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Chatbot series:

Intents try to capture what the user wants (their goal) in the conversation.

Intents vs Examples

  • greeting_us_en <-- Intent
    • Hello
    • Hi <-- Examples
    • Wassup
  • location_qustion_au
    • Where are your Brisbane offices?
    • Where can I find you?
    • What's your website?

Create intents in the skill section of the Watson Assistant section.

โฅ… [[Creating_Intents.pdf]]

Give at least 5 examples per intent to train Watson, though the more the merrier.

A map of where intents exist in the dialog flow

Importing/Exporting Intents and examples

Intents and examples can be imported and exported via csv file in the intents page of the skill.

The format is a simple two-column comma-delemeted format with examples followed by intents, one per row, as below.

What time are you open until?,hours_info
What are your hours of operation?,hours_info
What are your hours?,hours_info
Are you open on Sundays?,hours_info
what are you hours of operation in Toronto,hours_info
what are the hours of operation for your Montreal store,hours_info
list of your locations,location_info
Where are your stores?,location_info
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