∂ part of node [[2021-09-29]]


  • cleaned up [[contract]] a bit
    • need to establish a process for review
  • set up a new workspace for working on [[flancia]] explicitly
    • I feel like I've been procrastinating on [[flancia]] without knowing it
    • long form on this follows after this section
    • [[meta]] [[agora protocol]]
      • this is a format I want to explore more: [[agora protocol]] up top, then long form treatment on some of the same topics. perhaps a sequence of (agora protocol, long form) tuples more generally.

In a sense, procrastination is just an inefficiency in my scheduling that can be improved upon. I've been experimenting with techniques to unblock resources I need to continue with threads more often; and to schedule a bit more rationally and in a [[true to self]] fashion.

By the way, I realize I've been writing on Twitter far too much. Mastodon as well; both are addictive, and I like them anyway, because for me them and the Agora converge. The conversation yesterday with [[robert haisfield]] comes to mind.

But I miss writing without the silly obstacles and impairments of social media. Writing and reading on social media is great like having phones is great; but, like mobile keyboards are lacking, social media's media UI and format has limitations.

I spoke to [[gargron]] over Mastodon: https://social.coop/web/statuses/107016519686720065.

So, back to procrastination: what just happened was a bit of it. I procrastinate a lot using social media. But that's fine, as I was saying, because I think I can bridge social media and the Agora, and I believe the Agora has the specific quality that it can become one with anything that it [[bridges]] with.