∂ part of node [[2020-10-11]]


  • Nice Buddhist temple in Germany: https://goo.gl/maps/TaZzK9vzxBkwjV64A
  • Went for a walk, it was great even though it was cold.
  • Trying to organize myself. What exactly do I want to do in this following week, and in which order?
  • Things I know I want to do, regardless of specifics:
    • Set [[intents]]. An intent is a concrete action, often with a physical correlate, that I want to perform in the near future.
    • Set [[invariants]].
      • Example: While the time is between noon and 7pm, I will not be on Twitter.
      • Do I need this extra concept or is it the same as [[intents]]?
  • [[todo]] Agora
    • Move go/agora-v1 to go/agora.
    • Create go/agora-v0.5, make it all about Foam/Obsidian + github + conventions + scripts + go links.