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iChat is fine, but what if you want to use more than AIM? AdiumX allows you to access all the networks at once from within one application. If you have more than one AIM name, you're screwed in iChat, but AdiumX allows you to have them online at the same time. If your iBooks' tiny screen is overwhelmed with 10 chats, AdiumX has tabbed windows (draggable!) and a compact contact list and much, much more. DrunkenBlog: Evan Schoenberg of AdiumX

I've been using AdiumX for a while now. Reading this interview with one of the developers made me go check out Adium Xtras, the site where all the little add-ons, graphics, etc. etc. live.

My co-workers have taken to saying things like "No more ducks!" lately. So I'm stuck with headphones. Maybe they'll like the Goonies or Strongbad sound sets better.

Oh right. Tech stuff here. So it uses WebKit to display and style both the contact list and the message display. Which is just like Dashboard. Which is kind of like a Rich Internet Application. Mmmm.

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