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Short-commings vs Slack, Zulip

  • Only the author can edit OP
  • not FOSS
  • API hard to use (for bots/automations)
  • ECAS blocks all integrations with other EC IT-systems

Channel-vs-topics per feature saga


  • listed in left-sidebar:
    • easy to retrieve old stuff when deciding where to post
    • possible to pin & hide, thus 3 levels of visibility
  • notifications:
    • by default turned-off, so new topics do not bother us all
  • Cannot explicitly hide/archive old discussions
  • analytics are channel-only:
    • may function as calendar/time-tracking about features


  • old discussions are implicitly "archived" (pushed back)
  • can emulate TOCs with pinned posts and the (i) right-sidebar
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