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  • Meetings day a priori, but relatively few meetings today!
  • #push [[do]]
    • I need to put my [[todo]] in order. I have by now a mix of [[wiki vim]] style and [[logseq]] style TODOs, and neither are aggregated.
    • Perhaps I should write a simple script or just [[egrep]] invocation that brings back all my undone items in different formats around my garden?
    • Or add this to [[agora server]], where it'll be most useful.
    • [[robert haisfield]] suggested we add 'path tracking' (not user identifiable) -- in the sense of knowing which paths each user took.
      • I'm thinking the nicest way to do this would be just [[query string]] based, e.g. each node linking to another node while appending itself to ?path=.
  • I did [[yoga with x]] live today and then stayed on for 3h and nobody showed up :)
    • That's alright, maybe someone did in the multiverse, or will in the future.
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