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Jeff Barr writes up his thoughts on switching to BitTorrent for Backups (or Backup with BitTorrent - BWB, as he calls it):

I have been thinking of using BitTorrent to simplify and automate the Syndic8 backup process ... if this works, I could ask a trusted friend or two to subscribe as well, giving me a scalable, distributed backup solution. Of course I would be happy to do the same for them. Jeff Barr's Blog: BWB - Backup With BitTorrent

I remember my friend Lloyd asking if I wanted to do this with him a few years ago. At the time, ti seemed like a lot of trouble. To be honest, it probably still is, especially for the volumes of data that I'd want backed up. Well, actually, the *first* time it would take a really long time, but wouldn't I just use rsync after that? Not sure, and also not sure if there would be any speed savings unless you really did have multiple (3? 6?) people all doing this together.

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