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  • [[push]] [[2021-12-12]]
    • I ended up working yesterday too on incident response :)
      • It was tiring but I don't regret it.
      • I'm taking two days of time off in lieu in the following 2w.
  • [[push]] [[code]]
    • [[noindex]] in dev
      • plus some slight improvement to the title of the site, which shows in tabs and titlebars
      • feel like improving the [[landing page]] now -- it'd be nice to [[graph the Agora]], I've been meaning to do that for a while.
        • we currently only graph nodes -- even improving that graph with node names would add a lot. hmm.
    • [[agora rss]]
      • delayed from the weekend but that's alright :)
    • [[import stoa]]
      • [[hedgedoc]] nodes with actual text should be auto-imported into the [[agora]] so we get wikilink/push/pull/go support.
    • rank streams lower than gardens?
      • so social media doesn't obscure in-agora resources
  • [[indie web]]
  • [[yoga 11]]
  • [[electric octopus]]
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