📕 subnode [[@flancian/2021 12 14]] in 📚 node [[2021-12-14]]


  • continuing on the todo from yesterday, [[2021-12-13]]
  • [[graph]]
    • shipped what I think is a relative improvement, nodes are now labelled in the graph
    • will probably add a toggle/more options later
  • [[agora rss]]
  • [[stoa subnodes]]
    • write hacky export script
    • set up [[git sync]]
      • hmm, I lost the repo I mean
      • found it, noded, there's several with this name so I set up a go link to the one that looks most promising
      • in the end didn't use git sync, just went with bog standard 'push' -- git sync has more value when there can be conflicts, and the git repo we're pushing to should have only one pusher (us)
      • set up a cronjob.
      • broke anagora.org for a bit while pushing code to make stoa/ type sources work :) sorry about that.
  • [[misc]]
    • should really fix 'uri' and 'url' in nodes/subnodes, uri in subnodes currently means relative path (!). what.
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