∂ part of node [[2020-11-23]]


  • Installed surround in vscode but it didn't do what I expected.
    • vim mode gets in the way with native surround support -- but it might also provide a solution: https://github.com/VSCodeVim/Vim#vim-surround
    • ysiw] surrounds a word with [], then I need to do . to surround it with another one.
    • For visual selections it's S], but no obvious way to surround with two :(
  • Discussed [[agora plan]] with [[arghzero]].
    • Might want to move FR/improvements tracking to the github tracker.
  • [[offline twitter]]
    • Game: [[i ching]] lite with an appropriate book.
    • e.g. random.randint(1, 1169) and A Pattern Language.