This you find in the ️🏛️ Agora of Flancia
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Welcome to this [[Agora of Flancia]]!

An Agora is a Free Knowledge Commons built by the people, for the people.

Which people, you ask? Us [[Flancians]] — and our friends!


To join

You will need to send a [[PR]] adding a pointer to your git repository containing a digital garden or blog to [[sources.yaml]] — or, if you don’t know what that means, please reach out to @flancian or another member of Flancia Collective to discuss what is needed to let us find (and import continuously) your content from around internet.

Please indicate your preferred username and your acceptance of the instance’s [[CONTRACT]] as of the time of writing. If you contribute your repository to an Agora you are assumed to be in agreement with its current [[CONTRACT]] as posted by user @agora.

You can also write to this Agora from the [[Fediverse]] (social media) by following and interacting with an [[Agora Bot]].

Learn more

See [[Agora architecture]] for details on how the Agora works and instructions to run your own.

Farewell for now!

Please reach out if you need anything, enjoy the Agora, and have a great day! 🍮

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