∂ part of node [[2022-01-02]]


  • I hope to be able to [[hack]] a bit today. Yesterday I didn't get to it; interacting socially took a lot of the day. It was nice, though.
  • I also would like to [[write]] a bit. My plan is to start by embedding flancia.org in the Agora (importing all posts from the core git repo), which may motivate me also to edit my old writing more (it's in sore need of editing and updating!).
  • Topic du jour is whether it makes sense to persist with our plans to visit family and friends in February -- in particular because of the added risk to elderly family members because of [[covid]].
  • [[do]]
  • [[doing]]
    • import flancia.org in the Agora
    • change charity to solidarity in flancia.org writing (this has been pending for loooong)
    • review [[j0lms]]'s bug report on imports not working
    • talk to [[dyokomizo]]
    • think about importing google docs into the Agora? they are a good platform for writing, todo tracking (now with checklists) and collaboration
    • distill paper-based todo list that got out of hand into something manageable, but only after doing the four things above :)
    • make 'agora%20protocol' and 'agora protocol' as URLs both yield the same as 'agora-protocol' -- that is, fix slugging inconsistencies
    • make popups less awkward -- make them not pop up when the user has moved on (i.e. fix likely race between hover and unhover)
    • write
  • [[yoga]] [[move]]