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  • Went to sleep way too late :)
    • A little nap after lunch went a long way!
    • Then I took a walk with my [[brother]].
    • Then I came back home a bit later than expected but not to late and I decided to work on the [[agora]].
  • trying out [[signal]]
  • [[bengo]]
  • [[pomodoros]]
    • start with a rest -- I'm writing this in the rest while I drink water :)
    • ship [[recursive agora]]
      • took [[3 pomodoros]] but I cleaned up a lot (including UI tweaks), implemented extra functionality, and had fun :)
      • trying calling pulls by Agora users [[wormholes]] :)
    • [[opt in]] [[writes]]
    • agora polls by bot responding to posts with more than one option, like [[yes]] [[no]] [[maybe]]
    • find social coop debug logs
  • answer [[amadeo]]
  • answer [[diego de la hera]]
  • invite [[mathew lowry]]
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