∂ part of node [[2021-12-27]]


  • worked today for as long as I planned to, then did one pomodoro on the [[agora]]. it felt good.
  • [[the witcher]] season 2
    • thought about [[magic]]
      • thought of one possible (fictional) explanation for why magic could have worked, then gone away from the world.
  • [[vera]] coded [[hover]] behaviour for the [[agora]], gave it a try, feeling nice
  • [[push]] [[meditation technique]]
    • [[box breathing]]
    • count up one after a full inhale+exhale cycle
    • optionally factorize number or run f(n) on the exhale, this seems to help retention/focus
    • primes feel like rest in a nice way
    • optionally attach thoughts / projects / items to numbers
    • numbers 1..7 are currently attached
  • [[push]] [[knowledge commons]]
    • [[neil]] called out that [[commoning]] is as important as the [[commons]], should include this
    • [[commoning]] as the way to solve to coordination problems?