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I've been asked to replace a speaker for an upcoming Hollyhock training series on Social Media, presented in partnership with Octopus Strategies.

I'll be giving a "social media primer" this coming Thursday. Here's what it currently says on the box:

Wondering what, exactly, a 'Yelp' is? Curious whether Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can help you move your mission forward? Join [Boris Mann] for an enlightening and entertaining look into the changing landscape of social media tools, techniques and practices. You'll leave with a clear understanding of all the opportunities social media presents, and insights into how to take advantage of this burgeoning medium.

There really is a lot of depth to cover here -- back in the day we only had to cover Blogs and RSS, and now I have to get all the way through microblogging, location based services and iPhone apps, with social networks in between.

I'll be picking up presenter licenses for a couple of Common Craft videos. Hard to believe that RSS in Plain English just had its three year anniversary.

I'll be posting the outline after the session. The big question: will I skip wikis or include them? :P

If you know of someone that's interested in attending (best for those in non profits / NGOs or larger organizations) you can register here ยป

Show your interest / attendance on the entry in Upcoming ยป

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