! Unless you get that out of your head, you have understood nothing about [[psychoanalysis]].

โ€” [[Jacques Lacan]], Seminar III

Tumblr user erratticusfinch on [[liberalism]]:

q: How would you define liberalism?

a: itโ€™s a few different things, because weโ€™re talking about both an ideology and a system of governance, but hereโ€™s the big picture. the key category of liberalism is not freedom, nor is it equality. liberalism has formal versions of both but theyโ€™re mostly to secure the existence of private property (equality in exchange, freedom to contract).

liberalismโ€™s key category is security. that is the common denominator running from Hobbes and Locke to Keynes and Hayek, a fundamental anxiety about the inherent insecurity of class society (or civilization, if youโ€™re nasty).

here are some of the things [[liberalism]] is.

  1. charitably, itโ€™s a worldview and political system based on an idea of endless progress. [[Adam Smith]] and [[J.S. Mill]] conceptualized it as an eternal twin spire of accumulation - of truth and wealth. its purported values are using the self-interested pursuit of oneโ€™s personal โ€œGoodโ€ as a stabilizing social force; universal equality of moral personhood; consensual governance and the guarantee of certain rights; and efficient allocation of resources through a market system.
  2. uncharitably, itโ€™s the organizational principles of global [[capitalism]], the developed descendant of [[Smith]] and [[Ricardo]]โ€™s โ€œscienceโ€ of [[political economy]]. its actual values are security, property, aristocracy, and imperial chauvinism.
  3. structurally, itโ€™s a legalistic form of [[aristocracy]] (โ€œrule of the bestโ€). instead of informal or arbitrary systems like honor and heredity, liberalism combines positive law (statutes, constitutions, judges) with markets, money, and state authority. this combination creates formalized, predictable results that guarantee the security of property, rather than relying on the arbitrary whims of a handful of egomaniacs who think God appointed them. the possibility for reform is built in to defuse instability. it is the tar pit in which we all reside, because we lack sufficient tools to avoid being ensnared; its dedication to procedural values (like formal equality), and its void of substantive content, means liberalism can consistently absorb parts of other political practices and patterns that would otherwise pose a threat, or force competing worldviews to fight them on liberal terrain.
  4. economically, itโ€™s the political order that a nascent capitalism birthed to protect itself, the guarantor of private property. universal naked force for accumulating and hoarding wealth and power is ultimately inefficient because it paradoxically gives the repressed something to unify around hating. [[impersonal domination]] - more subtle forms of coercion by market forces, โ€œinvisible threadsโ€ rather than chains - and personal domination deployed primarily against internal or external enemies (of the nation, of the faith, of the social contract), is a lot more stable in the long term. meanwhile, constant expansion means there will always be new frontiers to exploit. the neutralization of [[class conflict]] is the ultimate goal here.
  5. psychologically, itโ€™s a deep discomfort with the conflictual character of politics, and with the nature of power. fascists and other reactionaries resent liberalism because they think that wringing the blood out of the weak for the amusement and luxury of a ruling class can be achieved without the need for an impersonal bureaucratic machine [see the conservative-cum-Nazi [[Carl Schmitt]]โ€™s critique that liberals treat politics like itโ€™s a debate parlor]. ironically, this brutish desire to dominate is a lesson that fascists learned within capitalismโ€™s absorption and reproduction of preexisting hierarchies and values along the lines of gender, ethnicity, ability, and religion.
  6. in the language of [[Tumblr]], itโ€™s an enemies-to-lovers fic between the working class and the owning class.
  7. personally, itโ€™s a whole heap of shit.
โ†’ node [[2022-06-30]]

Woke up with a sore throat, didn't feel great through the day but made it through the work day. I think I'm feeling better now, nothing serious it seems :)

  • idea to make a [[memex]] for the agora.
    • browser extension where node name is url of page and each annotation is a blockquote with comment for that node
  • [[federated web annotations]]
  • make agora-ui show plain text on initial load
  • [[crowdcast 2022-06-30]]
  • moving tomorrow. I've been pretty stressed this week
โ†’ node [[2022-06-29]]
โ†’ node [[2022-06-28]]
  • I woke up before 3am (departure time) somewhere over the Atlantic. It was beautiful.
    • I slept 3, maybe 4 hours during the flight to [[london]] from [[portland]]. Not amazing but definitely not terrible!
  • #push [[sqlite]] project
  • #push [[localpedia]]
    • A local copy of [[Wikipedia]] could be a good thing to have on our laptops.
    • An easy way to install a version under X gigabytes probably already exists?


โ†’ node [[2022-06-27]]
  • I travel back this evening, although because of a relatively long layover in London (5.5h) and the time difference I'll get to [[Zรผrich]] tomorrow night (after 8PM).
    • We had lunch with [[wil]] in the office and we talked about math and science fiction, it was great.
  • [[travel]]
    • check in
    • pack
    • do covid paperwork with the crappy app or just assume the risk of doing it in the airport
    • pick up the sunscreen shipment from amazon lockers.
  • [[ladee]]
  • [[jz]]

I am writing this in the flight from Portland to London.

After my [[dreams]], and the [[poem]], and what happened this weekend, I keep thinking about [[arrows]]. It may sound like an obsession but it feels more like [[inspiration]].


โ†’ node [[2022-06-26]]
  • I love [[Portland]].
    • I met [[todd]], it was a very significant moment.
    • I met [[wil]], we went on a beautiful walk in the [[japanese garden]]. I am thankful.
    • I met [[john]], [[matthew]].
    • I saw [[mary]].
    • I was only able to spend fifteen minutes in [[powell's books]] but I loved every minute of it and it was enough to know it's amazing.
  • Thank you [[neil]], [[vera]].

It was my mum's birthday today. I'm happy she's visiting soon!


โ†’ node [[2022-06-25]]


โ†’ node [[2022-06-24]]

Yesterday we went on a beautiful walk at sunset with [[Chris]], it was great!

At the lookout point we met [[Enrique]] and we became friends.


โ†’ node [[2022-06-23]]

Haven't written a journal in a little bit. I'm always stoked for the agora-ui frontend I wrote. [[eat your own dogfood]]

โ†’ node [[2022-06-22]]
  • I've been having a nice time in the Seattle area. I'm staying here until Friday, at which time I leave for Portland.
  • [[social coop]]
    • I suspended some reported accounts today (it turns out you can do this for accounts in other instances, which apparently means they can't interact with our instance anymore?). I clicked on the content to confirm they were abusive/inappropriate and they really were. It made me sad and disappointed with people and less hopeful about the [[fediverse]], but thankfully the feeling passed shortly.
  • [[chris]]
  • [[jz]]
  • [[lp]]
  • [[anonymous]]
โ†’ node [[2022-06-19]]

Writing this on the flight to Seattle. My connection in [[Charlotte]] was tight but I made it just fine in the end.

(I wonder who you are, you reading this. If you are interested consider leaving an annotation using the Hypothesis side bar or reaching out :)

Thank you for reading!)

โ†’ node [[2022-06-18]]
  • [[flancia meet]]
    • at different time today, 14 UTC, due to where I am :)
    • meeting [[the one]] today!
  • [[agora]]
    • set up local dev environment to be able to code tomorrow on the way to Seattle
    • priorities are still:
      • opt in writes ([[agora bot]])
      • whatever else I saw my priorities were last weekend, check :)
  • #push [[do]]
    • review [[phone to note]]
    • make it so that pending tasks automatically show up in designated [[todo]] concentrator nodes, like [[do]] in my case


โ†’ node [[2022-06-17]]
  • [[work]]
    • last day working from the [[durham]] office.
    • had some more meetings, but it was a much lighter day today (I needed that).


โ†’ node [[2022-06-16]]

Some things aren't meant to be, I guess. Not in this timeline. It is with pain I experience their loss; accepting the pain I let them go.

I met Ritchie again in the streets of Durham. He was no worse off than last time, but not doing great. We had ice cream together and we walked and talked for a while.


โ†’ node [[2022-06-15]]
  • Third day in the US.
    • [[us trip 2022]]
    • Slept OK it seemed but for some reason I'm struggling to make it to the afternoon without nodding off.
  • [[quantum mailer]]
  • [[do]]


Talking to [[lennon]] about [[ADX]] [[CRDX]] [[automerge]] and [[dweb]]

โ†’ node [[2022-06-14]]
  • Working from the [[RDU]] office, attending a summit.
    • It was very hot yesterday.
    • I gave a talk and it was well received.
โ†’ node [[2022-06-13]]
  • Traveling to the [[US]] after three years!
    • For [[work]] but of course I'll try to enjoy the weekends as mini vacations (without going too crazy, I need rest).
    • Will be meeting friends in [[Raleigh]], [[Seattle]] and [[Portland]].
    • I plan to keep a travel journal in [[us trip 2022]], let's see if it sticks.
  • [[agora]]
    • Discussed options with [[mohammed]].
    • Lots of pending messages, I'll try to catch up on my free but jetlagged day after I get to [[Durham]].
    • [[agora server]]
      • review next action, see pending items from the weekend?
    • [[agora bridge]]
      • opt in writes is still pending and it seems relatively straightforward to do
    • I forgot to check out repositories locally so I wasn't able to work on any of this in the airplane (I don't like paying for wifi).
  • #push [[meta]] as of today, my [[digital garden]] has 247k words -- I checked using [[wc]].
    • Is that a lot? I just realized I have no idea, and having no internet currently, checking is not trivial.
      • I think a thesis has about 30k words, but I forget if that's bachelors or masters? And I might just be off.
      • 30k words is precisely what my journals so far have.
    • I started my garden back when I was using [[roam research]] in the first half of [[2020]].
โ†’ node [[2022-06-12]]


โ†’ node [[2022-06-11]]


  • [[Regenerative farming]]

  • [[Open Infrastructure Map]] is absolutely fascinating. Check out all the power stations, turbines, electricity lines, gas, oil, water pipelines, etc are near you. Built on top of [[Open Street Map]] data (what an amazing project OSM is).

  • Equally fascinating is [[OSM Landuse Landcover]]. Dead interesting to compare urban areas, agriculture and wilderness. No surprise that near me there is a ton of pasture grazing and crop farming, a bit of urban sprawl, and a depressingly small amount of woodland and forest.

โ†’ node [[2022-06-10]]
  • Backnoded: I worked half a day, met [[akshay]] and [[pesho]] in the first half of the day.

Took me a bit to find on verbose regular expressions! Luckily the right search terms were iterated towards...


โ†’ node [[2022-06-09]]


โ†’ node [[2022-06-08]]
  • created pull request for [[ranked subnodes]]
  • took a minute to clean up my calendar. My calendar now gives me less anxiety to look at.
โ†’ node [[2022-06-07]]

I keep coming back to the same refrain: "I will show you the shape of my heart."

(I love you. Yes, you.)


โ†’ node [[2022-06-06]]
  • Went to sleep way too late :)
    • A little nap after lunch went a long way!
    • Then I took a walk with my [[brother]].
    • Then I came back home a bit later than expected but not to late and I decided to work on the [[agora]].
  • trying out [[signal]]
  • [[bengo]]
  • [[pomodoros]]
    • start with a rest -- I'm writing this in the rest while I drink water :)
    • ship [[recursive agora]]
      • took [[3 pomodoros]] but I cleaned up a lot (including UI tweaks), implemented extra functionality, and had fun :)
      • trying calling pulls by Agora users [[wormholes]] :)
    • [[opt in]] [[writes]]
    • agora polls by bot responding to posts with more than one option, like [[yes]] [[no]] [[maybe]]
    • find social coop debug logs
  • answer [[amadeo]]
  • answer [[diego de la hera]]
  • invite [[mathew lowry]]


โ†’ node [[2022-06-05]]


  • [[Grover]]

  • [[Another world is possible]]. But more than that - [[Another world is necessary]].

  • Learning more on [[Markets vs planning]], finding it interesting how [[Friedrich Hayek]]'s stuff on markets as a decentralised information processing system on the surface chimes with what I like about complex systems. And central planning is discordant with what I like about complex systems.

    • But obviously politically I am strongly against what [[neoliberalism]] has wrought, and I am strongly pro what [[socialism]] offers.
    • Intrigued to dig deeper on that. I imagine it might be along the lines of e.g. complex systems exist within another system which provides them with limits and direction, even if it doesn't plan every interaction. Or perhaps just that the analogy between natural systems and artificial ones only goes so far.
โ†’ node [[2022-06-04]]


โ†’ node [[2022-06-03]]

A veces siento que el [[รกgora]] estรก hecha de luz, de bits en el espacio-tiempo fluyendo arbitrariamente cerca de la [[velocidad de la luz]].


  • Starting taking [[voice notes]] (again).

    • Faffed around for a while with Simple Voice Recorder app from Fdroid and syncing via Nextcloud. SVR app is fine - but getting the sync working was annoyingly non-trivial. Settled on just using Matrix Chat for now, which has a voice record feature, and takes care of all the syncing. But now am looking now for an easy way to transcribe them. Lo and behold an article on doing this already exists from Maya! But a bit of setup involved. Maybe I should just use for now while I'm getting in to the habit, otherwise the friction might kill my habit.
  • Been reading the Winter 2022 issue of [[Tribune]] on my Kobo. [[Tribune Winter 2022]].

    • My brother got me a subscription to Tribune as a late birthday present. Got some good stuff in there. Editorial on [[Cost of living crisis]]. Article about [[New Towns]]. Article about socialist science-fiction - some good recommendations in there. Article on successful [[trade unionism]], specifically in refuse workers sector - some organising to drive worker conditions back up. Also something about [[Partygate]] being hopefully the end for Boris Johnson. I think this article is a few months old, doesn't seem to have happened yet though.
  • [[Flancian]] suggested a [[node club]] on [[utopian socialism]].

    • I'm up for that. I've started with a transcribed voice note.
  • Listened: [[Is the UK heading for a recession?]]

  • Listening: [[How to feed the world without destroying it]]

  • [[Appropedia]]

โ†’ node [[2022-06-02]]
โ†’ node [[2022-06-01]]
  • First of June! Feels significant somehow.
    • One month to the quarter (and to do my OKRs at work).
    • Seven months to go in the year.
    • I start this month single for the first time in 10 years.
    • In some Flancias the revolution started one month after [[international workers day]].
      • One month for planning, then a call to action?
  • [[flรขneuse]] == [[calico fisk]]
  • I really want to implement:
    • That script/function to gather all known TODOs from a garden in one place.
    • [[path tracking]] (for the user) in the Agora.
  • Meet [[diegodlh]].

I feel as if something is turning. It might not be much longer.

โ†’ node [[2022-05-31]]
  • Meetings day a priori, but relatively few meetings today!
  • #push [[do]]
    • I need to put my [[todo]] in order. I have by now a mix of [[wiki vim]] style and [[logseq]] style TODOs, and neither are aggregated.
    • Perhaps I should write a simple script or just [[egrep]] invocation that brings back all my undone items in different formats around my garden?
    • Or add this to [[agora server]], where it'll be most useful.
    • [[robert haisfield]] suggested we add 'path tracking' (not user identifiable) -- in the sense of knowing which paths each user took.
      • I'm thinking the nicest way to do this would be just [[query string]] based, e.g. each node linking to another node while appending itself to ?path=.
  • I did [[yoga with x]] live today and then stayed on for 3h and nobody showed up :)
    • That's alright, maybe someone did in the multiverse, or will in the future.


  • Long been on the to read list, but after seeing it namechecked in various places (most recently [[Red Plenty]] and [[Half-Earth Socialism]]), finally started reading [[News from Nowhere]]. Wasn't sure what to expect given its age but it's been really good so far.


Getting back into [[foam]] again but this time using [[foam lite]] which is a liteweight version of foam. Ostensibly it will load faster? I know [[flancian]] was having some issues with that I think.

โ†’ node [[2022-05-30]]

Useful guide to the oauth nonsense to use the Mastodon API. Not sure if there's much I'd want to do with it? Hmm.

Xe did a nice guide to ssh keys and yubikeys. I should bother to set that up...


โ†’ node [[2022-05-29]]
โ†’ node [[2022-05-28]]

I walked along the river with friends today and we chanced upon a street food market -- five hours flew by! I am thankful for a beautiful day.

โ†’ node [[2022-05-27]]
  • Love a [[friday]] :)
    • Noding this from [[wiki vim]], which I've been using exclusively since yesterday.
    • [[logseq]] people did get back to me over Twitter and it turns out that the latest [[logseq]] contains performance improvements, so I plan to use both in parallel :)
  • [[social coop]]
  • #push [[work]]
    • Need to book travel.
    • Need to renew my ESTA.
    • And more which I shouldn't write about here :)
  • #push [[human]]
    • (is this a verb? :))
    • coffee with [[g]] if we can agree on a time
    • talk to [[a]]
    • talk to [[b]]
    • talk to [[j]].
    • talked to [[jz]].
  • [[vera]] told me about [[lucidrains]]
  • [[the agora of flancia]]
  • [[archive]]
  • [[move]]
    • fixed playlist order
    • want to [[unhack]] in the sense of automatically support go/x/n for any x with items, direct or in a [[playlist]]
    • #push do
      • [[flash]] -- check how to flash messages, and use it to tell the user what's happening?
        • [[flash then redirect]] sounds useful, it's what I've been wanting to implement for [[go links]] when there's more than one #go in a node
        • you should be able to cancel/override the redirect

been messing around with [[openai]]. can't wait for [[dall-e 2]] and [[imagen]]

installing [[plasma desktop]] on windows using [[kde craft]]

โ†’ node [[2022-05-26]]

I feel like I've been [[unlocking]] things, in some sense. I optimized several things which had been bothering me for a while. I feel freed up in a way.

Now it's 18:29 and I'm doing a [[pomodoro]] on [[chezmoi]] and with that I'm calling it with general optimization. Next up is [[podagora]] and in general some [[containers]] work, which on second inspection has to do with the [[flancian repo]] and [[project snapshot]].

I over-rested by staying with [[chezmoi]] as it was fun :)

Then I did a [[pomodoro]] on [[social coop]] as I needed to pay attention to [[relax instance registration]] and call for tomorrow's [[social coop tech group]]. Also had a nice [[mint tea]] :)

Then we had [[dinner]] and I cleaned the kitchen counters. Now it's 22 and I think I'll do yoga and try to do two more pomodoros before bed!

Done :) [[podman]] is cool, and (HTTP only, URL will change) is now up. I feel this was a productive day.


โ†’ node [[2022-05-25]]
  • oncall for both my service and higher level this week, perhaps a bit too much :)
  • [[mathew lowry]]
  • [[iced quinn]]
โ†’ node [[2022-05-24]]



From a socialist point of view, bosses are neither โ€œbadโ€ nor โ€œgood.โ€ Just bosses. And that is bad enough: in fact, it could not be worse.

โ€” [[Istvรกn Mรฉszรกros]]

Related to [[the hell of capitalism is the firm]].

โ†’ node [[2022-05-22]]


โ†’ node [[2022-05-21]]

I find sudowrite a little intriguing. Remembering that college assignment where another team member gamely wrote draft answers for every question of the group assignment, and I followed behind replacing every one he'd written -- because first draft psychological blocks are that hard... [[shitty first drafts]], [[anne lamott]] teaches us. computer first drafts?

Finally cleared off my desk, ordered a trackpad, and... can't bring myself to buy a new desk chair, so we're working on the theory this one was just misadjusted. (The "ain't straight, can't sit straight" thing is real)


  • tech working group working session yesterday was fun, like mob ops or something. With Eduardo and Akshay. Mostly just figuring out how to get new people added to [[pass]].

  • Had a cool moment yesterday where recent readings (Neither Vertical Nor Horizontal, Red Plenty, Half-Earth Socialism and P2P Accounting for Planetary Survival) all seemed to coalesce into the same space in my head.

  • Basically [[Half-Earth Socialism]] seems to be suggesting we need some planetary level planning system for avoiding climate collapse. [[Red Plenty]] gives some food for thought on what can go badly wrong with central planning. [[P2P Accounting for Planetary Survival]] investigates technology like distributed ledgers for a kind of middle that sits in between top-down coordination and horizontal freedom of activity. [[Neither Vertical Nor Horizontal]] is all about that need for a mix of strategies in the face of climate crisis.

  • One of the hardest things for getting people away from [[legacy social media]] is simply [[network effects]] - if everyone else is on a platform, itโ€™s hard to convince people to move away from it.

    • I find it particularly annoying when the only way to follow updates from your local council is on Twitter or Facebook. Strange to get local civic news via a global tech firm.
    • If [[anchor institutions]] / public bodies like the council, health services, police, museums, charities, etc, in a local area could be convinced to move (or at least cross post) to a local alternative, that would help convince some others to move too Iโ€™m sure.
โ†’ node [[2022-05-20]]


โ†’ node [[2022-05-19]]


โ†’ node [[2022-05-18]]
  • [[braids]] + [[dust theory]] == [[?]]

  • [[samatha]]

  • TODO auto pull wp in empty nodes

  • TODO stop responding to hashtags in moa party

  • [[work]]

    • DONE stuff :)
  • [[flancia]]

    • I used to take Wednesdays off quite often to spend on Flancia -- but haven't for a while. there's a lot to do at work and I need to catch up.

    • Looking forward to getting back into it!

    • DONE I'll at least try to finish with work early tonight.

      • I stopped work early -- then worked some more in the night :) it felt nice at times, I wanted to catch up, not optimal but worth it I think
  • [[mathew lowry]]

    • it was great meeting him!
    • very interesting experience consulting
    • [[myhub]] is very interesting and seems to have a lot of potential overlap with the [[agora]]
    • [[pipeline]] design, with inboxes leading through processing/selection steps and then publishing to feeds which are consumed by other people as inputs
  • [[frijof capra]]

โ†’ node [[2022-05-17]]
โ†’ node [[2022-05-16]]
  • Sunday didn't go according to plan w.r.t. [[pomodoros]] and such, but I am OK with how it turned up anyway.
    • Did [[laundry]].
    • Helped a [[social coop]] user recover an account, and started a proposal for simplifying onboarding to the instance.
    • Had coffee with our [[neighbors]].
    • Met my [[brother]] and we had a long conversation.
    • Then I had a conversation with my [[mother]].
    • Then I caught up a bit (not completely) with [[friends online]].
  • #push [[week]]
  • [[work]]
    • big week at work, need to make some progress on a launch / give a presentation / send out a document for review. will try leave everything that needs to happen this week in decently 'ready' state by EOD today, Monday.


Varn Vlog

  • Agriculture arose only after there was enough carbon in the atmosphere to support it. Hunter gatherers knew about agriculture but explicitly did not pursue it
  • Societies tend to evolve to avoid war
โ†’ node [[2022-05-15]]


โ†’ node [[2022-05-14]]


  • Enjoyed the session on [[Rewilding]] at the [[Transition Together Summit]]

  • Finished reading [[Red Plenty]]. Half-fact half-fiction account of Khruschev-era Soviet attempts at economic central planning and its collapse. Epic book. Francis Spufford is a virtuoso writer. No clue how objective it is. But it's a very good read.

โ†’ node [[2022-05-13]]


  • [[Red Plenty]] is so good. Francis Spufford is a great writer.

  • Feeling quite inspired by the [[Transition Together Summit]]. I know there are criticisms of [[Transition town]]s but hard not to be inspired by all these examples of community projects. It all feels quite [[municipalist]]. There is a cadre of peeps there interested in the tech to support this kind of local community building, too.

  • Testing out logseq
  • LATER figure out how plugins work on mobile
โ†’ node [[2022-05-12]]


I got a [[wacom]] [[drawing tablet]] I have still yet to try it out. I'll post updates here. Ther are from [[portland]]

โ†’ node [[2022-05-11]]


โ†’ node [[2022-05-10]]


  • Been reading [[Red Plenty]] in the evenings of late. Still great. The promised plenty of the planned economy goes sour over time. You get insights into the ways in which trying to plan everything can have unforeseen consequences. And the social ramifications of that. The chapters on the factory that deliberately breaks some of its machinery in order to get a replacement; on the 'pusher' who greases the wheels between different parts of the planned economy; and the horror of a psychoprophylactic childbirth regime (due to shortages of medicine, according to the author); they are all excellent.

  • Wouldn't you know it, there's an Adam Curtis doc that looks at [[Gosplan]]. Should be a fun watch. [[The Engineers' Plot]].

โ†’ node [[2022-05-09]]
โ†’ node [[2022-05-08]]


โ†’ node [[2022-05-07]]


  • I've been journalling reasonably frequently in a good old-fashioned paper journal lately. With a pen. It's nice. I find I'm in a different headspace altogether when I'm entirely away from an electronic computing device.
  • In the paper journal I tend to write more about personal things.
  • In my paper writing, I put wikilinks around things that I want to follow up on. They stand out visually when you scan back over something afterwards.
  • Social media wise I'm following a little more the local feeds (via Miniflux/Nitter).
  • Tad disappointed with the local election results in my area. Not awful, but not brilliant.
  • [[Lichen]] are cool.
โ†’ node [[2022-05-06]]


saw someone mention [[solidarity economy]], thought that was an interesting phrase.

โ†’ node [[2022-05-05]]
  • [[Pine]] forests have lots of [[fruits]] in [[summer]], but few [[greens]] and [[roots]]. [[Hardwood]] [[forests]] have lots of roots, few fruits, and a lot of greens in [[spring]].
  • More [[certainty]] about what you're [[taking]] in is needed than things that are not taken in.
  • [[Topology]] [[optimization]] can be used to reduce the amount of [[material]] used in a structure by identifying how [[strong]] a [[structure]] needs to be in the face of the directions it needs to be strong toward and using less material to meet that requirement.
  • To have [[charisma]] is to yearn for [[life]] enough to greet it with [[joy]] again and again, such that there is good cheer and [[calm]] [[happiness]].

[[bluesky]] code drop ?t=NXgPYOEvqI8e16FzhmOIPg&s=19 [[self authenticating data structures]]

โ†’ node [[2022-05-04]]


โ†’ node [[2022-05-03]]
  • How are disparate [[spaces]] [[explained]] in such a way that [[connect]] all of them, enough for the individual [[contexts]] to be apparent in the [[explanation]]? [[synthesis]]
    • It is much easier to [[explain]] something in one [[context]] than it is to explain that thing in all the contexts in which it appears.
    • If everything in a [[space]] sticks together better with a particular [[explanation]], that explanation fits the space better. However, for an explanation to [[fit]] well, it must always be taking in the space. It cannot rest on its laurels, it must always be listening.
    • [[Explain]] things in a [[space]] in the way that [fits] with the [[fastest]] way to use what we already know to tell the [[story]] of that space.
      • It's easier to [[meet]] one [[new]] thing at a time, so it's better to tell a [[story]] one thing at a time. Part of the story is in when we meet a thing, so that things that are met earlier have a bigger part to play in things that are met later. It is easier to set up many things that lead to the next thing earlier, so that when the later thing that requires the earlier things to know is met, it is met more easily.
        • It is more useful to an [[explanation]] for our explanation to [[decide]] when we meet a thing first and when we meet a thing later, rather than deciding on when we meet a thing first and sticking to that order.
        • The less we stick to a [[plan]], the easier it is to [[change]] when the [[world]] changes.
          • Any two things that do not have a clear [[story]] connecting them to everything else in a [[space]] are [[heavier]] to carry- that is, they take more [[work]] to [[memorize]], since they are [[separate]] and irrelevant to the bodies we've already constructed.
            • Whoever can tell a [[story]] connecting two things in a [[space]] where someone cannot find a [[connection]] will come to be trusted for knowing that space. They will be assumed to be [[bigger]] in that space, and be someone to [[trust]] learning that space from.
  • Everything is made of parts that are [[moving]] all the [[time]], parts that move toward each other when they're further away, and move away from each other when they're closer [[together]].
  • It is easier to give someone a seed of [[knowledge]] than it is to give them a whole, fully-grown tree. This is why explaining how to [[know]] is more useful than simply giving someone knowledge.
  • [[Alliums]] are self-[[propagating]]. Carrots, beets, artichoke, rhubarb, radishes, potatoes,
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โ†’ node [[2022-05-01]]

I need to remember what I'd read -- which holiday it was where the rich families would give out wafer/waffle cookies with their family crests on them. We watched a video on how to make [[stroopwafels]] and it's just a pizzelle caramel sandwich -- which then meant I found out about [[krumkake]], a Norwegian (or Norwegian-American?) version of [[pizzelle]]. For that, this iron looks real real cute.


โ†’ node [[2022-04-30]]
  • [[Gliders]] were used in [[World War II]]. They have not been used much since then, with [[helicopters]] and [[parachutes]] taking their place, but they still offer a more precise method of troop transportation for one to two [[fire]] [[teams]].


  • Signed the petition to [[Stop water pollution in the Lake District]]

  • Filling in a bridge with concrete for ยฃ124,000 rather than repointing it for ยฃ5,000. Highways England may have to reverse concreting of Victorian bridge arch | Heโ€ฆ

  • My Nitter and Miniflux combo on YunoHost still going well for [[reading tweets without being on Twitter]]. I use it to keep up with what's going on with organisations local to me, who are still on legacy social media platforms. Could still do with something that works well for RSSifying Facebook.

  • Been frequenting Mastodon more again recently what with the new wave of interesting people joining. Quickly remembering how [[microblog-style social media]] has a habit of sucking me in and distracting me. Even when the platform isn't designed to do so. It's just something about the medium I think. Of course it's fabulous for connecting and discovering. Just need to keep up the willpower so it's not distracting.

โ†’ node [[2022-04-29]]
  • I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and I think: have I done [[enough]]?
  • What ways do we have to [[communicate]] [[information]] that is necessary for the completion of our [[mission]] when we do not have [[radio]] or [[internet]] contact?
  • There is something you are here for, that only you can do. Your [[mission]] is to transmit this to everyone around you, so that you are [[expendable]].
  • Oftentimes, an [[advantage]] is simply knowing a [[space]] better than your [[enemy]].

I've been working on an R&D agora using JavaScript and gun.db

โ†’ node [[2022-04-28]]
  • [[backnoded]] #today
    • I worked what felt like a lot, but I didn't produce that much I think -- it was just about catching up with things. we had several incidents; good thing is that two of them were really interesting. we are learning a lot.
  • Small [[unit]] [[principles]]:
    • Modern [[special forces]] rely on an initial [[surprise]] to seize the [[initiative]]. [[Delaying]] actions are not in their favor. Slowing them down saps their [[momentum]]. [[Awareness]] leeches their potential for surprise.
    • The bigger the unit, the more [[friction]] [[scales]].
    • If the expected [[movement]] is not [[simple]], it is difficult to [[hide]] and even harder to setup a [[feedback]] [[loop]] for that particular target.
    • Requiring lots of [[control]] makes [[preparation]] difficult.
    • [[Simplicity]] happens by limiting [[goals]], using as much of what is available as possible, and having [[awareness]] of the enemy. Awareness makes it easier to lower the number of goals to only what is needed to finish the mission. [[Timing]] is what must be [[hidden]] for an attack.
    • Hiding your next [[move]] is most useful as a delaying effort.
    • The enemy is usually [[prepared]], but when are they least prepared?
      • The enemy is often least prepared in [[transition]].
    • For a [[raid]], [[speed]] is less [[relative]] because [[resistance]] is a given, since raids are necessarily an [[attack]] on a [[position]] where [[defense]] is [[prepared]]. Due to this, [[time]] works in favor of the defenders, and not the raiders. So raiders need to move with as much [[speed]] as possible.

I love that I can edit journal from agora website now. be the pull request you want to see in the world lol

โ†’ node [[2022-04-27]]
  • Getting back into things after the holiday hiatus.
    • Tough day at work, but got through it and got some things done. Ended up on a positive note.
    • Did [[yoga 15]], still solid, actually closer to [[14 minutes]] long.
    • Looked for [[yoga 13]] but didn't find it, now noded.
  • #push [[auerbach]]
  • #push [[do]]
    • LATER #meta I really need to implement [[autopush]], now that speed is back to normal in the Agora :)
  • If the plane is going down, landing it softly is better than crashing.
    • A fully decaying [[Empire]] can play for time by shaping it's competitors [[growth]], [[fighting]] more with less [[energy]], and keeping an eye on the [[long-term]]. So the wise decaying Empire would stretch toward ability for springing back [[resilience]] and holding up what is already there [[sustainability]]. To do this, the Empire must keep up with begetting a few new things [[innovation]] to help it move (in part by copying the best of what it's enemies use), encourage enemies to ignore it, and play enemies against each other.
    • An [[expeditionary]] [[enemy]] [[force]] is allowed to over [[reach]] into their [[territory]], until they can be separated from their [[base]] and finished off.
    • The [[aim]] is not to win [[battles]], but to [[win]] the [[war]] for [[life]].
    • "Conventional [[soldiers]] think of the [[jungle]] as being full of [[lurking]] enemies. Under our system, we will do the lurking."
  • [[Competitive]] [[advantage]] is [[context]] dependent.


โ†’ node [[2022-04-26]]


โ†’ node [[2022-04-25]]
  • Traveled back home from [[spain]].
โ†’ node [[2022-04-24]]
  • Writing this straight from the [[github]] UI as I don't have a garden editor set up in the laptop I am carrying with me.
    • It is nice to have the alternative, but wow, Github sucks. I am actually often surprised at how limited it is. "Only displaying 1000 files." -- but why? :)
    • The code review/code viewing experience is... basic.
    • It might also be, of course, that I'm continuously out of patience for closed source platforms. I think I should probably move away from Github for garden hosting -- after all, my garden isn't really covered by Google's limitations on open source hosting as it doesn't contain code.
  • I missed out on the [[social coop strategy day]] due to being out on holidays. It was a shame -- of course being on holidays is nice, but it goes to show there's an opportunity cost :) I could have planned around it, of course, but I didn't.
    • Thank you [[neil]] for attending and taking notes!
    • Looking forward to coming back tomorrow and resuming online/digital activities. I also promised I would coordinate the next [[social coop tech group]] session and I have failed to do so yet -- my apologies. Will try to do it tomorrow evening at the latest.
  • #push [[spain 2022]]
    • Our itinerary in this trip:
      • [[granada]] (staying here)
        • Beautiful all around, liked it last time around, liked it this time, will return eventually unless death catches me first.
        • Did a small tour of bookshops this time around while looking for gifts for [[L]] and enjoyed it a lot.
      • [[montefrรญo]] (as a day trip)
        • Nice day trip; [[the view]] was great as expected. Small and sleepy otherwise.
      • [[mรกlaga]] (staying here)
        • Nice for a beach city; interesting enough old town, great food all around. Good base (well connected, we flew in and out from the city airport).
      • [[nerja]] (as a day trip)
        • I think I tend not to like touristy beach towns in general. We had the worst lunch of the trip here; someone bought a once-great fonda and is running it into the ground.
        • My mum loved it when she visited it; I think some parts and nicer than others and she loves beaches to begin with, which probably helped.
      • [[ronda]] (as a day trip)
        • Amazing. We spent the afternoon here; [[la lechuguita]] is a great tapas place (1 euro each).
      • [[marbella]]
        • I don't get it. Would skip. Perhaps if you're rich, staying in a villa, liking to feel fancy. But it wasn't even nice close to the beach -- not in the city centre anyway. Would skip from now on.
    • [[being offline]]
  • Things to pay [[attention]] to when designing a way to learn how to know the [[thinking]] behind a particular [[skill]]:

    1. What's it like to be someone who doesn't know this [[skill]]? What is this like for a five year old learning this skill for the first time? [[mentalizing]]
      1. How can this [[skill]] be taught one [[movement]] at a [[time]]?
      1. How much [[energy]] does it take to [[learn]]? What's the least amount of energy it takes for someone to learn what they need to know to know how to know what we know? How does the way a [[story]] moves change the way we learn?
    • collapsed:: true 4. How can we use what the learner already [[knows]] to help their [[learning]]? What does the learner know? How is this similar to what the learner needs to know to learn? What place are we using to show what the learner needs to know to learn? What can we avoid saying because it is already known? When something is partially similar, can we use what is the same to get to what isn't the same?
      • By showing how a learner already knows some of what is going to be learned, we lower [[resistance]] to [[learning]].


โ†’ node [[2022-04-23]]
  • Musical notes have [[music]] potential, but they don't carry a [[tune]] until there is a [[relationship]] between [[notes]], and the [[space]] between these notes is where music comes to life.
  • Connections to your [[base]] should be equally spaced apart as broadly as possible while still supporting your[[main body]] .
  • [[Symmetric]] [[center]] position is something you [[transition]] through, not something to hang out in during a [[fight]].
  • It's easier to make someone [[fall]] when they are already falling- such as when attacking the [[foot]] [[sweep]] midstep.
  • The [[mouth]] must [[order]] [[thought]] because there is only one mouth, and it can only convey a [[narrow]] band of [[sound]] at a [[time]]. So [[language]] [[selects]] what [[information]] to prioritize. collapsed:: true
    • The [[verb]] is the center of each [[sentence]]. [[Who]], [[why]], [[how]], [[when]], [[where]], and [[with]] are structured differently depending on the needs of the language.
    • Before we express an [[idea]] in [[language]], it is useful to know what idea we want to express, and what the necessary elements of that idea are.
    • [[Language]] is [[political]] imposition of one [[dialect]] over other dialects in an area.
    • Expressing a [[thought]] or [[idea]] is far more difficult than it may appear. Usually what appears to be one [[expression]] is actually made up of many [[thoughts]].
  • A [[foot]] [[sweep]] happens when one foot is [[light]] and then that lightness is used to move the foot to a position across from the body's [[center of gravity]] (as in [[inside]] foot sweep), or away from their center of gravity, as in an [[outside]] foot sweep leading them to over [[reach]] enough to fall. That is, when a [[joint]] connecting the main body to the base is light enough to allow an opponent to move that joint away from the base, disconnecting the [[main body]] from the [[base]].
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โ†’ node [[2022-04-17]]

Thinking about using [[gun]] for agora interop. It uses a sitewide database but the data is owned by the user

#todo make edit field on mobile match width


[[meeting notes]]

โ†’ node [[2022-04-16]]
โ†’ node [[2022-04-15]]


  • a small tour through a few [[pkm tools]] follows, please disregard if it's not your kind of thing :) (I guess this applies implicitly to all my notes, of course.)
    • [[logseq]] just crashed again so I thought I'd give [[foam]] a try again, see how it's holding up.
      • Right away I really like:
        • The multi pane layout, which I find more flexible than Logseq's single pane with tabs which you only get through an extension.
        • The fact that it's very responsive on , while Logseq often lags.
        • The built-in terminal and more full featured [[vim emulation mode]].
      • Right away I dislike:
        • The fact that auto completing wikilinks takes waaay to long still, essentially making linking very cumbersome (I already didn't link [[logseq]] above twice because of how long autocomplete takes to run.)
      • I might keep using it, disabling autocomplete, and see what happens?
        • Plot twist, apparently you can't disable autocomplete? Argh.
          • I tried disabling quickSuggest everybody I could find it in settings (dialogs, files) and it still does it and annoyingly hangs for several seconds every time I try to link anything.
      • Asked in the [[foam discord]] (argh) whether there's any way to disable autocomplete or prioritize
        • I just need an open source PKM that offers a responsive text editing experience and can handle >5k files :(
          • OK, perhaps I should give [[wiki vim]]] a proper try.
    • #push [[wiki vim]]
      • Is where I'm writing this now :)
      • Right away I really like:
        • How fast this feels! As expected. It's lightning fast while writing (it's just [[vim]]), it's lightning fast while following links (with ctrl+enter).
        • ,w,j is the way to visit my daily journal -- as I have , as my leader key. It looks worse than it feels to use it -- acceptable.
      • It doesn't have link autocomplete, at least not just by writing [[ -- but honestly this is relatively minor, and it seems it has pretty good searching capabilities, they just don't trigger by default.
    • back to [[logseq]], which is a bit laggy but not overly so and has potential. I now also notice that it does auto save/git commit very well, it's nice not having to think about it and having it just work (tm).
    • I just took a look while I was around in [[discord]] and, two years in, people are still asking about an export feature in [[athens]] and as far as I can tell it's still not being worked on: :(
    • BUT now the independently developed [[athens export]] exists, so that's nice :)
  • [[pkm book]]
  • [[agora]]
  • reported to [[element]]
  • [[gyuri lajos]]
  • [[flancia]]
  • [[big timer]]
  • [[ivo]] == [[kvistgaard]]
  • [[federation]]
  • [[mondegreens]]


โ†’ node [[2022-04-14]]


โ†’ node [[2022-04-13]]
  • [[work]]
    • long day but with fewer meetings, I was able to get done what I set out to do in the day for a change, which felt nice :)
  • [[sci fi]]
    • we're watching [[severance]] and it started well.
    • I had come up with a similar premise for a short story a few years ago (not surprising, it's not very complex: people choosing to forsake their memories from periods of work) -- so it's naturally interesting to see it unfold.


โ†’ node [[2022-04-12]]
  • [[work]]
    • I had nine meetings


โ†’ node [[2022-04-11]]
  • #push [[work]]
    • "Work is work, that's why they call it work even when it's often labor."

Semana 2022-04-11


VL Literatura ENS: Waterfront

  • Leer โ€œ[[Introduction. The Graphic Novel, a Special Type of Comics]]โ€ to Jan Baetens and Hugo Frey: The Graphic Novel. An Introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014.
  • (Leer) Coleridgeโ€™s poem โ€œThe Rime of the Ancient Marinerโ€
  • Browsear:
    • Steve Duin and Shannon Wheeler: Oil and Water, Seattle: Fantagraphics, 2011.
    • Joe Harris and Martรญn Morazzo: Great Pacific โ€“ Trashed! Portland: Image Comics, 2013.
    • Rachel Hope Allison: Iโ€™m Not a Plastic Bag, Los Angeles: Archaia, 2012.
    • Nick Hayes: The Rime of the Modern Mariner, New York: Viking, 2011.

Seminario Literatura ENS: Research Methodologies for Literary Studies

  • Escribir anรกlisis de DFW "A radically condensedโ€ฆ"
  • Escribir anรกlisis de Joy Harjo: โ€œAn American Sunriseโ€
  • Escribir anรกlisis de Kate Chopin: "Story of an Hour"
  • Leer Frost, Robert. โ€œMending Wallโ€ (1914).
  • Leer Wheatley, Phillis. โ€œOn Being Brought from Africa to Americaโ€ (1773).

VL Literatura ENS: Conceptualizing Cosmopolitanism and World Literature (esta semana no hay clases)

  • Leer Craig Calhoun - 'The Class Consciousness of Frequent Travellers'
  • Leer Jacques Derrida - 'On Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness'
  • Ver podcast
  • Leer Jessica Berman - 'Modernist Fiction, Cosmopolitanism, and the Politics of Community'
  • Ver podcast

VL Literatura ENS: Victorian Gothic

  • Leer Sweeney Todd ch. 1.4.22
  • Leer Varney the Vampire ch. 1
  • Ver podcast
  • Leer Jane Eyre ch.20

VL Literatura ES: Escrituras en movimiento

  • Releer Guadalupe Nettel La version de Cecilia/La versiรณn de Claudio
  • Leer Mentira romรกntica y verdad novelesca de Renรฉ Girard

Seminario Literatura ES: BVM

Seminario Benjamin (29/04)

  • Leer Walter Benjamin, "Una imagen de Proust"
  • Preparar exposiciรณn

Taller de escritura acadรฉmica en espaรฑol

  • Escribir algo en el marco de lo que estamos haciendo
  • Armar mapa conceptual y marco teรณrico de un trabajo
  • Poner foco en los pรกrrafos. Hacer ejercicio de intercalar frases largas y cortas. Y por quรฉ hacemos una corta o larga.
  • Mandar el lunes de la semana del 06.05


โ†’ node [[2022-04-10]]



  • Finished the first book in [[spring reading challenge]] so on track!
  • Going to first home game of the season for my football team [[AIK]].
โ†’ node [[2022-04-09]]
  • [[flancia meet]]
  • [[agora]]
    • LATER could probably improve the welcome message in [[index]] -- it's overly long, a bit confusing for first time users?
    • [[agora server]]
      • [[spaces to tabs conversion]]

        • I didn't like the result so I took the liberty to revert. Some rationale in the node above :)
        • Reach out if you think it's the wrong call! But I'd rather go with the Python community standard by default and not impose an extra burden on contributors (to override their editor defaults).
      • DONE fix links in /journals

        • was higher priority than expected, see below :)
      • LATER perhaps tell crawling bots to take it easy while I work

      • LATER [[sqlite]] experiment

      • LATER I should update to Python 3.8 so I can use f-strings with = at the end to print variable name and value in one swoop.

        • Surely there are also other improvements :)
      • NOW agora load balancing

        • it is time.
          • update: actually it is not quite :) squashing the 500s bug mentioned below made the Agora a lot more efficient. this is still high priority but not burning.
        • once the next item is ready, this unlocks arbitrary [[horizontal scaling]].
        • I think I'll start with the simplest setup possible, solving balancing first and reliability later -- that is, add balancing to the [[nginx]] running in [[thecla]].
      • LATER experiment with [[podman]] as [[docker]] replacement

      • crawlers/bots are hammering quite a bit, might need to actually write a [[robots.txt]] file to tell them to take it easy while we work on better performance :)

  • I've been thinking of [[time]] from the point of view of [[lady burup]] (as I imagine it) and I've found it [[interesting]].
    • When it's light, it's the next day for her; she might not understand that [[dawn]] shifts from season to season?
  • [[twitter dall-e]]
  • [[doing laundry]]
  • #push [[agora speed]]
    • [[scaling]] must happen

      • but we still have time thanks to the block below :)
    • DONE hmm, but there is [[low hanging fruit]]: the per-worker cache should not all expire in unison (!)

      • also I wasn't caching calls to G.node() (?).
      • AND, much more importantly, the Agora was restarting all the time due to 500s in URLs hit by bots -- so none of the performance work I was doing was taking effect. Now that that's fixed it feels much snappier! I am happy about this development.
  • [[daniel dennett]]
  • [[fin de semana]]
  • [[dallee]]
  • [[pep8]]
  • [[Violence]] providers grow into [[enforcement]] partners when they provide a [[stable]] set of [[constraints]] that enable [[agreements]] of [[economic]] [[exchange]].
    • After the [[collapse]] of the [[Soviet]] Union, it took about four years for [[violence]] providers to turn into [[enforcement]] partners.
      • [[Businesses]] did call on violence providers to resolve [[disputes]] and provide other services, but once called, they often found themselves in a permanent relationship with the provider that they may not have wanted.
        • A dummy [[business]] partnered with a [[violence]] [[provider]] might setup and con customers. When customers found the dummy business, they would be stopped from punishing the dummy business by the violence provider. However, if violence providers from another area requested that the dummy business returned the unrealized investment, the request would be honored. On both ends, violence providers would gain between 30 and 50 percent as a [[commission]]. The prevalence of [[scams]] and recuperation by violence providers led to a sort of [[insurance]] industry, where credit providers and local businesses would end up paying a violence provider for insurance against scams and [[theft]]. The violence providers observed a [[norm]] of never scamming each other. In the cases where that happened, [[punishment]] was especially harsh.
โ†’ node [[2022-04-08]]
โ†’ node [[2022-04-07]]
  • [[Emotional]] [[energy]] may [[flow]] in any [[meeting]]. Let it [[fill]] rather than [[drain]]. It fills when everyone [[feels]] [[together]].
    • Attend to where [[attention]] is. Bring everyone's attention [[together]]. Any [[feeling]] can bring everyone together. The feeling is channeled to get everyone to [[move]] together. Watch [[rhythm]]. Build rhythm.
    • To give yourself [[energy]], [[give]] everyone else energy.
    • A clear [[aim]] makes every moment easy to [[listen]] to. Listening, it is easy to remember. Remembering, it is easy to continue [[moving]] [[together]]. So, every [[part]] is deeply interesting because of the [[whole]] it is a part of. Feel the part for the whole. Parts are not interesting when you are [[outgroup]], when you are out of the whole (as in non-grapplers watching [[bjj]] competitions). Parts are very interesting when you are [[ingroup]], because the ingroup knows the shared aim that the parts are important to.
    • Start now.
    • Get [[energy]] from filling a small pond, then [[flow]] to a big pond. Win in small [[arena]]s, then move on to a bigger arena. [[Strength]] against [[weakness]]. [[Surfaces]] and [[gaps]]. [[Local]] first, then [[global]].
    • Monitor for [[gap]]. Do not [[move]] for an [[attack]] until a gap is found. Watch for what does not [[fit]] with the [[land]]. What does not fit with the [[whole]]. The gap is often when people are moving between fixed [[priors]]. Between fixed positions, when they are looking for another position to [[fix]] to, and put all their [[weight]] into that expected position. Once a gap is found, enter and [[tame]]. The side that is more [[united]], that is more [[aligned]], typically tames the less united side. Bring them into the fold. collapsed:: true
      • [[Taming]] occurs when a more [[aligned]] part maintains their [[rhythm]] and draws another part into that rhythm.
    • [[Dense]], [[united]] [[ingroups]] are coalesced with many high [[emotional]] [[energy]] meetings, meetings that brim with [[movement]]. Shifting hierarchies between ingroups and outgroups are formed by [[canalizing]] [[groups]] into an [[arena]] with the possibility of a clear winner and winning that arena by [[taming]] other groups. [[Prestige]] comes from repeated [[change]] where an [[ingroup]] absorbs an [[outgroup]] and a part of the ingroup is associated with that change.
    • Strong [[ties]] between parts with high [[emotional]] [[energy]] bring a lot of [[change]]. The part that better pays [[attention]] to all the other high emotional energy parts (enough to be touched by them repeatedly) tends to be most [[robust]].
    • Pay [[diffuse]] [[attention]] to when and where a big [[wave]] is coming. [[Surf]] that wave. Which ponds are growing? Go there, and help coalesce a [[dense]], [[united]] [[ingroup]] there.
    • Where parts [[resist]] [[change]] is an opportunity for a part that lets change happen. The totality of [[reality]] is the most important [[whole]]. If an [[ideal]], an [[expectation]], a particular [[time]] or a [[wish]] are smaller than [[all]], they will be swept away by all. A part that is moving with what is between many other parts often ends up being most loved by all. Other's [[fixations]] are your [[advantage]].
    • Maximum [[Attunement]]
    • Where do you get [[energy]]? Go there.
  • [[Attack]] when they're unstable. They're usually unstable when they're [[moving]] between [[fixed]] positions, between [[priors]].
  • After the [[Soviet]] [[collapse]], [[groups]] of [[athletes]], [[martial artists]], and [[veterans]] rose to provide [[protection]] in place of the [[state]]. When the initial spike of [[inter]]-group [[conflict]] sorted the inter-group hierarchy, these [[men]], who were most familiar with [[violence]], were slowly edged out or turned into providers of [[stability]]. Those who used what they got right after the collapse to get more stable [[forms]] of [[power]] (such as legal businesses) and [[join]] with other groups to provide stability for a bigger population ended up with [[wealth]]. The groups that built mutually beneficial [[relationships]] with government officials did well, those that attacked representatives of the [[state]] were stamped out.


โ†’ node [[2022-04-06]]
  • Olympic swimming [[winners]] seemed to enjoy practicing in an explorative way (such as through [[constraints]]-based training) better than their runner-ups. Their runner-ups tended to show more [[determination]]. collapsed:: true
  • Let ideologues [[punish]] each other to exhaustion. Sweep in later as a provider of [[stability]].
  • How may we be [[movement]] [[together]]? [[Connect]] as many [[network]]s as possible.
  • A high [[energy]], reality-distorting [[leader]] is great for [[seeding]] a [[network]], but can often be a [[weakness]] in [[expansion]], since the leader cannot be present everywhere, and the nodes that have come to rely on being led do not perform as well without that leadership.
  • [[Fertility]] of [[mind]] comes to those who get energy from re-arranging [[parts]] of a [[whole]] in a new way.
  • Putting yourself [[outside]] of any [[social]] [[network]] makes it difficult to [[move]]. Put yourself on the [[inside]], and you can't help but [[move]].


โ†’ node [[2022-04-05]]
  • [[Luck]] is easily found where the most [[change]] is.
  • A [[growing]] [[pond]] is better than a [[stagnant]] pond, regardless of size. Start with a small pond.
  • How to [[give]] others [[energy]], and [[receive]] what energy they offer?
    • The quickest way to [[give]] others [[energy]] is to enable [[joint attention]] by attending to what they are attending to. collapsed:: true
    • By figuring out how others help the [[task]] of [[Now]], you gain [[energy]] from them.
      • [[Conflict]] can be used to get everyone on the same [[task]] with [[speed]]. Recall that hearing a [[No]] often reveals more than hearing [[Yes]] or [[Maybe]]. collapsed:: true
        • How do we turn the [[drama]] of [[conflict]] into a happy ending?
      • [[Attunement]] can arise like this: people [[gather]] in one [[place]], they look at one thing, see that they are all looking at the same thing, and share a feeling together. A [[feedback]] [[loop]] happens: more shared [[attention]] leads to more shared [[feeling]], and more shared feeling leads to more shared attention.
      • High [[attunement]] and sense of the [[collective]], a sense of '[[we]]', makes us want to [[move]] our bodies together.
      • The good thing about a [[win]] is the [[celebration]] after, which brings more people together.
      • One mark of high [[emotional]] [[energy]] is being in [[rhythm]] with yourself, which is also a mark of [[alignment]]. As [[Confucius]] notes that smaller stars are drawn to a larger star, a rhythm with an aligned [[flow]] draws others to the one with rhythm.
      • [[Emotional]] [[domination]] rises from one getting all the [[selective]] [[attention]], all the [[feelings]] coming from this one, and everyone else's [[rhythm]] [[aligning]] with the rhythm of the one.
    • If you find yourself with "excess" [[energy]] such as [[anxiety]] or [[insomnia]], use it.


  • We saw [[seal]]s today! A pod of about 25 of them, some swimming, most of them lounging around. They look very comical when they are just chilling on the beach.
โ†’ node [[2022-04-04]]


โ†’ node [[2022-04-03]]
  • Let go of [[life]], and let it [[play]]. Playing, life [[flow]]s. [[Form]] [[within]] ([[information]]) rises from [[flow]], and flow arises from play, which is dancing with [[emptiness]]. More forms to play with. Inclining ears fill. Filled, form rises.
    • We are here to help you [[fit]] in with all [[life]]. We are here to support your [[change]] in the way you are already changing. We do this by joining with all life we find, and welcoming our change. We find that fit often involves more [[forms]] than are currently given space, and we aid in exploration to find the [[space]] for what is there, for what is struggling to [[flow]]. To give you an additional opportunity to [[explore]] how you may fit in with life, so you may choose to welcome the feeling of expansive change with us, if you want. [[aim]] [[mission]]
  • An [[aim]] is always expressed in terms of others. Your [[enemy]], your audience, your [[family]], your [[tribe]], your customers. Otherwise, you are not bigger than your self, and you have no motivation to [[work]] solely for your [[self]]. [[Emotional]] [[energy]] always comes from others.
  • It easier to [[move]] yourself than it is to move others. [[control]] collapsed:: true
  • When your [[end]] is a [[number]], you work [[hard]] instead of [[smart]]. This is how [[Goodhart's law]] plays out. This is why wars of [[attrition]] happened, why killcounts don't win wars, and why rewarding people for the number of rats killed does not result in fewer rats. When you select an [[end]], check your [[means]] and ask: how does this help my [[aim]]?


  • Finished reading [[Bloodlands]] by [[Timothy D. Snyder]]. Utterly depressing read but very interesting to learn more about the history of [[Europe]]. 5 stars of 5.
โ†’ node [[2022-04-02]]
  • [[Neediness]] comes from [[fixation]]. collapsed:: true
    • Your [[enemy]] cannot [[reject]] you. If you are [[fixated]] on an [[object]] that your enemy can associate with, they can offer to feed you that object in return for putting what they [[want]] above what you want. Your [[loss aversion]] becomes their gain.
      • Since a [[decision]] is a cutting off of a possible [[future]], many decisions start with [[No]].
        • Offering a [[Yes]] early [[trap]]s your opponent into over[[reach]]ing from [[fix]]ating on their goal, to turn a [[want]] into something that feels like a [[need]].
        • [[Invite]] your opponent to say [[No]].
        • If you make it [[safe]] for them to say [[No]], they'll feel safer to hear [[No]].
      • There are always more [[prey]], if one costs too much [[energy]] to get, let it go.
      • If you attempt to [[rush]] someone to a [[judgement]], they will be scared into [[defensive]][[resistance]].
      • If you do not get what you [[need]], you cease [[moving]] and [[die]]. If you do not get what you [[want]], you [[change]] and [[live]].
      • Feed your enemy's feeling of [[stability]] in their [[image]]. collapsed:: true
        • Let opponents show you their [[strength]], for it shows you their [[weakness]].
        • Someone in the room needs to occupy [[bottom]] [[status]], let it be you.
      • If you [[save]] your [[enemy]], you are [[responsible]] for their [[decision]].
  • There are >5200 [[Fremen]] out there. Paint a rallying point.
  • Instead of [[yes]] and [[no]] questions, in [[negotiation]], consider 'what would you like me to do'? Or 'how can we do X'?



โ†’ node [[2022-04-01]]
  • [[ivo]]
  • [[ana]]
  • [[fauno]]
  • [[berni]] has severe toothache, I'm worried for him
  • I saw my [[dermatologist]] after long; I like her.
  • [[work]]
    • we built [[legos]] with my coworkers. I like my coworkers, I'm lucky there. I'm not sure I like assembling legos in general, (at least the model ones -- the ones that are meant to build up to One Big Thing, with instructions -- or perhaps this one was a particularly finicky one).
    • I realize now I'm critical of the company relatively often -- I still think it's a great place to work, and the people are great. I wonder if I'm the old curmudgeon now. Likely.
  • I would love to be a better person than I am -- I am so insufficient really.
    • I find comfort in knowing there are many better than I -- now and in the future.
  • started watching [[capra course]] [[lecture 6]]

  • Something dashes against the [[senses]]. So something is filled. So something [[lack]]s when it is not filled, and [[wants]]. So something [[acts]] from [[wants]]. Then the [[cycle]] starts again. At least, that's what someone blown out said.

Writing journal entry from agora-ui using [[gitea]] integration. You can add app token in settings page

โ†’ node [[2022-03-31]]
  • According to [[TE Lawrence]], [[strategy]] is a practice of seeing everything for the whole. "Strategy is the synoptic regard which sees everything by the standard of the collapsed:: true whole". Is 'synoptic' here the '[[view]] from the [[sun]]' or 'the view with the sun'?
  • [[General]] [[intelligence]] is a picking out that begets, a selection that produces.


โ†’ node [[2022-03-30]]
  • According to [[Robert CH Chia]] and [[Robin Holt]], the [[Western]] tradition of [[war]] and [[debate]] go hand-in-hand. They point out that [[Francois Jullien]] shows that styles of open debate and [[open]] confrontation mimic a war of [[attrition]]. That is, the side with a [[surplus]] [[wins]]. Even though [[judgement]]s are made based on whether something is [[good]] or [[bad]], they are argued for based on what is [[more]] or [[less]]. A [[direct]] [[fight]] between positions with a long list of [[arguments]] decided by which [[compartmentalized]] [[events]] can be said to lead to an [[absolute]] [[good]] outcome is not the only way to make a strategic [[decision]]. Rather than trying to eliminate our [[competition]], we might let ourselves change with our competition. Since we often assign causes to effects, and pick individual events and people to [[reward]] [[fast]], there is something to [[resist]], something to [[block]]. There is something easy to resist, as in [[peasant resistance]]. An [[indirect]] approach can be [[silent]], invisible, and very [[slow]], so that it is difficult to resist. [[Loud]] [[direct]] [[action]] interrupts [[flow]], and so while it shows [[initiative]], it is an [[external]] initiative that often has to be [[force]]d. By intervening at a particular [[time]] and not all times, [[attention]] is attracted. That attention can result in an [[alarm]], for whatever [[local]] interests find the intervention [[disruptive]]. The intervention is [[rough]], [[harsh]], and [[cutting]] enough to let everyone register it as event- that is, like an [[anomaly]]. This gives us [[drama]], which we tend to want to [[justify]] our [[existence]], but it is not the most efficient way to [[win]]. Indirect, invisible [[change]], to contrast, is effective because it is constant and in the background, camouflaged by [[baseline]] [[movement]]s of everyday life.
    • The [[indirect]] approach happens through [[metis]], which can be [[listen]]ed to, but not [[command]]ed. [[Metis]] requires complete [[submission]] to whatever we are encircled by, so much so that there is no [[separation]] between what [[know]]s and what is known. With Metis, what is there is simply there, and changes. Metis is specific to one's lineage, so the [[cunning]] of your [[lineage]] only works for your context. Metis is always on the [[move]], it [[flow]]s to take the shape of wherever it is. So in the [[shadow]] is it that lives in [[paradox]] and [[reversal]]. [[Metis]] is always on the [[edge]] of [[collapse]]. It is not indifference or [[nihilism]]: it merely influences from an unseen [[flank]], acting in the [[now]] rather than in a [[future]], so it is blind to [[reason]]. Using [[economy of force]], it will use anything that is there, including anything that would normally hurt an [[ego]] or require giving up an [[object]] of [[attachment]], such as a [[marker]] of [[success]].


โ†’ node [[2022-03-29]]
  • A [[computer]] is a sort of [[clock]] that can add, check, and subtract numbers based on the [[time]]. A computer is many [[slaves]], constantly waiting for a [[signal]] to [[move]]. Lots and lots of detailed work is hidden, and so looks like [[magic]]. [[Programming]] [[language]] is something used to collect and organize different standardized ways to complete and balance numbers. Each of these standardized ways solves a particular mathematical obstacle that is put in front of someone. A lot of understanding computers is about understanding how [[fast]] it will take a computer to go through some standardized way of completing and balancing numbers.
  • A [[problem]] is a [[block]] that is put in front of someone. Like any block, you could [[use]] what is there, you could go through it, you could [[destroy]] it, you could [[move]] it, but the simplest method is often to move around it.
โ†’ node [[2022-03-28]]
  • [[covid]]
    • still not recovered somehow -- taking longer than expected
    • [[worked]] today but was low energy most of the day, only really felt myself "activate" after meetings/in the evening
  • [[V(ฮป)]]
โ†’ node [[2022-03-27]]
  • [[Never Split the Difference]]: "[[No]]" is more useful when we're trying to [[track]] the ways we will split our [[walk]] through [[talk]] than "[[Yes]]", because it shows more of what we want. Often, we cover what we want with "Yes". We like to say things to make it easy for us to move the way we are moving, not really to show where we are. So we say "Yes" to get people to leave us when they may be bothering us and we say "yes" when we simply [[agree]] with some way the world is. A "Yes" we use to agree to move in some one way does not happen as much, but this is the best "Yes" to get to if you are trying to get shit done. Fearing [[death]] and [[change]], we like to hide those things by thinking we have [[control]]. Using the word "No" often gives us a sense of control. So, when you are talking to someone to win with them, it is good to give them something to say "No" to, so they feel some control. Usually people are too scared to be moved by [[logic]], [[argument]], or other analytical methods of [[persuasion]]. Feeling control, they feel safe enough to look at what they may be missing, and safe enough to show you a little bit more of what they [[want]].
    • Instead of asking "when's a good time to talk" consider "is now a bad time to talk". Since everyone in our [[society]] coordinates on "No", it is faster and smoother to continue coordinating in terms of finding the "No".
      • instead of "do you want to [[win]]" consider "do you want to [[lose]]" followed by asking your interlocutor for a way forward. This gives them a feeling of safety, first through control, then by the proof of control- by you asking them what path to take. This is pretty similar to using a fast direct attack ("do you want to lose") followed playing bottom in [[BJJ]] ("how should I win").
      • A "[[no]]" gives someone a moment to stop and think, much like [[defensive]] [[BJJ]] gives someone a moment to stop and find a [[direction]].
      • "No" gives people a way out of where they are [[trap]]ped, to show us more of their [[wants]]. "[[No]]" lets people find ways that actually help them [[move]], instead of being stuck.
        • You may have to [[hunt]] for [[No]], by [[wake]] hunting through making an openly false claim that they would say "no" to.
        • If someone is not saying "[[No]]", it's a mark of someone too confused to make any decision about which way they want to go, or someone so deeply [[entrenched]] that it may take too long to draw their [[want]]s out.
    • [[Hunting]] for "[[yes]]" makes people [[defensive]], because they can sense they are being hunted.
  • [[Honest signals]] that you have been where someone else has been generally makes them more [[open]] to you.
โ†’ node [[2022-03-26]]

As of [[2022-03-26]]:

I am back here after a long hiatus. 2020 happened, I was very busy at [[work]] working on [[Covid]] response and then on reliability projects. On my free time I built an Agora: some coding, some writing, lots of meeting interesting people. And, of course, I lived -- we lived :) Happily, I have to say. I am thankful.

All posts on are also automatically published on as of the time of writing. I also write to the Agora from my digital garden as


  • I've been reading [[Red Plenty]] by [[Francis Spufford]]. It's very good.

  • Lately life circumstances have meant I'm watching a lot more 'mass appeal' film and TV and reading less. Which is fine, it's entertaining and convivial to relationshipsโ€ฆ but sometimes feels like time not particularly well spent as far as my own interests go. Maybe if I whack in a bit of a pop [[cultural studies]] lens I'll get more out of it. Possibly horribly pretentious? Maybe, but hey ho, gotta be true to thine ownself.

  • What are alternatives to the [[Hero's Journey]]?

  • Cleaning the house time is also podcast time.

โ†’ node [[2022-03-25]]
  • got a proper [[prc test]] today, as it was near home/quick and easy and it seemed good to be 100% sure this is [[covid]]
    • that swab always goes deeper than I expect!
  • doing some light [[work]]
  • then trying to [[ship]] some improvements to [[anagora]], but might finish it tomorrow depending on level of energy :)


โ†’ node [[2022-03-24]]
  • "For the true enslaver of a people is he who can put an end to their [[slavery]], but has no care about it." - [[Thucydides]]

is it weird to analyze margaritaville as an example of an [[intentional community]]?

[[retirement communities]] as intentional communities: weirdly isolated by money and age, but otherwise I'd bet there's more interesting stuff to dig into. which ones work? which ones haven't? is this separable from the horrors of the [[elder abuse]] in the [[assisted living]] industry?

brb reading about the duwamish coop again :( (hang on should they even have that domain?)

gotta add this header

I feel like kicking this essay in the shins and I haven't figured out totally why or whether it's worth putting my finger on.

โ†’ node [[2022-03-23]]
  • A [[network]] [[state]] is a large [[group]] of smaller webs of people that are spread all over the world, where the webs are together through computers talking to each other. Its home is in the sea of worldwide talk through computers, rather than from [[laws]] in [[books]] and lines that people draw on [[maps]] of land. Now, anyone with a [[computer]] that talks to all the other computers can start a company. They will also be able to start a network state. People will go between each network state, being able to leave at any time, and so different network states will be useful for different things, in the same way that different citizenships get you different access to different countries today, and different corporate accounts get you access to different services. Many people can become billionaires, and even more people can start their own kind of [[money]]. Network states are hard to take by [[force]], because they are spread out, and they are hard for big groups to see without getting infected with what the network states want. They use computer chains that are spread over many computers to track everyone's relationships, so they track the network state itself- and could have a clear and open access to all the agreements within such a state, for members of that state. Since people can talk almost instantly through computers to anyone, almost anywhere in the world, what people want is no longer stuck with where people are. A lot of people don't know the people who live near them, and even more don't want the same things as people who live near them. This is very different from how it was. The fact that people can do different things with different network states, and can be a part of many of them at once makes network states more similar to the past South-East Asian [[mandala]] system of government than modern nation-states. All this makes network states more [[mobile]] , such that they have more in common with [[Vikings]], [[steppe]] [[pastoralist]], [[seafaring]] cultures, and other [[nomads]] than geopolitical nation-states. What they will agree on, the basis of how they talk and move, will be what comes of the flow of everyone with computers talking. So, commerce. Movement of ideas and goods, written into the symbols of agreements on many computers that cannot be easily changed or faked: the [[blockchain]]. All of this allows for a more [[transparent]] [[society]], since many more actions can be timestamped. Since more actions can be timestamped, it will be easier to track movement, which makes it harder to lie.


  • [[YunoHost]] keeps going from strength to strength in its awesomeness.

    • I installed [[Collabora Online]] and connected it to [[NextCloud]].
    • Now I can edit spreadsheets online, locally in LibreOffice, and on my phone with Collabora Office and it's all synced up!
  • I wrote an email to my MP about the [[UK energy supply strategy]].

โ†’ node [[2022-03-22]]


  • Turning [[FairBnB]] into a multistakeholder coop.

โ†’ node [[2022-03-21]]


โ†’ node [[2022-03-20]]


โ†’ node [[2022-03-19]]


  • Since the [[RSS-Bridge]] thing was never much of a success, I've installed [[Nitter]] on my [[YunoHost]] to get RSS feeds of people I want to follow on [[Twitter]].

  • is interesting, the written piece is interesting. But I'm not really sure what the thing is actually doing, and I have to have a wallet or use a Google form to contribute. And verify myself with a Twitter account.

  • I will watch this: [[Hacking for the Commons]]

  • [[Prosocial World]] - "Modern Evolutionary Science can contribute to prosocial objectives in all their forms"

โ†’ node [[2022-03-18]]


โ†’ node [[2022-03-17]]
  • [[2022-03-16]]
    • was a weird day in which I was initially off from work but ended up working, and being happy about it.
    • /shrug
      • should get /shrug support? :)
  • [[logseq]]
    • I should learn the absolute basics of querying, like a query to list/transclude all nodes that have NOW, LATER, TODO, DOING, DONE in them.

    • If [[logseq]] could stop forgetting my preferred date format for journals it would be really nice :) I sort of gave up on it for the last few weeks, and works with it now, but it still bothers me.

  • #push [[free, fair and alive]]
  • [[agora]]
    • [[agora server]] now properly removes [[logseq]]'s :LOGBOOK: metadata, apologies for the noise up to now.
  • [[random thoughts]] (but perhaps not any more random than a randomly picked thought of mine :))
    • I am now at [[work]] without access to my main garden editor writing this on the basic Github editing UI. It... is not great, but it's also perfectly serviceable. Glad to have the option to edit this anywhere.
      • If Gitea could do editing better than this, perhaps that's a good enough reason to move my primary garden hosting there. Right now I'm only mirroring my Github garden repo to
    • [[mood]] pensando en los ojos de [[lady burup]] al acecho.
      • bella manifestaciรณn de su foco.

this is a bit more [[design]]-focused than I care for, but explores some about [[animism]] and how we relate to created objects in our life--[[aichaku]], love for what things are, not just what they do. connects with my [[konmari]] theses, a bit.

via [[tiv]]: oh my god there are so many daily podcasts I didn't even know.

Ones I'm thinking about trying:

  • perversely interested in "The Briefing" from monocle
  • today explained: I like some of the [[vox]] writers
  • "the intelligence from the economist": for some reason I thought this had a different name?

Set up another TW for work yesterday so I'll stop using the internal pastebin as my scratchpad and maybe persist things.

Alternative to [[resonate]]: [[jamstash]] lets me use the [[subsonic]] API of the [[nextcloud]] instance in a way that will still [[scrobble]]. Can't rely-rely on it because I never managed to make it work for mobile and such, but it's big progress to be able to [[download]] and scrobble [[mashups]].


โ†’ node [[2022-03-16]]
  • I want to prioritize [[agora protocol]] again. The node is a mess, too many ideas jumbled together.
    • Set up [[go/agora-protocol]] to point to the [[google doc]] again; it's the best collaboration artifact we have. Not free, but I think we can be pragmatic.
    • Will try to edit/close down comments. This and another doc had gotten relative traction but I somehow just dropped them from my todo list -- or never got to them. The pandemic and our response at work had to do with it for sure :)
  • [[agora]]
    • LATER remove [[logseq]] now/later/done cruft

    • DONE review [[vera]]'s PR for gitlab-based editing

    • LATER experiment again with more eager [[related nodes]], including also suffix matches? or even combinations

      • [[paneer]] should improve because of this :)
    • fix [[pull]] buttons in related nodes/transcluded

  • [[teleoflexuous]]


โ†’ node [[2022-03-15]]


โ†’ node [[2022-03-14]]
โ†’ node [[2022-03-13]]

I posted about the [[glitch tiddlywiki setup]] on [[reddit]]. I hope that's not too self-aggrandizing -- for some reason, since spending so much time working on my website, ordinary [[social media]] feels very attention-seeking. Like that's the point of it. I don't think that's really true exactly -- that isn't how I used to feel when I was using it more... but since I'm used to, you know, [[Mastodon]], where my average post engagement is a flatline... my own intentionally flaky site metrics... the choice to use something normal, once removed from habit, seems like it could only be because you want to point the "discovery" eyeball hose at your thing. (I know that's not, like, reality, and of course I'm only musing on this because of a post made to a 2.1k-subscriber subreddit, which is, like, rounding error in Reddit terms, but...)

Anyway, I like the idea that [[glitch]] can make [[tiddlywiki]] point and click simple. Maybe it's not quite there. Always comes down to [[documentation]], doesn't it?


โ†’ node [[2022-03-12]]

Today I spent a while polishing up a base tiddlywiki on [[glitch]]. It's hard to know what to include/exclude; I couldn't resist poking in some [[fonts]], for instance, but I don't want people to feel like they're having to venture inside my brain to try the thing.


โ†’ node [[2022-03-11]]

I rethemed the wiki again because I was too jealous finding Krystal. I can't tell if there's some odd JS making the scrolling janky or if my phone is just throwing a fit because it's old and has hundreds of tabs open. This was all essentially unreasonable, but didn't take nearly as long now I have more of a clue how.


โ†’ node [[2022-03-10]]
  • [[daniel c. dennett]]
    • #push [[darwin's dangerous idea]]
      • overall great but [[chapter 13]] is a bit weird.
      • after reviewing diverse aspects of evolution in the previous chapters, for some reason [[dennett]] uses chapter 13 to pick a (lopsided, it seems to me) fight with a single author: [[stephen jay gould]].
      • this was less interesting than other chapters as it read a bit like a thorough demolition of a thesis that didn't seem to make a lot of sense to me in the first place. it felt a bit too much like a mid nineties science beef in the middle of a book about more timeless ideas.
โ†’ node [[2022-03-09]]
  • I had a pretty bad day at work yesterday, ended up the day feeling drained and low.
    • It happens once in a while. On reflection, it seems to happen most often on days


โ†’ node [[2022-03-08]]

Concept: the opposite of this. A prize for not a feed of Takes, but something with at least some real thematic structure. [[nathalie lawhead]] to judge and yes design counts. 1 winner per continent.

Trying to [[crowdsource]] a [[think tank]]... I distrust it.

I should look at getting the [[fonts]] from their page's designers' website, though. It's a nice pairing, and I need to get less knee jerk about my dislike of sans serif body text.


โ†’ node [[2022-03-07]]
  • NOW take a look at [[now]] and [[LATER]]

    • what's the next coding task/project I really want to tackle?
  • [[work]]

    • went long, finished after 8pm. still, a productive day all in all.
  • [[pull all]] button

    • experimenting with this in, I like it for now, need to figure out layout
  • [[yoga calendar]]

Sometimes I have to remind myself I do not live in the same world as other people. To remind myself that others are living with totally different understandings of facts, that their values may not be as repugnant to me as it seems on the surface. But... one gets tired.

What would be a good name for that distinction between facts-conflicts, theory-conflicts, and values-conflicts?

A friend is getting into [[TiddlyWiki]] and I am so hype for him. I hope I'm not just overwhelmingly hype. It is a little weird how few good themes are out there... I wonder if it's because people like me are happy to tweak layout outside of the proper theming system so then it's not as neatly sharable? Still, you'd imagine there would be more without the 2004 low opacity black [[drop shadow]]. It probably wouldn't be too hard for me to package up my own Starter Version with plugins and things... but then I suppose really you'd need to be able to package the node server for it to work for people with low effort anyway.

Gotta get my work one off the old work computer. >:(

Continued efforts to tag things with [[astrological houses]] have revealed a lot of [[journal entries]] where I clearly wanted to start an entry, thought I'd begin with how I was feeling, wrote something to the effect of "I'm so tired/unhappy", and then didn't say anything more over the day. Pondering the merits of preservation of such artifacts... If they were more amenable to [[quantified self]] type analysis it'd be one thing, but...

I have been waiting for [[CSS]] to support proper color manipulation but apparently some mad lad is making it work with variables alone. Inspiring!


โ†’ node [[2022-03-06]]



  • [[Zizek]] says somewhere of instrumentalist logic that if we must break a few eggs to make an omelette, we should at least get the omelette
โ†’ node [[2022-03-05]]

Today (and last night until 1 in the morning) I'm retheming my wiki! Is [[CSS]] a hobby?

I've used the same sort of peacockish theme for it for a couple years now -- it's time for something fresh. Particularly, it's time for new [[fonts]]. Fern is still my favorite, but since I'm using that for the Agora I'm trying Simula, and Basteleur for headings. Having fun with Huemint, yet another color palette generation tool, haven't settled on anything... Every time I do something in this space I learn, which is cool. I feel great affection for CSS, which is so different from how other people regard it...

Supposedly [[Matrix]] is getting proper native video calling soon. I'm both excited for that and dreading whatever kind of firewall changes will be necessary -- our home network is Extremely Complicated, I am told.

A conversation in [[chat]] spurred me to feel sad about how little multimedia I put in my wiki. I am trying an abuse-of-[[nextcloud]] setup, and we'll see how that works...


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  • I'm testing [[wiki vim]] -- I've been meaning to have a console-based garden editor for a while, tried [[vimwiki]] at some point and didn't like the defaults and didn't look into customizing it; it turns out that [[wiki vim]] is inspired by it but has defaults closer to my preferences, so here goes :)
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Semana 2021-28-02


Seminario Literatura ENS: Research Methodologies for Literary Studies

  • Leer chapters 3-4 de [[The Craft of Research]] de Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams.

VL Literatura ENS: Conceptualizing Cosmopolitanism and World Literature

VL Literatura ENS: Victorian Gothic

  • Leer The Familiar de Le Fanu
  • Leer Novel of the White Powder de Machen

VL Literatura ES: Escrituras en movimiento

Seminario Literatura ES: BVM

  • Leer selecciรณn "Hacia una filosofรญa del acto รฉtico"

  • Preparar presentaciรณn

Seminario Benjamin

  • Leer "La obra de arte en la รฉpoca de la reproductibilidad tรฉcnica"

Taller de escritura acadรฉmica en espaรฑol

  • Escribir unas lรญneas sobre mis expectativas / necesidades especรญficas / intereses.


@zebark learned about [[HedgeDoc]]

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  • [[Invasion of Ukraine]].

  • [[Foundations of Geopolitics]] "reads like a to-do list for Putin's behaviour on the world stage"

  • I am getting through my [[Resonate]] credits pretty quick as I stream it through the work day. But one very sweet thing - I can set myself a monthly limit, and if I run out of credits I can just play the things that I've streamed enough to own (as at this point, you don't pay any more to stream them). The stream2own model is really cool.

  • Cobbled together a dark theme for my digital garden. It needs some more love but at least it'll stop burning my eyeballs when I look at it late on my phone.

  • Yes that's right, I read my own digital garden. What of it! I find occasionally browsing through the recent changes is a decent low-key [[spaced repetition]].

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  • busy days at [[work]]
    • [[perf]] week(s)
    • plus [[oncall]], and it hasn't come easy this far (although I've had much worse) :)
    • plus my project is delayed (which isn't new, but does add to the required energy)
  • I miss the [[agora]], I miss the [[internet]]
    • I peeked into notifications and there's a lot of interesting discussion I want to catch up with, both in here and on social media
    • not tonight though :) hopefully tomorrow.
  • Most [[stimulants]] simulate the beginning stages of [[hunger]]. This is confusing when your intestines are full, which is why some light nausea is often present.



Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past. The tradition of all dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brains of the living. And just as they seem to be occupied with revolutionizing themselves and things, creating something that did not exist before, precisely in such epochs of revolutionary crisis they anxiously conjure up the spirits of the past to their service, borrowing from them names, battle slogans, and costumes in order to present this new scene in world history in time-honored disguise and borrowed language. Thus Luther put on the mask of the Apostle Paul, the Revolution of 1789-1814 draped itself alternately in the guise of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, and the Revolution of 1848 knew nothing better to do than to parody, now 1789, now the revolutionary tradition of 1793-95. In like manner, the beginner who has learned a new language always translates it back into his mother tongue, but he assimilates the spirit of the new language and expresses himself freely in it only when he moves in it without recalling the old and when he forgets his native tongue.

โ€” [[Karl Marx]], [[The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte]]

  • Men make their own history, but, like the [[unconscious]] in [[Freud]]โ€™s thought, do so according to whims that they do not realize
  • [[Revolution]], thus far, has been only a facsimile of what has come before
  • One of the goals for a communist movement would be to overcome this unconsciousness and make history according to our collective whim

โ€œEvery time we hear that a possible solution simply cannot be done, we may be sure on general scientific grounds that it can. Every time we hear that a solution is not economic, we ought to ask: โ€œfor whom?โ€โ€”since it is people, just people, who will have to pay. Every time we hear that a proposal will destroy society as we know it, we should have the courage to say: โ€œThank God; at last.โ€ And whenever we hear that it will destroy our freedom, we should be very cautious indeed. For such freedom as we have is our most treasured possession, and we know how to be vigilant. Yet for that very reason, this is the simplest method that the powerful have to cling to power: to convince people that any other concession of that power would be unsafe.โ€

โ€” [[Stafford Beer]]

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โ€œThe aim of [[science]] is not things themselves, as the dogmatists in their simplicity imagine, but the relations between things; outside those relations there is no reality knowable.โ€

โ€” Henri Poincare

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I'm not sure this is working with the same definition of [[digital gardens]] I am, but you love to see energy in the space.


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  • I am writing this from [[MX Linux]]! My notes on [[Setting up a new box]] have been super helpful - glad I made those. I'm fleshing them out now as I set up this fresh box.

  • [[Problems with an old mouse]] now! Freezing/dying occassionally. What's going on, this stuff seemed to have all been ironed out. Maybe the mouse is busted.

    • Actually it's been OK for a while since plugging in to a different USB port. Maybe it's the port.
  • [[syncthing]] is amazing. I have no idea how it works most of the time, but it does (most of the time). It just magically picked up a suggested peer, presumably because they're on the same network.

  • Had fun clicking around on [[Thompson Morrison]]'s wiki.

  • Bookmarked and read: [[The Stigmergic Revolution]]

  • [[Pharo]] and [[Glamorous Toolkit]] look interesting.

  • Listened to Novara Media on [[Ukraine]]. In a nutshell describing what's currently happening as [[information warfare]], where it's almost impossible to know what's actually happening. Their advice: read from plenty of disparate sources. And that it's probably more fruitful to familiarise with history, reasons for current grievances, etc. than try to follow current events. Adam Tooze has good blo g on this, they say.

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  • Great [[Flancia Meet]] today. I was tired after little sleep so almost didn't go, but really glad I did.
    • Some topics that arose:
      • Using text-based actions in the stoa as a simple metalayer of intergarden communication.
        • I like this, because thinking about counter-anti-disintermediation, Agora actions could be in theory anti-disintermediation, i.e. a locking together of individual digital gardens, if actions were part of the Agora platform in e.g. a DB. But if they are a protocol that you can add either in to the stoa or in to your own garden, then Agora remains an optional viewer. Lock-in does remain at a protocol level, but that seems less bad. [[Protocol cooperativism]]?
        • But you can also use the stoa if you don't wish to put the actions in your own personal data store.
      • Ranking was mentioned as one of the actions.
      • Some really good discussion around moderation, trust, community, federation and defederation.
  • Reread: [[How's That Open Source Governance Working for You?]]
  • Reading: [[Admins, mods, and benevolent dictators for life: The implicit feudalism of online communities]]
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  • I [[worked]], did what needed to be done, but ended up with some relatively imminent things pending. Might do a [[pomodoro]] over the weekend (that's alright, I like to manage my own time).
  • My subnode for [[neil]] is a bit long and it's awkward my writing shows up on top of his -- sorry [[@neil]]! Will try to fix it.
  • #push [[tarot]]
  • When you [[sweep]], [[sweep]] the part of the body that was last holding weight on the ground as it moves- as it is in transition. [[unarmed]] [[war]]

sometimes I leave tabs open for entirely emotional reasons.

black bird wing

grey bird wing, a seabird if I remember correctly

Why have these been open for weeks? What does it say that I couldn't get rid of them?

[[flancian]] was asking after my admittedly hare-brained scheme to organize my notes by the [[astrological houses]]. the impetus is entirely this:

The thing that's really beautiful about [[astrology]], about [[Tarot]], about [[palm-reading]]: they have crystallized a way of looking at the world. Divide up all your concerns in life into weighted categories, please. How will you do it? What is the [[Huffman encoding]] of your life?1 If it were me, an embarrassing thing to admit is that I could probably devote one whole twelfth to The Explaining of Systems, as with whiteboarded box and line graphs, or awkwardly non-linear emails. In a sense, divination is a way of reminding me to not weight these concerns too heavily: family, travel, partnership, romance, money, friends... each of these has its slice of the medieval sky. Intellectual concerns, work success, they have lines on the palm, stars and houses-but their part of the distribution is limited. The transient metrics that can define my day at work are nowhere to be found: Latency is not given a Tarot card, nor CPU utilization a planet in the sky.

Anybody else feel like johnny decimal would require way too much... idk, commitment? I guess now I have the bash skills to rearrange things if necessary.

  1. I'll also here note that it is one of the great sorrows of my time as a CS student that [[information theory]] was given such short shrift.


  • An unreasonable amount of my time today went on getting a monitor to display at the right resolution. [[xrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed problems]].
    • On the plus side I ended up trying out [[MX Linux]] in the process, mainly as a cheap way to avoid Wayland, but it seems pretty nice. I like that it's built on [[Debian]], but not too far removed from it, and is XFCE rather than Gnome.
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  • #push [[flow]]
    • "[[struggle]] is the first phase of [[flow]]"
    • on a meta level I find flow interesting because people I know that wouldn't usually talk about mindfulness or introspection are willing to engage with the concept
  • [[m n]] told me about the [[icnu]] framework for [[procrastination]]
  • Tough day at [[work]], worked late including an 8pm meeting; after that we did yoga and ate empanadas and I felt better, though :)
    • Tomorrow I'll work from the office for a change, which will probably feel weird for a bit at least.
  • [[flancia collective]]
  • spoke with:

Found this thing about how the [[wikilink]] is "modeless", the [[wikilink | front-facing text]] is not, [front-facing text](link) is not, [<a href="link">front-facing text</a>](#html TIDDLYLINK) is not...

I like modeless [[links]]. It feels like how [[footnotes]] build to be more than references and create their own culture of catty asides. Passive aggressively [[linked text]] is one of my favorite -- err-- "neologism" is "neo" + "logos", right? How to say new + literary-mode-of-expression?

Of course, even the author elsewhere likes the idea of playing with the function of link text.

This would certainly be of interest to y'all -- considers [[commonses]] and [[wikis]]...

Ashamed of my lack of [[bioregional knowledge]].


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The [[Jung]] book that mom has been recommended by the Benedictines is [[Memories, Dreams, Reflections]]. Looking forward to that retreat -- they sound cool as all get-out.

โ†’ node [[2022-02-14]]


  • A friend is trying some [[Hรผgelkultur]] beds

  • Looks like a ton of [[Planet Mu]] back catalog is on [[Resonate]]. That's rad!

  • My shoulder pain is getting really bad. Might be time to ditch my old keyboard and get one of these fancy ergo split keyboards. ErgoDox EZ is crazy expensive but looks repairable/durable and if it lasts nearly 20 years like my current one, I can justify itโ€ฆ

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  • [[resonate]]
  • [[candles]]
  • try [[resonate]] today
  • [[theruran]]
  • [[eric lortie]]
    • [[church of earth]]
      • "Using the platform is intended to be monetized through crypto and the data generated by using the platform is intended to be relevant to AGI research. It's also intended to bridge the gap between virtual and physical communities so I developed a democratic social movement around it intended to manage and operate the platform."
      • "In many ways it's basically the simplest and most unsubtle thing I could make using all of my skills with the goal of improving the world for everyone."
      • I can relate!
  • [[do]]
    • see also [[now]], [[later]] :)

    • DONE talk to family

    • DONE pay taxes

    • DONE laundry

    • DONE yoga

    • DONE [[one pomodoro]]

    • DONE meditate

    • DONE [[one pomodoro]]

      CLOCK: [2022-02-13 Sun 18:29:49] :END:

  • [[green]]


  • Really enjoyed reading @ntnsndr's article [[Governable Stacks against Digital Colonialism]] for [[node club]]. Makes a ton of sense to me.

    • The ability to self-govern feels key to any alternative to big tech that we build or use, and feels a lot like commoning.
    • And the 'stack' element is vital - what use would a democratically-owned social media platform be, say, if it runs on a server owned by Amazon and you access it on a device locked down by Apple or Google over internet from a big telco.
    • And take it further, long-term what use is any of it if at the very bottom layer of the stack is a capitalist society?
  • Cooperatives and commoning seem a good model for socialising the layers of the stack. I think [[Libre software]], [[libre hardware]], [[right to repair]], [[peer-to-peer networks]], [[Community broadband]] are all good projects to spend time on.

  • I loved this interview with [[Fritjof Capra]] on his new book [[Patterns of Connection]].

    • As you might expect, there's a lot about systems thinking, complexity science, science and sprituality, activism.
    • Some random notes:
      • Systems thinking is about patterns, relationships and contexts.
      • The machine metaphor from 17th century science is still too prevalent. The network is a better metaphor to live by.
      • The [[Battle of Seattle]] was the start of a global civil society.
      • He recommends the [[Earth Charter]].
      • There's generally conflict between science and religion, less so science and spirituality.
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from daily respite

Yesterday I said that I have no idea how to overwinter [[amaryllis]] bulbs, but this is only partly true. I know what youโ€™re supposed to do, I just donโ€™t have a very good track record at it.
Back at the start of the pandemic, when everyone was hoarding yeast and stockpiling seeds, I decided to try again. I let the greens die back and put the pots in a dark corner of the basement.
Where they sat, forgotten, until more than a year later when my beloved came up from the basement holding three sad pots of crinkled empty nothingness.
โ€œCan I please throw these outside?โ€ she asked.
I surrendered to the inevitable, and out they went.
Fast-forward to summer. We were in the middle of a heatwave. I was standing at the kitchen window when I spotted something bright red sticking out of our brush pile in the woods. Was it a cardinal? No, it looked more like a flower. But I hadnโ€™t planted anything over there. Unlessโ€ฆ
Yes. Those dead bulbs had miraculously come back to life and were in full bloom. On the brush pile, in the woods.

In its less metaphorical sense, I have always preferred planting [[bulbs]] to seeds. We talk a lot metaphorically about the seeds of an idea. Are the long-running interests of one's life bulbs?

a thing that I want to exist that I ... probably won't bother making myself:

a piece of software for people who are thinking about weaning themselves off of streaming (or who want to give artists extra support). you connect your [[]] account and your [[bandcamp]] account (potentially plus something else if people use something else to keep track of music they own). you configure a periodic spend (though it doesn't automate buying anything). on a regular subscription-like cadence (possibly coinciding with bandcamp fridays), it emails you the top tracks / artists you've been listening to, shows you which are available on bandcamp, whether you already own what you've been listening to, and suggests what your configured spend should go to to reflect that. (maybe add on amazon mp3 downloads for things for which bandcamp isn't available?)

I've had very low success in the past with those "here's your [[spotify]] library on bandcamp!" tools because of all the things I like that are too corporate or too foreign. but if over a particular period I was listening to things that I really could be getting there, I'd like to be reminded of that.

I don't know that I'll ever want to go back to album-by-album or track-by-track ownership, but I wish that my fees were actually going to the artists I listen to.


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โ†’ node [[2022-02-10]]

Here's a weakness I hadn't identified: I only put planning-type creative notes into my system, not proper creative notes (mostly).

I can identify this as a weakness relative to this thing about [[robin sloan]]. of course I look up to someone who's got the words-aesthetic-tech trifecta with some actual physical reality skills on top.

(is there a word that's less disgustingly enlightenment-mentality than "Renaissance <man/woman/person>" and less pretentious sounding than "polymath"?)

thinking a bit about this as well. should I have curation routines for my notes? can I gamify it somehow?

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  • Been streaming music again on [[Resonate]] lately. (A musician/listener/worker-owned coop). Feels good to be supporting them. Their catalogue seems to have expanded a lot since I last used it and I'm finding a good amount of good music on there.

  • [[Democracy functions best at the level of the city]].


โ€œAngelina Grimkeโ€™s brilliant โ€˜Address to the Soldiers of Our Second Revolutionโ€™ demonstrated that her [[political consciousness]] was far more advanced than most of her contemporaries. In her speech she proposed a radical theory and practice which could have been realised through an alliance embracing labor, Black people and women. If, as [[Karl Marx]] said, โ€˜labor in a white skin can never be free as long as labor in a black skin is branded,โ€™ it was also true, as Angelina Grimke lucidly insisted, that the democratic struggles of the times โ€“ especially the fight for [[womenโ€™s equality]] โ€“ could be most effectively waged in association with the struggle for [[Black Liberation]].โ€

โ€” [[Angela Davis]],

โ†’ node [[2022-02-08]]

annotated a thing about someone's application of library science to their PKM system. I'm always cheered to see the application of information science to anything close to my world...

they discuss the dewey decimal system noting that it's nice that people are pivoting away from it, but independently of its creator's Problematic Status and the nonsensical imbalances of its categories, I have a deep emotional attachment to it -- spending a lot of my childhood stomping over to 636 to find books about animals, sidling over to 133 (a risky thing for a child in that circumstance) to look for books on Witch Stuff, vast amounts of time and effort prompted by 745...

thinking about how to share the annotations here made me want to list some [[open agora questions]] I have.

anyway, following the thing I wrote about tarot cards I'm now wondering if I could tag my different stuff with [[astrological houses]]. wouldn't that be fun? "[The] Hemoroids, the Stone, Strangury, Poysons, and Bladder are ruled by [the eighth] house", after all.

reading religious writing from people who aren't dead is emotionally difficult. I find myself checking Twitter bios, trying to figure out if I'm going to feel punched in the gut when some otherwise progressive essayist turns to Sexual Ethics and Gender Roles.

but dead people! man, the dead!

St. Basil the Great:

โ€œBut whom do I treat unjustly,โ€ you say, โ€œby keeping what is my own?โ€ Tell me, what is your own? What did you bring into this life? From where did you receive it? It is as if someone were to take the first seat in the theater, then bar everyone else from attending, so that one person alone enjoys what is offered for the benefit of all in commonโ€”this is what the rich do. They seize common goods before others have the opportunity, then claim them as their own by right of preemption. For if we all took only what was necessary to satisfy our own needs, giving the rest to those who lack, no one would be rich, so no one would be poor, and no one would be in need.
Who are the greedy? Those who are not satisfied with what suffices for their own needs. Who are the robbers? Those who take for themselves what rightfully belongs to everyone. And you, are you not greedy? Are you not a robber? The things you received in trust as a stewardship, have you not appropriated them for yourself? Is not the person who strips another of clothing called a thief? And those who do not clothe the naked when they have the power to do so, should they not be called the same? The bread you are holding back is for the hungry, the clothes you keep put away are for the naked, the shoes that are rotting away with disuse are for those who have none, the silver you keep buried in the earth is for the needy. You are thus guilty of injustice toward as many as you might have aided, and did not.

that's someone with a real concrete view of The Commons!

That St. Basil is cited in a partner piece:

My Twitter feed is full of friend-of-a-friend GoFundMe [[medical debt]] appeals, and I weigh the specific needs and particular faces against the more abstract but possibly higher-leverage donation to an organization like RIP Medical Debt, which buys and forgives bundled debt at a discount. My donation to a friendโ€™s debt is paid dollar for dollar to their creditor, finally leaving them free. My donation to the organization buys debt at a discount, a penny for a dollar discharged, pencil erasers scrubbing ledgers clear without ever seeing the names.
Our familyโ€™s uneasy balance is to try to include a mix of both. When we receive a personal call to give, we answerโ€”and then we match that donation to a friend with one to Against Malaria or another [[effective altruist]] group. We want the love we have for the people we know to be the cause of our service to the people we havenโ€™t gotten to meet, the ones whose need may be deliberately hidden from us. We donโ€™t want to train ourselves in indifference to an open hand, even if each particular gift may not be the biggest impact we can have.


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