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An Agora is defined by its code of conduct or [[contract]]. It is of utmost importance for it to be well specified and understandable by all. Because of this we prefer explicit over implicit.

  • A [[contract]] is a public list of [[assertions]].
    • Feel free to contribute corrections to this list by submitting patches to this file in the [[Agora repository]] or by providing guidance or feedback.
  • Above all, be [[honest]]; be [[true]] to yourself.
  • Try to be [[constructive]], [[kind]], [[rational]], and [[compassionate]].
    • When interacting with others, either directly or indirectly, please keep in mind and follow the [[principle of charity]].
    • When you disagree with someone, please prioritize achieving greater mutual understanding over winning an argument.
  • If you made a mistake, apologize.
    • If someone made a mistake but then apologized thoroughly and made [[amends]] or [[reparations]], try to forgive them.
  • Members of this [[Agora]] are free to volunteer their personal extensions to this list, according to their own set of values, by writing in this node.
    • The [[Agora]] can be forked at will and with no presumption of ill intent by a subset of the community whenever contracts become incompatible.
  • This Agora is a repository of [[intents]].

If you do not yet belong to this Agora and would like to become involved, please refer to [[agora editor]] or reach out to [[flancian]], [[vera]], [[neil]], or any other of the member of the [[flancia collective]].

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I agree with the contract on anagora.org

BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkUlxdvU 3oiDZWW5cm5jzDa 7VBfnxQT7qjn1XR XSQF8H4JbRfOVD4 q8AaJ4EwjUA70dZ YWFrB9fvvZqbN8d 9yOquYSBCgFww7y 4UBTtAPWbf10w5L u3vke3vVFYJjV04 81EPF9kjjwEVx8m 5fKmOJv9dB7yrqP Di6AH63cBrVsKKF Uq0wsU4ZHPMTLeK 15qRm0oX4EwBO6L 99H3arx303ALAfv . END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

๐Ÿ“• text contributed by @maya ๆœฌ

โš–๏ธ I endorse the base contract of the agora in my doing and being here! ๐Ÿ“œ

I will shape my participation through what I think may be useful to others, and to [[cross pollinate]] from what others have shared.

I may be marginal, but I hope to be a slight marginal positive for the folks of the agora and its shared aims.

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The formalization of a mutually beneficial relationship among or between two or more parties.

Issues to look out for:

  • Was there mutual assent?
  • Was there a mutual exchange of [[consideration]]? A completely one sided agreement is generally unenforceable, but there are exceptions (e.g., [[promissory estoppel]], or a [[promissory note]]).
  • Was there an [[integration clause]] contained within a written agreement? If not, other evidence outside of the written agreement may be introduced if a dispute arises.
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  • [[2022-05-07 09:28:10]] [[@flancian:matrix.org]] (link):
    • welcome back, Evan! happy to see you here. I think this is a good proposal, and it might make sense for some topics/rooms in general to have guidelines that actively steer people away from hot topics. but I'd like to think that we can avoid this yet right here right now; we are a pretty small group and I'm pretty sure we can have difficult conversations but learn from them. I would agree we need to define standards of civility when dealing with disagreement; this is actually a core goal of the Agora, even if unfortunately I have personally invested very little on this in the last two years! perhaps this is a good point to pick that back up? we could just node [[contract]] further to begin with.
  • [[2022-05-14 08:14:01]] [[@vera:fairydust.space]] (link):
    • speaking of which I cryptographically signed my [[contract]] with [[keybase]]
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