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Well-being and Motivation at work


My priorities is this:

  • Joy: play, challenging tasks
  • Mastery: knowledge and information about what preceeded me, hitory of everything, planetary to family
  • Achievement: actually mymotivation diminishes as i come closer to achievment
  • Purpose: general political & ideological targets
  • Avoidance of danger for family

Like working on new issues but echeving more when working in comfort zone, which reduces my total motivation (due to repetition)


  • Group 2: What defines Success?

    • Achieve satisfaction for all
    • Motivate and serve the others
    • Good collaboration & communication of feelings
    • Mutual understanding
    • Achieving milestones deadlines
    • Upskill growth for team members
    • Team gets promoted to a more chalenging task
    • Financial growth
  • Group 3: Com about com

    Which channels for what purpose, responsiveness, which tools, how to deal with urgences Focus time slots Team days Team agreements on all these aspects Digital morning coffee / stand up

  • Group 5: Design telcos beforehand

    group 5: meeting rules. use of chat, break-out rooms, whiteboards, agenda: time allocated by speaker and/or subject. meeting room according to the number of people present + necessary technology for those virtually.

  • Group 6:

    • UGLY:
      • Underestimate?
      • what has to Go?
      • what are we Loosing?
      • what are we Missing(???)?
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