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"choose six random nodes, and try to create a narrative connecting them" jayu

Following the addition of https://anagora.org/random , [[Flancian]] had an idea of making a page with 6 random subnodes. It was agreed that this sounded fun. [[Jayu]] suggested it sounded like [[Tarot for thought]]. A side project was born!

How it works

  • Each week as part of node club you do a node club tarot reading.
  • i.e. Choose 6 nodes at random with the /random page. (hmm: everyone does the same, or each person does own reading? probably each does own.)
  • Try and link them together in some way of interest/entertainment to you.
  • Be creative/silly/serious - whatever you prefer.

Why? [[Tarot for thought]]. [[Fun]].

See [[node club]] for weekly node club tarot readings.

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