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  • woke up with a [[headache]] again, a bit worried -- not overly, I've got three vaccines and it's still a week+ until we have to travel.

    • work was hard as I was tired (didn't sleep well either, I usually sleep well as of the last few months), and as I had two symptoms I decided to tell the team I would take it easy and work in low energy mode (no meetings after lunch, taking rest/naps).
    • just pressed [[g t]] in logseq and it sent me to tomorrow's note, [[2022-01-26]]. Nice.
    • I wanted [[g j]] for go [[journal]] :)
    • asked on [[twitter]]:
      • @tiensonqin @andotvu is it too late to change the defaults? ;)
      • IMHO [[iso 8601]] / [[rfc 3339]] make sense as defaults in general (pending overriding factors). And these settings, I believe, might make [[logseq]] compatible out of the box with extra editors.
  • I'm happy about [[logseq]] managing images sensibly out of the box -- I could never make that work well with [[foam]], perhaps because of some interaction with some other extension.

  • #push [[2022-02]]

    • LATER make [[agora]] and [[stoa]] run from scratch in a new server using [[docker]]
  • [[yoga with x]]

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