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I always assumed that, when people dedicated their work, they all first finished the thing and then wrote the dedication. That would mean dedicating the (say) book as a finished object, something concrete that one has compiled or created and can then be offered with few reservations.

Belatedly I've come to realize I'm not that kind of person, so I find myself dedicating a draft instead. Writing these lines as I write them now means dedicating a set of ideas first, and my clumsy implementation of these ideas second -- the latter amounting currently to little more than well meaning aspirations.

It seems appropriate, then, to dedicate this fuzzy set of ideas and aspirations to a fuzzily defined group instead of a concrete list of individuals.

To my friends.

May you be happy!

Look, an Agora!

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In my flancia, there is no hunger or houselessness. What is in your flancia?

In flancia, there is also an [[agora]]

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