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  • Writing this from [[logseq]]!
    • My modifications to the default [[config.edn]]:
      • :pages-directory ""
        :journals-directory "journal"
        :journal/page-title-format "yyyy-MM-dd"
      • Which make it compatible with what I have in [[foam]] (I think still the default?).
      • I will probably try to take [[outliner mode]] notes in [[logseq]] and write [[text mode]] in [[foam]] or even [[vim]] (assuming I'd be mostly adding to already existent pages seeded with [[agora protocol]]).
  • Also writing this from the future ;) I realize that I haven't added any code to prevent users from writing future journals; but then again, why would I?
  • Now writing in the present again.
    • Feeling better today. Slept well (about 8.5h).
    • Relatively low meeting count at the day job today, but I need to manage available time carefully anyway as there's a lot to do for my project before travel next week (if we are able to travel).
  • I'm really liking the experience in [[logseq]] so far -- it's a lot faster than [[foam]] when wikilinking in particular.
    • I had gotten used to frequent delays in [[foam]], it seems, and was essentially waiting for full 5-10s for certain UI actions (while procrastinating on actually fixing the delays?).
    • To be fair [[foam]] was doing a lot more than my current [[logseq]] setup, though, as I frequently have tens/hundreds of tabs open, whereas [[logseq]] defaults to a single page view (there's a plugin for tabs that I want to try out.)
    • Installed plugins:
      • logseq-vim-shortcuts
      • logseq-hypothesis
      • logseq-tabs
    • exploring [[logseq document mode]]
      • t d to get in and out of it`
    • [[logseq marketplace]]
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