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  • nodes are entities

    • just text; a freeform text label
  • [[pubsub]] topics

    • publish anything by publishing canonical wikilink
  • global presence, out of social media into the web as a holistic concept


  • [[merveilles]] town web ring is a nice example of a web ring
  • flancian:
  • [[udit]] web rings
    • one concern with the distributed approach: high level of curation needed
    • see web rings as an onramp
    • would like to make sure they work with [[distributed press]]
  • webrings with a purpose
    • examples:

      • webring of wealthy individuals willing to contribute to UBI
    • gamify them

    • democratically controlled

    • more inclusive so people can participate

    • people submitting to moderation queue


  • current projects
  • potential projects
  • are there better ways to do similar things?
  • [[udit]] some concerns over whether it could backfire and end up preserving existing power structures
    • [[vera]] if we have UBI it needs to be decentralized / not nation based
  • [[flancian]] how do we help/solve the problem of matching people with interesting projects in this space?
    • [[udit]] it is a very large problem, economics as a field tries to tackle solving coordination/matching problems
    • [[vera]] we need to have problems be defined and contextualized by the people that are suffering them
    • is there a generic structure that could aid in the quest to find solutions to people's problems?
    • [[vera]] UBI seems like the most efficient path forward
  • [[effective altruism]]
    • how to solve problems
    • internet freedom
    • I have time/resources where do I go? What do I do?
    • value flow
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