∂ part of node [[2021-11-27]]


  • [[datd]]
  • [[push]] [[kazam]]
    • A screencast [[tool]]; I've been meaning to record more screencasts about the [[agora]], show it in action.
    • Seems easy enough to use, I've been using it for [[yoga with x]] as well and ocassionally to record conversations that I have over [[meet]] (which unfortunately no longer supports recording in the [[dasher]] tier I'm in).
  • [[push]] [[do]]
    • [[wp]] link up top in the agora should be pullable
    • try moving the stoa to the same section? as it's technically out-of-agora (doc.anagora.org just happens to be run by [[flancia collective]] as well, but it's only one of infinitely many stoas).
  • [[game]]
  • I [[worked]] five hours today.
    • willingly!