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  • [[resonate]]
  • [[candles]]
  • try [[resonate]] today
  • [[theruran]]
  • [[eric lortie]]
    • [[church of earth]]
      • "Using the platform is intended to be monetized through crypto and the data generated by using the platform is intended to be relevant to AGI research. It's also intended to bridge the gap between virtual and physical communities so I developed a democratic social movement around it intended to manage and operate the platform."
      • "In many ways it's basically the simplest and most unsubtle thing I could make using all of my skills with the goal of improving the world for everyone."
      • I can relate!
  • [[do]]
    • see also [[now]], [[later]] :)

    • DONE talk to family

    • DONE pay taxes

    • DONE laundry

    • DONE yoga

    • DONE [[one pomodoro]]

    • DONE meditate

    • DONE [[one pomodoro]]

      CLOCK: [2022-02-13 Sun 18:29:49] :END:

  • [[green]]
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