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  • [[2022-05-27]]
    • [[flancian]]: OK with taking notes in doc.anagora.org/social-coop-tech-group? will cross-post to the minutes thread as usual.
    • attending: [[giacomo sansoni]] [[flancian]] [[akshay mankar]]
    • [[akshay]]
      • long holiday in Berlin, very nice!
      • don't work on Fridays, and yesterday was a holiday
      • [[wire swiss gmbh]]
      • [[mls]]
        • open standard
        • wire's implementation is based on [[haskell]]
        • tree based optimization to group encryption
    • [[flancian]]
      • working for Google, [[meet]]
    • [[flancian]] wdyt about [[matrix]]?
    • [[agenda]]
      • [[flancian]]
        • updates on ongoing work/learning
          • did admin task for user who wanted to reactive account
          • learning containers, got a container up nicely yesterday
          • will keep poking at our setup and trying to understand the ansible recipes
      • stuff we could do next
        • [[akshay mankar]] file bug in mastodon bug tracker for extra fields in the mastodon sign up form
          • how do we handle user data in the long term? user data handling policy, etc.
          • started writing the issue but then stopped to better understand how the solution would look like
          • perhaps we should have an instance to experiment with
            • [[flancian]] we might have this -- need to check containers and docs
            • if not we should create it :)
          • mastodon already probably supports a good way to store information you got in the signup request, we could adapt it -- perhaps encode
        • [[akshay]] the idea here would be to send a PR to upstream instead of forking/applying our own path.
        • [[flancian]] this seems to raise the priority of updating the instance to latest mastodon
    • [[later]]
      • media issues?
        • one user reported them
        • [[akshay]] tusky sometimes show images as attachments
        • [[flancian]] get 500s relatively often when trying to upload
        • [[akshay]] images go to [[s3]] in [[digital ocean]]
        • how do we look at logs?
      • [[backups]] and [[restore]]
        • related to [[data management]] as well as we want to be careful/responsible with our user's data
        • where can we put these backups in? how do we extend the list of acceptable servers?
        • currently backups go to a [[s3]], but where to restore?
        • how to make sure we don't mess up with the fediverse if we test restores?
        • also related to the issue of [[failover]] in mastodon -- how is it supposed to work?
          • [[akshay]] you fail over the database, then frontends can all use the new primary
          • you need to solve balancing for the frontend or manually fail over that as well
    • [[akshay]] not attending the next one
    • [[flancian]] sent update in chat room:


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