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This past weekend I did my first dedicated AdHack session. James and I professed our love for our Canon S5 IS cameras (see my initial write up after I bought it). We ended up with 15 minutes of video, taking turns explaining different features of the camera. The video itself was taken with each of our cameras, and then just roughly spliced together -- we might post process it some more with some subtitles, and maybe even some example photos and/or stills of some of the functions, but it works pretty well for now. Shame on other potential AdHackers that didn't brave the snow to hang out and make social media with us! :P

<center> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://blip.tv/scripts/pokkariPlayer.js?ver=2007111701"><script type="text/javascript" src="http://blip.tv/syndication/write_player?skin=js&posts_id=520496&source=3&autoplay=true&file_type=flv&player_width=&player_height="> </center>

Oh, and I fiddled with the Brother printer that Monique is reviewing and got the wireless working (although this beast they call PictBridge is still pretty mystifying).

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