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  • Yemen war my name is Mohammed I live in Yemen country. The war began here in 2015 in March. Between Yemen and Saudi Arabia in the beginning. Now it is an alliance of ten countries. The most important of them are the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, etc The reason is Iranian interference in Yemen. The world says so. Since then, Yemen has been suffering from poverty and famine. because of the siege. Death and destruction in every city. The dead numbered in the thousands Both sides fight for the victory of religion. Abu Dhabi and Dubai were targeted with missiles and drones from military in Sanaa. On the other hand, warplanes bombard Sanaa and Yemeni cities extensively. There is a stifling siege bigger than before It is the largest since the aggression on Yemen. Victims are civilians only. There is a large American crowd in the Emirates to defend it.

https://twitter.com/mohamedahmedalt/status/1491448304768815112 ?t=62QE2Km8eUALwuAJHrYmCw&s=1

this video explains about ssituation of kids in Yemen https://youtu.be/V-pvgIVHtIE

The tragedy of the Yemeni passport https://almashareq.com/en_GB/articles/cnmi_am/features/2020/02/25/feature-01

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