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  • I think this weekend I'm moving back to [[foam]] from Obsidian. I had issues with Foam, but I like it still, and Obsidian has its own set of issues and isn't open source.
    • One thing that Foam does really well is reuse [[vscode]] for its strength.
    • I will try to keep the filename convention that I set up for Obsidian: instead of slugs, filenames are [[full unicode]].
    • [[push]] [[do]]
      • [[fix foam]]
        • disable [[slugs]]
        • always create notes on root by default
          • figure out whether to keep journal/
  • [[agora bot]]
  • [[hall of mirrors]]
  • I need social media integration so bad, I want to get it done this weekend no matter what. I think this one I can make the time!
  • [[kibble]]
  • [[visual cortex]]
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