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  • [[yoga]] at midnight, backdated technically: [[go/move/12]]
  • [[poems]]
  • [[flancia]]
    • [[flancia meet]]
      • nobody showed, but it was a good motivation to start the day relatively early even though I went to bed very late :)
    • [[elena]]
    • [[agora]]
      • #push [[agora pkg chapter]]
        • received updated [[guidelines]] yesterday
        • will probably move to a [[google doc]] as that'll be the medium used for editing (makes sense because of the comment flows)
          • although the end result will still make it back to Markdown
          • happy about this I think? it's a good opportunity to "reboot" the effort which I partly need to do.
      • found some bugs I really feel like fixing :)
        • feed updates are missing the node name for some reason
        • agora bot mastodon keeps responding to push nonstop!
          • this I need to fix as I'd be a bad fediverse citizen if I didn't?
      • [[agora doc]]
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