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  • a small tour through a few [[pkm tools]] follows, please disregard if it's not your kind of thing :) (I guess this applies implicitly to all my notes, of course.)
    • [[logseq]] just crashed again so I thought I'd give [[foam]] a try again, see how it's holding up.
      • Right away I really like:
        • The multi pane layout, which I find more flexible than Logseq's single pane with tabs which you only get through an extension.
        • The fact that it's very responsive on <enter>, while Logseq often lags.
        • The built-in terminal and more full featured [[vim emulation mode]].
      • Right away I dislike:
        • The fact that auto completing wikilinks takes waaay to long still, essentially making linking very cumbersome (I already didn't link [[logseq]] above twice because of how long autocomplete takes to run.)
      • I might keep using it, disabling autocomplete, and see what happens?
        • Plot twist, apparently you can't disable autocomplete? Argh.
          • I tried disabling quickSuggest everybody I could find it in settings (dialogs, files) and it still does it and annoyingly hangs for several seconds every time I try to link anything.
      • Asked in the [[foam discord]] (argh) whether there's any way to disable autocomplete or prioritize https://github.com/foambubble/foam/issues/906
        • I just need an open source PKM that offers a responsive text editing experience and can handle >5k files :(
          • OK, perhaps I should give [[wiki vim]]] a proper try.
    • #push [[wiki vim]]
      • Is where I'm writing this now :)
      • Right away I really like:
        • How fast this feels! As expected. It's lightning fast while writing (it's just [[vim]]), it's lightning fast while following links (with ctrl+enter).
        • ,w,j is the way to visit my daily journal -- as I have , as my leader key. It looks worse than it feels to use it -- acceptable.
      • It doesn't have link autocomplete, at least not just by writing [[ -- but honestly this is relatively minor, and it seems it has pretty good searching capabilities, they just don't trigger by default.
    • back to [[logseq]], which is a bit laggy but not overly so and has potential. I now also notice that it does auto save/git commit very well, it's nice not having to think about it and having it just work (tm).
    • I just took a look while I was around in [[discord]] and, two years in, people are still asking about an export feature in [[athens]] and as far as I can tell it's still not being worked on: https://github.com/athensresearch/athens/discussions/874 :(
    • BUT now the independently developed [[athens export]] exists, so that's nice :)
  • [[pkm book]] https://twitter.com/PkgBook/status/1508347439409172480
  • [[agora]]
  • reported https://github.com/vector-im/element-web/issues/21812 to [[element]]
  • [[gyuri lajos]]
  • [[flancia]]
  • [[big timer]]
  • [[ivo]] == [[kvistgaard]]
  • [[federation]]
  • [[mondegreens]]
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