As I was finishing up my [[Drop in Audio]] blog post, [[Jam]], an open source [[Clubhouse]]-like system debuted on ProductHunt. I took a quick look at the code and it requires a few moving pieces and Docker, but it's a great little starting point.

After a good discussion with @flancian, I added a section to the [[Git Siphon for Moa Party]] to focus on post-per-file. We discovered that we need to think about [[Moa Party]] as being standalone with multiple clients. [[Anagora]] is a client, people's individual gardens are clients, eg. my [[Jekyll]] site.

This may mean that making Moa Party become a whole [[Micropub]] server that publishes to Git may make sense. [[IndieKit]] has a whole template system so that people can run a variety of git-based static site generators with it.