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β†’ node [[2022-06-26]]
β†’ node [[2022-06-25]]


β†’ node [[2022-06-24]]

Yesterday we went on a beautiful walk at sunset with [[Chris]], it was great!

At the lookout point we met [[Enrique]] and we became friends.


β†’ node [[2022-06-23]]

Haven't written a journal in a little bit. I'm always stoked for the agora-ui frontend I wrote. [[eat your own dogfood]]

β†’ node [[2022-06-22]]
  • I've been having a nice time in the Seattle area. I'm staying here until Friday, at which time I leave for Portland.
  • [[social coop]]
    • I suspended some reported accounts today (it turns out you can do this for accounts in other instances, which apparently means they can't interact with our instance anymore?). I clicked on the content to confirm they were abusive/inappropriate and they really were. It made me sad and disappointed with people and less hopeful about the [[fediverse]], but thankfully the feeling passed shortly.
  • [[chris]]
  • [[jz]]
  • [[lp]]
  • [[anonymous]]
β†’ node [[2022-06-19]]

Writing this on the flight to Seattle. My connection in [[Charlotte]] was tight but I made it just fine in the end.

(I wonder who you are, you reading this. If you are interested consider leaving an annotation using the Hypothesis side bar or reaching out :)

Thank you for reading!)

β†’ node [[2022-06-18]]
  • [[flancia meet]]
    • at different time today, 14 UTC, due to where I am :)
    • meeting [[the one]] today!
  • [[agora]]
    • set up local dev environment to be able to code tomorrow on the way to Seattle
    • priorities are still:
      • opt in writes ([[agora bot]])
      • whatever else I saw my priorities were last weekend, check :)
  • #push [[do]]
    • review [[phone to note]]
    • make it so that pending tasks automatically show up in designated [[todo]] concentrator nodes, like [[do]] in my case