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I went over to Elastic Path in the pouring Vancouver winter rain yesterday and did a podcast with Dave Olsen and Jason Billingsley. We talked about blogging for retailers (white paper), which Elastic Path has put together a ton of information for online retailers on what they need to know about blogging.

Luckily, I had just been reading A VC's post on Why I'd Make Every E-Merchant Become a Blogger, which covers lots of the same ground.

I really enjoyed doing the podcast with Dave. Looking back, I've thought about and written on these topics for many years now, and it feels comfortable and natural to be sitting around talking about them. More podcasts. How? Not sure :P

Elastic Path is an interesting company here in our Vancouver back yard. They're doing very interesting stuff, with more on the way. How are they doing? Well, their demo site ranks so highly for waterproof cameras that they had to plaster it with notices to make it clear it was a demo. Combine that with a blogging strategy and you could sell a lot of whatever widgets you're selling.ย 

Oh, and the MonkeyBlaster 9000? It's a fantastically fun summer toy that every child will want this summer...ย 

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