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  • [[2022]]
    • Happy new year! I hope you thrive.
    • Please let me or [[flancia collective]] know if we can help with anything.
    • [[push]] [[2022 resolutions]]
      • It is my intent for this year to bring [[Flancia]] closer to reality and to improve the [[Agora]] for others.
      • In [[january 2022]] in particular I'll try to behave a bit more like a [[monk]] whenever I can: meditate more, crave less.
  • [[katamari damacy]]
  • [[push]] [[weekend 1]]
  • started watching [[hyperland]] last night. I'm enjoying it!
    • couldn't help feeling it's awesome how so many people (4.5B as of today?) did get amazing connectivity and software agents -- although our agents today are unfortunately less eager to be customized than that in the show (the internet as of the late 10-15 years hasn't been exactly about empowering users to do as they please, it would seem.)
  • [[snufkin]]